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    Doing Work for Students

    I just got a private message from a complete newcomer offering to pay me for writing the Picaxe Basic code for a school project for him and his group. He indicated that the project would be going to exam. Here was my reply If you are contacted, I suggest you reply in a similar manner.
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    PE6: How do you prevent the simulator buttons from disappearing?

    When I click on the simulate tab, it opens up a "ribbon" with some buttons like Run,Step,Break , etc. However as soon as you click on one of them, the ribbon automagically disappears. This makes trying to step through code a real pain. If you even move the program window whatever ribbon is...
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    What Happened to Goeytex?

    Dear Friends, I will be offline for a while due to several small "strokes" that have severely affected my vision. They say the vision will likely come back eventually, but staring at computer screens and hand soldering SMD components is not part of the rehab plan. All my microcontroller...
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    Low Cost DYI "1-Wire" Serial Backpack 57600 bps

    While this is not technically a Picaxe project, it is provided here to give Picaxe users an inexpensive way to have a high speed serial interface from a Picaxe to a standard 16 x2 LCD display module. If you have access to a Pic Programmer then you can make a high speed "1-wire" LED serial...
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    Homemade NKM2401

    I recently looked in my parts bin and realized that I had accumulated over 10 pairs of ASK RF Modules. These are cheap "dumb" modules, but if care is taken, can be used with a Picaxe to create a fairly robust RF link. One way to make a reliable & robust RF link with these cheap modules is to...
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    Interfacing Newhaven Parallel Display with Picaxe

    I have recently acquired a Newhaven Parallel 16x2 Display - NHD-0216BZ-FL-YBW This display uses a Sitronix ST7066U Controller/Driver. Does anyone have any experience with this display / controller? I am not having a problem, just looking for any tips/tricks or heads up before I begin...
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    About two years ago I given given a (legal/original) copy of PicBasicPro, and an ICD2 Debugger/Programmer. Last week I found myself needing a small/fast program that the Picaxe just couldn't do. I also wanted to program some PICs with the NKM2401 hex code provided by Rev Ed. So I gathered up...
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    Using an INHAOS LC-1000 with the Picaxe

    I received several INHAOS LC-1000 RF Transceiver modules a while back and have finally gotten around to testing them with a Picaxe. They work amazingly well for short range RF comms. The main challenge for the hobyist is to get wires/ connectors on to the LC-1000 module. The pad spacing is...
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    Advanced Breadboard With Automatic Hard Reset

    While working on another Picaxe related Project, I got annoyed because of having to do a "hard reset" when downloading a program to the Picaxe. A hard reset is necessary if there is a "disconnect" command in the code, or when certain blocking command are used, or if there happens to be a long...
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    NiMH Battery Question

    Hi, While unpacking some old boxes in storage, I came across 4 NiMH AA batteries in a charger. The batteries were quite dead, reading only about 100mv each. The batteries had been in storage well over 18 months. When installed in the charger the "charge" lamp would not come on. I assumed...
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    Excessive Power Supply Noise/Ripple

    Earlier this morning I was experiencing some weird problems while testing some Picaxe I2C code, so after about 30 minutes or so I decided to check for noise./ripple on the +V rail of the breadboard. With the scope set for AC coupling, it reported a whopping 300mv of random and intermittent high...
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    Converting ADC Value to Voltage Readout On a Picaxe

    This code takes advantage of the FVRSETUP and ADCCONFIG commands to provide good accuracy and good resolution when reading a voltage via ADC and displaying the Voltage on a PE Terminal. Of course the output could be sent instead to an LED or OLED display. The FVRSETUP Command is available on M2...
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    Proportional Control

    This snippet comes from code I did for a Fuel Vaporizer. The Picaxe controls an "EGR Valve" to keep the temperature at about 450F inside a heat exchanger. I modified this code for general use by removing the specific temperature sensor stuff and replaced it with a Pot to simulate a...
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    RSSI Indicator

    I have developed a working RSSI indicator using a Dorji DRF4431F13 and a Picaxe 20X2. The code will also work with a Hope RFM23B. The RF Module is set up as a receiver only and sweeps through the 433 MHz band, looking for signals and displaying the RSSI and Frequency. It will work with FSK...
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    Image Test

    Post deleted.
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    Question on Infrared Modulation Frequency

    I am measuring a modulation frequency of 41.6 KHz when using IROUT with a Picaxe 20X2. As I understand it, this should be 38 KHz and represents a 9.5% error from nominal. My question is: Will this frequency deviation from nominal affect the sensitivity/ reliability of IR comms with a typical...
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    Help Testing RF Modules

    Hi, I have been sent quite a few very nice 2.4 GHz 23dBm (100mw+) RF transceiver modules for testing & evaluation. These are based upon the Beken BK2421 RFIC with an added PA. Range should be > 500 meters or more LOS with a decent antenna. This is the INHAOS RF2400PA module. The thing is...
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    Simple XOR Encryption With a Picaxe

    Encryption may sometimes be wanted when you need to obscure data from possible snooping. This might be applicable, for example, with a wireless link that sends sensitive data. While certainly not as secure as highly advanced methods, XOR encryption is fast, simple and effective, and is...
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    No Timeout When Using Serin With Qualifier

    No timeout when using Serin with qualifier Picaxe 14m2 / 20X2 Picaxe serin is connected to ASK RF receiver module data out. Expected a timeout when qualifier "string" not detected within timeout period. Serin will not time out as long as any data is seen on serin pin. main: do serin...
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    Missing Percent Signs

    Using Standard Editor Line 1: %00000011 Line2: %%%%%%%% - should be 8 percent signs Line 3: %00,%00,%00 = should be percent sign + two zeros