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    Picaxe self on/off power

    The attached schematic shows how to have a picaxe turn on and off its own 5vdc supply. External components: H11B1 opto isolator 2N2907 transistor 10k resistor 330 ohm resistor
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    08M strange power up

    I'm running this simple program on an 08M. Main: high 4 high 2 wait 3 low 2 wait 3 low 4 end I'm assuming that on "power up" the 08M starts running it's program immediately, yet it take eight or nine seconds to start running. Am I missing something in the program. I've worked with 08M's before...
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    Controlling a stepper motor/motors (21-02485-03 and a 28YBJ-48) with a 08M or 20M2 Picaxe

    Attached is a PDF of several schematic showing the wiring to connect the steppers and also the programs: One 21-02485-03 stepper being directly controlled/driven by an 08M Picaxe. One 28YBJ-48 geared stepper motor being controlled by a 08M Picaxe and driven via one ULN2003 chip. Two 28YBJ-48...
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    running a stepper using high/low, problem

    Maybe someone can shed some light on this. I'm running two stepper motors using an 20M2 via two ULN2003 boards. You know the ones with the LED's' and connectors. I'm controlling the steppers by doing in a typical "high b.0: low b.1: high b.2: high b3 then a pause. This is done for every step. I...
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    Program ceases running momentarily when serial comm. is interupted.

    I was wondering if someone could explain this phenomena to me. I have a picaxe 08M running a stepper motor. The programming cable is connected from my laptop to the 08M serial port. The 08M program is running fine. When I turned on my laptop (windows XP) the 08m program stopped running for...
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    Connecting and programming a picaxe 20m2 to a kiosk (small printer) and also an lcd display (not together)

    Of my searching on the internet, I could find no info. on how to connect/program a picaxe to a small printer. The guys on the picaxe forum helped a lot, as I am no expert. There is also an LCD program. All the programs have been tested using the PDF wiring schematics. KEEP IN MIND, THE PICAXE...
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    Parallel printing with a 20m2 picaxe

    I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with a program. What I have is 40 character (page width), parallel input, kiosk printer. it's been around since 1995. The only usable signal lines are the eight data bits and a strobe line. I have no problem sending text to the printer and it...
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    eeprom unknown number?

    I was looking at a program in the forum and I'm stumped as to what these numbers represent or how they are derived. The program stores the ASCII values for letters and numbers, in the onboard eeprom, for use in an LCD display. I can understand just storing the actual ASCII value, but I don't...
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    Picaxe PDF printer

    I've installed the Picaxe PDF printer software, but it does not show up with the rest of my printers. I have a Windows 10 system I'd like to use it to view the .bas files stored on my computer instead of having to start up the Editor.
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    Code for using all 8 lines to LCD to display text and numerical data

    This is my first post, so I hope I'm doing this right. I used a longer version of this snippet to put text on the first line of the display and variable numerical data in the second line of the display, for a Geiger counter I built. This snippet uses all eight data lines of the display. I used...
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    Count input doesn't work

    This is my first forum experience. I've done some projects using a picaxe before but I've never used the "count" command and I'm having problems. I'm using a 20M2 to count pulses from a Geiger counter. The program works fine, except the "Count" command isn't putting the count into the variable...