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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    I believe Picaxe is already a great tool which can be used outside the schools, which is the primary focus of Rev Ed. It has the horse power to do a lot of tasks, still not the ones requiring very fast signals like neopixels or a lot of ram. The support documentation is also great which not only...
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    how to Simulate readadc

    Have you tried right clicking on the Pin and entering the value you want using the dial?
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    What I Did with PICAXE During Lockdown

    Great work Eric!
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    ARM binaries for command line compilers?

    Hello. Given the release of a new RPi product (RPi 400) and it's popularity are you willing to consider porting the command line compilers to RPi platform this time? Relying on a 'hack' that also requires a modded qemu binary doesn't substitute the need for a proper compiler for this platform.
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    Picaxe 8M2

    You will need to use the disconnect command before you can use the Serial In pin in your program. A good place to put it is at the top of your program. A hard reset is a reset that is done by removing and putting back the power to the Picaxe. So, in order to re-program the Picaxe you will need...
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    A Wizard's staff has a knob on the end...

    That is a very nice effect you got there! I really like how the ledflash routine works. Never though of pulsing an LED like that.
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    PICAXE 20M2 serial communication problem

    Hello. How many characters are you sending from the python script? I can see in the code for picaxe that you expect a single byte but you send 3 bytes (CMD, CR, LF). Can you try sending just one character from the python script? I see in the console image that you get a response back, is this...
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    Hippy status, rev 2.0

    That would be very unfortunate. Hippy was on this forum long before he was on Reved's payroll. Hope he is doing fine and that he will be joining us again soon. @Technical any news on Hippy?
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    Scratchpad memory

    Hi Jullian. This is not scratchpad memory, this is normal user memory (RAM) and the interpreter is not using it for internal tasks. Are you seeing this on the emulator or on the actual chip? How are you accessing those memory locations?
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    08M strange power up

    Well, the chip is actually checking on serial in pin for a signal in order to switch between 'programming' and 'running' mode. As this pin is floating, the chip switches from 'running' to 'programming' and vice versa. Some times, the pin will settle to 'low', so the chip switches to 'running'...
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    08M strange power up

    If you are not going to program the 08m2 on the breadboard you can use only the 10K pull down on the SerIn pin.
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    IRIN with a Samsung remote

    Thank you Inglewoodpete!
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    IRIN with a Samsung remote

    @inglewoodpete any schematics/code on how you used a CD4092 for this?
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    It's pretty weird that you need to send a hex representation of the command value instead of the actual value. Any change the datasheet has been translated from Chinese and this part may contain errors?
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    Very high fidelity volume control chip with serial control

    Having a quick look at the datasheet for this chip, it should be doable to control it through a Picaxe. The 3 lines are actually a Clock/Data combo and a Latch line. You pull the Latch pin low and start clocking in the data. For clocking the data in you will need to bit-bang it. A good starting...
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    An occasional keyboard?

    There is the option also to use a USB keyboard that has the ability to fall-back to PS/2 mode. You can connect those keyboard either using a female USB connector on your board or using a combination of a PS/2 port an a PS/2-to-USB adaptor. IchigoJam is using those type of keyboards.
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    Light Chaser; Preloading EEPROM data

    I also needed to do a similar thing for a smart toy and I was thinking of either using a serial eeprom programmer or use a side loading program running on Picaxe. I end up using the side loading program and another liberty basic program to read the file with the data and push it through the...
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    14m2 and Touch16 'channels' ids

    Thank you for clarifying this Technical. My main issue, though, was that B.4 didn't seem to be able to work as a touch sensor and that was tested on 2 different chips. I did get a value back every time I used the touch16 command but the value didn't change when I was touching the pad.
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    14m2 and Touch16 'channels' ids

    Technical, any ideas about pin B.4 and touch16 command?
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    14m2 and Touch16 'channels' ids

    Alan, I am using touch16 already, it's easier to detect the 'touch' on the pads based on the size of the copper pads and the 4mm plywood in between. Currently, I just check the value of the touch against a fixed value, that I managed to find out during the calibration. I do have the available...