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  1. The bear

    Analogue Calibration Board problem.

    Hello Everyone, Help required with my "Analogue Calibration Board" please. Link; PIC Analogue Calibration (75% off) ( (Out of stock). The problem; It's loading the circuit under test (Picaxe light sensor 08M2 pin C.4). With nothing connected to the Analogue Calibration Board...
  2. The bear

    Help please, For a servo operated mousetrap.

    Hi Everyone, Ideally to transform operation of servo into Led flashes: Like 4 operations = 4 flashes and some mice. The servo part is working as expected. Don't hold back with any criticisms, hopefully the bear can take it. #Picaxe 08M2 ;14M2 ;20M2 #No_data '#No_table #Com 3 #Terminal...
  3. The bear

    Lost posts

    Today @ ~ 12:30 my Post#2 wasn't visible. So I've posted again, similar detail as in post #2 That is not visible also.(Post #4). I can see my post are not going into the 'active forum'. Would someone be kind enough to move my posts?
  4. The bear

    AXE 131 Problem

    My AXE 131 has lost approx. half of its display. Its used to display the output from "Readtemp12. This happened after it was switched off (08M2 & AXE 131) for 5 mins. The display is fine on an AXE133. Can I reprogram it? I've not had much luck in searching for the AXE131 Original firmware. Bear..
  5. The bear

    Bear Code test #25

    ;IRRIGATION using Buzby timer v1.0a 12.06.19 #picaxe 08m2 ;274 Bytes Toggle C.1 = 12v present #No_data ;1 HR delay, ON for 1 Hr, OFF for 2 Hrs, ON for 1 HR #Com 3 ;Resets after 24 Hrs Sertxd("IRRIGATION using Buzby timer v1.0a 12.06.19",13,10) Symbol minutes = w2 Symbol...
  6. The bear

    Bear code test

    Indent failed again. ;IRRIGATION using Buzby timer v1.0a 12.06.19 #picaxe 08m2 ;274 Bytes Toggle C.1 = 12v present #No_data ;1 HR delay, ON for 1 Hr, OFF for 2 Hrs, ON for 1 HR #Com 3 ;Resets after 24 Hrs Sertxd("IRRIGATION using Buzby timer v1.0a 12.06.19",13,10)...
  7. The bear

    Garden Irrigator

    Hello, Suggestions please. Problem, using 'Toggle'. Toggle flashes a Led, to indicate water flow. When power (12v) is removed, Led has a 50 50 chance of being OFF, I would like 100% ;IRRIGATION using Buzby timer v1.0a 12.06.19 (Thank you Buzby, Desperate Dans cat). #picaxe 08m2 ;274 Bytes...
  8. The bear

    HC-12 ReadADC & Transmit

    Hi Everyone, The program runs via a 4v5 power supply, so power consumption is not an issue. It transmits ADC to an indoor blind, open when light & shut at dusk. What I would like to do is; after dusk (Dark) is to shut down transmission until dawn. I've tried Setint / interrupt, but that...
  9. The bear

    WIN10 & PE6 Dual window.

    Hi Everyone, Just wondered if you are aware, that you can have two programs on your screen at the same time. Use the "Windows" key and Left or Right arrows. I have found it useful for comparing programs, when modifying/improving etc. Regards, bear..
  10. The bear

    BH1750BVI Light Sensor Help

    Hello Everyone, Link to Jeremy Harris 05.03.13 ;BH1750BVI Light Sensor 03.12.17 #Picaxe 08M2 ;98 Bytes #No_data ;#Terminal 4800 #Com 3 Sertxd("BH1750BVI Light Sensor 08.12.17",13,10)...
  11. The bear

    Readtemp12 problem.

    Hello everyone, Using 'Marks' Readtemp12 from 'Code Snippets'. Thank you Marks. [CODE] ;Marks Readtemp12 30.11.17 From Snippets It works fine, but during my conversion, bintoascii for the AXE133 Oled, using the DS18B20 sensor. The AXE133 is displaying a spurious character, prior to the...
  12. The bear

    Help with SPE035 MP3 player.

    Hello Everyone, I'm using a SEP035 MP3 from Rev Ed,. It plays fine as a stand alone unit. I've failed to get it working properly, when coupled to a 14M2, using the code from the SPE035 manual. It just plays music from track one continuously, this is probably how its coded. My object is to get it...
  13. The bear

    Win 10 Notepad .bas problem.

    Help please, problem started today. Using PE6 latest version, Win10 Each time I press "F4" to check syntax I get a page from Notepad; Regards, bear..
  14. The bear

    Robots on BBC one now. UK only

    Robots on BBC one now. UK only.
  15. The bear

    Potentiometer & LDR controlled light timer.

    Hi Everyone, Help required please. Object: An indoor automatic light timer. Using 14M2 driving a relay. Light comes on at dusk/twilight via LDR & ADC, I'm OK with that. What I would like to do, is have a potentiometer (Pot) to control the time it stays on, once switched, e.g. at dusk. the...
  16. The bear

    SLOW readADC required please

    Hi Everyone, I would appreciate a pointer, in order to get a reading from an ADC input, not instantly, but over a period of seconds (Say 30secs). I've tried a 100k resistor & 10uF capacitor from ADC input to 0 volts. That is series resistor. Code is what I would prefer. ___/\/\/\____>ADC...
  17. The bear

    Settings file (jpg). How to avoid.

    As per title. The reason I ask is, all my Picaxe projects, including their folder vanished. Not sure if it was Win 10 update, or upgrading to latest version of PE6. I did have a back-up on an external drive. When I reloaded the file and its contents, there were hundreds of 'Settings files'...
  18. The bear

    Driving a stepper motor with a LV8549MC

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to drive a LV8549MC to operate a bipolar stepper motor. The LV8549MC has two inputs plus an enable. Experimental & learning only, not a project. How do I get a good mark/space & the correct phase? Any guidance would be appreciated, simple would be good......... I'm...
  19. The bear

    Picaxe font problem??, Win10

    Hello Everyone, I have just opened the Picaxe files (Mine) and the fonts ?? are corrupted, see attached file. Not only that, but if I do any typing, like adding to a program, or doing a new program, its corrupted. I have restored the PC to an earlier date, same result. Any help would be...
  20. The bear


    Hi Everyone, What I'm trying to do, with For, is to switch on a light for approx. 3 mins. Then the succeeding For, switch off the light for a long period, approx. 2hours. The program times have been reduced, for testing the code. What is happening, the light (LED) is flashing on &...