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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    I would only agree if you mean interpreted BASIC. There are BASIC compilers available for 8-Bit PIC and AVR that compare quite favorably with C, and in some cases can even outperform C. Picaxe/ Picaxe BASIC is not for high speed/high performance applications. It is for education and learning...
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    Controller for electric ATV with BLDC motor

    If I am not mistaken most controllers respond to a throttle voltage from about 0.8V to 4.0V. Where 0.8V just starts the motor and 4.0v is wide open. It should not be too difficult to use a Picaxe between the thumb throttle and the Controller so that the full mechanical range of the...
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    Controller for electric ATV with BLDC motor

    Is the motor controller the original one that came with the Grizzly? Did you get the Grizzley new? If that is the behavior from a new Grizzly then they are selling an unsafe product. Cheap non-programmable controllers can behave in this manner where there is about a 1 second delay .. then...
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    Download Circuit Question

    In regards to the 22K series resistor for Picaxe Programming, it CAN eliminated if all you do is Program with a TTL adapter, but I would not recommend it. I might reduce the value to 1K to at least have some protection from over voltage. If the reason to eliminate it is to gain space on...
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    @premelec You have helped many folks here, I am one. You will be missed. I may not be too far behind you. Thank You and Best Wishes, Goey
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    Absolute encoder programming

    @chaymoss Perhaps you could describe your actual application? What type of motor ? Brushed? Brushless ? Stepper? Geared Stepper? How fast will the motor be turning ? What is the motor attached to ? Consider that @ 5000 RPM ... one motor shaft revolution takes 12000 microseconds.... So...
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    Servo help

    If it stopped working with no changes on your part then there has been a failure unrelated to the code. If you changed something then revert the change and retest. Assuming that nothing was changed, the first thing I would check is the power to the servo. Measure the voltage across the...
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    18M2 Vref pin(s)

    The 18M2 is the only Picaxe that does not allow use of an external voltage reference with the Vref+ pin. However, the internal 4.096 FVR can be used. I have found it to be quite accurate and generally good enough for most ADC applications. If you must have an external voltage reference then...
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    IRIN Command Hangs Up

    To attach a file simply click on "Attach Files" at the bottom of the text input window. In the popup find the file on your PC, then select it and click on "OPEN". It will be attached. If you drew the diagram by hand you will need scan into your PC or take a photo and then transfer it to your...
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    Project with Picaxe28*2 randomly starts on its own

    If using a car battery then you must be getting 5 Volts from somewhere. Where ? Shall we assume a regulator of sorts ? If it in a car, then the car's alternator also comes in to play. Alternators can generate rather large noise spikes. Cat 5 cable is unshielded. So is it located in an...
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    Return from sub from IF statement

    @Dom1132 There are several ways to do what you want. However since we cannot see your complete code structure there is no way to actually provide a complete solution. We cannot see the Idle or Fail routines. Neither can we see the main loop or how it is managed. Lots of Goto statements...
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    Any new chips? More RAM? Faster Clock?

    And sometimes you simply run out of programming code space (and or RAM) that no amount of code streamlining will resolve. In the case where 16KB is not enough or if slots are not doable then it may be prudent to consider some other chip/platform. Picaxe is great but there are limitations. By...
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    Increase Outputs with Second Picaxe

    Hi, Adding a second Picaxe to get more I/O pins would probably my last option. I would only consider this if I were poor and broke, and could not afford a chip with more pins or...If I were using a 40 Pin chip and still needed more I/O's. And even then I would probably opt for an I2C I/O...
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    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    It certainly can. You can get a free copy of "555 Timer Pro" . It will show several methods for achieving duty cycle < 50% You can also use a 555 timer along with a comparator or op amp to generate a nice adjustable PWM from 0 - 100 percent duty
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    NPN + PNP switch

    IRFD9120PBF(Vishay) Gate Threshold = 2.0V VP3203N3-G (Microchip) Gate Threshold = 1.0V
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    PICAXE 28X2 PulsOUT command data doesn't match actual output.

    As Alan explained a Picaxe has significant overhead as it processes instructions. This overhead must be accounted for in order to get accurate timings. Therefore in practice a Pause 20 will never actually pause exactly 20 ms. According to your scope shots the "period" is about 22 ms for a...
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    More ADC questions and output questions

    The 10-bit ADC result is formed by registers ADRESH:ADRESL Where the upper 2 bits of ADRESL are the LSB of the 10-Bit WORD. The result will always be a 10-bit word with 10-bit resolution but the 2 LSB "MAY" be inaccurate if using FVR1024 as the ADC reference . It's not like the lower byte (...
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    More ADC questions and output questions

    @rq3, Glad you opened a ticket on this and that you did not accept the initial reply. I will certainly be interested in the next response. My experiences has been that given time, Microchip will eventually get the correct information to you if you are nice, yet persistent. I once had an issue...
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    Very high fidelity volume control chip with serial control

    A Picaxe should be able to control the chip via the serial protocol. Just clock in 16 bits. Then send a latch pulse. The application circuit should get you started. If the manufacturer offers a development board I might get that to help speed up the develepment procecss.
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    Ethernet Cable?

    My service provider markets my service as "up to 400 Mbps.". Right now I am getting 423 Mbps per OOKLA. However at times it drops to less than 80 Mbps. This is due to the provider overselling the bandwidth in my area. When more than a certain number of users in the area start streaming...