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    Tinkerer's Kit

    I just spotted this array of 30 or more sensors/input devices etc. E-bay Link It says they are for Arduino (but who cares), they all have SIL Pins for...
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    Warning Mains Voltage Inside

    To Technical and others, Is there a place or can there be a place on this forum for intelligent and productive discussion on the topic of MAINS VOLTAGE and related subjects. There comes a time in any good experimenter, inventor, hobbyist or DIYist's life where something they are working on...
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    16 Channel Lighting Sequencer / Chaser, 20X2 version.

    ---Lightning---BUG Festive Events are looking brighter already :cool:
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    Test Stuff

    it worked ~ 'o) Well thank you Dippy ~;o)
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    Otha Stuff
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    Fan Sensor Failure chip

    I've just found this little device from Dallas/Maxim For the MAX6684, Fan-Failure Detector with Integrated Power Switch. It is a Fan Overload/Dropout sensor in a SIOC 8pin 1.25mm spacing pkg. A handy little device in its own right. But I...
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    Serial - Serout, Sertxd on Pin0 clarification please.

    Not wanting to mess up the current thread, serial serial sertxd on 18X, etc. SEROUT- on the Download Output Pin. Have I been doing it the wrong way all this time ? (wouldn't be the first, and probably not the last ~ ;o) From the picaxe Manual2.pdf Could someone please elaborate on what...
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    DTMF Dialer Dual 08M

    After a lot of mucking about, banging my head against the wall, faulty Chips and not nearly enough test gear for the task. I finally got this to work :) Using only a dual core 08M setup I've managed to dial up my IP server susseccfully. Why my IP server ?, because it doesn't bother a machine...
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    #rem & #endrem, something I noticed.

    Something I noticed when using the Directives #rem and #endrem See the code example below, the explanation is half way down. This caught me out when trying several versions of a similar code. Also #REM works but #ENDREM in capitals does not seem to work. And I'm still using Prog-Editor ver...
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    Serin 08M no incorrect pin errors

    I just noticed my Program Editor Ver- (old I know, and not going to change it for the moment) Running in enhanced, colour mode does not report any errors if I use the incorrect pin (08M) e.g. - serin 0,N2400,b0 serin 1,N2400,b0 serin 2,N2400,b0 serin 3,N2400,b0 serin 4,N2400,b0 serin...
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    PWM Calculator

    Fowkc, this would be a good place to include your original PWM Calculator page, (now part of the Program Editor software) may provide a better understanding of how it all functions :)
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    .GIF / .BMP Schematic Editor

    If you don't own any schematic editor tools or just want something for a simple, quick drawing, give this a go. Library of common components. (you could even make your own custom parts :)) This may save some forum space using .gif files. You can't make huge drawings, but it may be enough.
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    LED Fader

    There are many ways you could fade an LED/s up and down, here are just a couple. A simple single LED. Three fading LEDs chasing. #picaxe 08m 'Sets the Program Editor config for an 08M Chip. 'This will fade an LED on Pin1 / Leg6, OFF to Full ON to OFF, etc, etc. Main: Up: if b5 = 255 then...
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    Getting Started

    How about we get this section up and running with some simple code for the Newbies to try out their "fresh out of the Box" Picaxe toys @ I wonder if Technical would consider splitting the forum into more than one section e.g. - EDIT - This section only Code Snippets. B - Beginners, where full...
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    Found New Toys

    @ :p
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    Multi Purpose PWM Supply 12V DC 10A

    Picaxeâ„¢ powered, 12V DC, 10 Amp, Pulse Width Modulation supply. By Michael Jeffery A simple method to control PWM Duty using an ADC input and a Potentiometer for adjustment. Note: the PWM frequency used here is 4000Hz, 4KHz at (0%...
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    Handy IR Tester

    I sent this design to Silicon Chip late last year. I think it appeared in MAY 07 Notebook circuits. It was purposed designed for a friend to test out his customers Remote Controls at a Video/ DVD hire shop. I designed it as a simple point and shoot IR Remote tester. It will not decode IR...
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    I can't find the thumbs up/down code ? But I found a KAT while I was looking, who's lost a KAT ? :p Prolly broke out and escaped with Nesbit :)
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    DIY PICAXE 08 or 08M Programing board.

    An alternative to BreadBoarding.
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