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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    o_O (<- startled look) Where are you buying your 8052-BASIC chips?
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    Julian, Yes, but in the education space that RevEd cater to couldn't that mean it has simply transitioned from something new and exciting for STEM courses in secondary schools to more of a reliable workhorse?
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    @premelec, the PICAXE forum is the friendliest and most helpful that I'm aware of due to generous assistance that is given to other forum member by people such as yourself.
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    Solar paddle boat idea.

    Newplumber, Articles about how much power a human can produce by pedaling from the internet. Human power - Wikipeida "During a bicycle race, an elite cyclist can produce close to 400 watts of mechanical power over an hour and in short bursts over double that—1000 to 1100 watts" "An adult of...
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    Return from sub from IF statement

    Test the value of starttest inside the loop and exit the loop immediately if starttest=1 Then test the value of starttest again after the loop to find out whether to goto fail or return from the subroutine. Passcheck: FOR b0 = 0 to 100 if starttest = 1 then then exit ; exit the for loop...
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    How to shrink a raspberry sd card down in size

    jcat, You are using the wrong forum. This is a forum for the PICAXE microcontrollers so there are plenty of people who can answer questions about problems using the PICAXE microcontoller. You got to this forum somehow, perhaps by going first to the index page for the PICAXE forums. If you...
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    "Time" variable not incrementing at 1 second intervals.

    David, Checkout using hserout instead of serout. Hserout is not blocking like serout. I haven't tested it but I expect that hserout would not have this effect on the TIME variable. You'll see references this advantage of hserout in the thread AllyCat has provided a link to.
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    axe133y oled display kit

    Peter, You posted a picture of the screen showing your code and the syntax error. - neiltechspec was kind enough to take the time to investigate your issue and he spotted the mistake you had made and pointed it out to you, something I missed. You had used a curly brace "}"at the end instead...
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    axe133y oled display kit

    Peter, Your picture does not show what setting you have for "PICAXE Type" in PE but you will get this syntax error if your setting an older chip and not "18M2". When I explicitly specify the PICAXE chip as an 18M2 like this your code verifies successfully: #PICAXE 18M2 init: pause 500 main...
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    Understanding TMR3

    Mort, Your code works in the simulator if: 1) you comment out the cmd "setfreq" 2) you use any prescaler settings except for "1:1" The timer3 simulation obviously is not working with the 1:1 prescaler and the setfreq cmd has some effect that I don't understand.
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    erco, Raw characters are Hex.
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    picaxe to lcd displays

    Peter, The articles "Taming Unruly LCDs" parts 1 and 2 may not be useful to you. These two articles are all about making stripboard circuits to connect a PICAXE chip to the LCD. They don't describe how to drive the LCD but they do include code that can be downloaded. These artlcles are now...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    Andy, Your problem is an unusual one and the more info the forum has the better chance that someone might be able to spot what the issue is. It will help if you post the code you are running, a schematic of the circuit, and a photo of the circuit.
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    Andy, My suggestion is that you try to isolate where the problem is. For example. Try sending single characters from a PC through the full circuit that has the 74F00 NAND gate and the optoisolator but receiving using serin instead of background HSERIN: main: SERRXD b0 SERTXD b0 goto...
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    Inaccuracy with background serial receive on 20X2

    Andy, I can see how 0x41 can be mis-received as 0xD0 if the stop bit is missed and the serial hardware interprets bit0 and bit1 of the character as the stop and start bits: +- stop bit |+- start bit || +- character in reverse bit order...
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    PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?

    Buzby, You reported this terminal issue around the start of the pandemic so keep in mind that while children have not been attending school their teachers have likely not been purchasing many PICAXE products which has led to RevEd needing to put some staff, like Hippy, on furlough.
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    28X2 serout command set for 9600 8N1 ???

    No. If the serial is inverted then you use the one of the Nxxx baudmode parameters for SEROUT instead of one the the Txxx baudmodes. You do not make any change to the data you send. e.g. - serout A.0,T9600_8,(97) sends the value 97 decimal (which is the character "a") using non-inverted serial -...
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    picaxe to lcd interface and programming

    Peter, I just connected a 16x2 character 44780 type LCD to my 18M2 chip using the code and instructions in this post by inglewoodpete and it worked first time. I first followed the instructions in the first two sections of this Ladyada tutorial: - Follow fhe instructions in the section "Power...
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    28X2 serout command set for 9600 8N1 ???

    SolidWorksMagi, I don't understand what you mean by this comment. Can you clarify? The output from your serout A.0,T9600_8,(....) command _is_ serial 9600 8N1. The only thing that varies is whether logic "0" is 5V (the Txxx baudmodes) or logic "0" is 0V (the Nxxx baudmodes).
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    Graphical display from serial port data

    My first update to my post #16 was wrong. You will need to use a programmer if you want to use blank PIC32's to build one of these and I've updated my post with this info.