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  1. Bill.b

    Towers of Hanoi Revisited

    This is my adaption of Rick100's Tower of Hanoi program from 2011. I have updated the original 08M program to run on a 08M2 also I had to modify the lookup tables for the servo position to suit my arrangement. As all components are 3d printed I can supply the STL files if required. Bill
  2. Bill.b

    Christmas Lights 2018

    I am a bit late posting this. Happy new year to all picaxes. This is my display for Christmas 2018 Most of the carnival is powered by multiple picaxe chips ranging from 08ms to 28x2s powering motors, servos and LED lights. Several displays I had to use PIC32MX170s and 470s were picaxe could...
  3. Bill.b

    Christmas Lights 2016

    Hi and marry Christmas to all Here is the latest video of my light display. The carnival is the main attraction that all the local children love. The new addition is the DRONE ride. This is controlled by a picaxe 28X2 as the main controller with a 14m2 controlling the operation of the seat...
  4. Bill.b

    Christmas Display

    Hi All This video is a small part of my Christmas light display. All the attractions have at least one picaxe and some have up to 4 picaxes to control them These rang from 08m / M2, 14m2, 18m /m2 and 28x2s. with some additional PIC32MX170 to drive the WS2812 displays...
  5. Bill.b

    Wii Classic Controller to PICAXE

    This is a sample of code I used to adapt a Wii cassic controller for my latest robot. I used the controller to set the speed and direction of the drives as well as controlling the video camera ( manual or auto pan and camera ON / OFF) in this sample I have not seperated the buttons from bytes...
  6. Bill.b

    Has anyone used the GY-26 Digital compass

    I have a GY-26 digital compass that I would like to use on my bot It can use serial or I2C comm. I would prefere I2c as I do not have any spare pins or the 40x2 I and useing. Bill
  7. Bill.b

    Large LED Display

    Has anyone used this display. It has been supplied for Arduino projects and has SPI interface so should be able to be used with picaxe. Bill
  8. Bill.b

    An other 4x4x4 LED cube

    with a number of threads posted latley on this subject, I decided to have a go at a 4x4x4 cube. I used what parts i had available in my junk box. 1. red LEDs 2. A picaxe 28x2 board that i used on an other project. 3. 16 outputs...
  9. Bill.b

    Srf 005

    I have just reseived an order from techsupplies consisting of a number of SRF005 ultrasonic Sensors. It would appear that the format of the SRF 005 has changed again. There are an addition set of 3 contact on the right side of the PC board marked 0v, +5 and SIG I assurm this is to be used in...
  10. Bill.b

    20*4 OLED Alarm Clock

    28x2 Clock and temperature on the AXE 134y 20 * 4 OLED serial display Displays - Main Display Line 1 - Time 12 or 24 hour format time with seconds Line 2 - Date - Day, Date, Month Line 3 - Current Temperature DS18B20 Line 4 - Alarm Status (OFF or Alarm time and Day)...
  11. Bill.b

    OLED 20*4 Display

    Hi is to possibe to change the baud rate to then 18m2 on then axe 133 board. the frequency is set at 16meg this should allow a baud rate of 9600 I find the updating of the display to slow for the application I require. regards Bill
  12. Bill.b

    ultrasonic radar data to Excel

    I quickly hooked up this ultrasonic radar scanner on my axe091 simulator and downloaded PLX-DAQ serial to excel freeby. sorry i do not have the link but google should locate the site. I used only one servo to scan a SFR005 ultrasonic unit. picaxe 18m2 servo connected to b.0 (pin 6) SFR005...
  13. Bill.b

    Panning SRF005 without using the 'SERVO" commands

    Hi I found that some commands effected the servo command, in my case it was the IR commands. The following is a portion of code for a free roaming bot to control the panning of a SFR005 ultrasonic scanner. Code: 'this is a part of a free roaming bot program (bot120 picaxe 20x2). the...