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    picaxe with eeprom memory

    If you are going to add an RTC then higher accuracy versions such as the DS3232 include around 256 bytes of battery backed RAM and if needed alarm settings with interrupts. The RTC battery keeps the time running and the RAM data retained which can avoid the need for external EEPROM or FRAM.
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    Byte variable math, can calculations be greater than 255?

    Yes, internally during a calculation the math is to 16 bits (0 to 65535) even when the variable into which the final result is stored is defined as a byte (8 bits) so long as the intermediate math within a calculation does not exceed 65535 then the result is correct.
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    Programming tutorials/websites to learn how to use the BASIC programming codes

    Tentatively a start. There is also the first edition. However, beware that at the time of publication of the first edition I had reviewed the content for David Lincoln and initially he had a web page page for the identified addendum:corrections which has since been erased/gone. Maybe the...
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    Programming tutorials/websites to learn how to use the BASIC programming codes

    There are: 1 the PICAXE manuals with the instructions (part2) and some basic circuits with example code (part 3). 2. The BASIC commands on line -that are more up to date and at the bottom of each webpage some examples...
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    Download Circuit Question

    If the circuit is: 1 only used by you 2. You do not use poke or SRF poke commands 3. The voltage does not exceed the PICAXE supply voltage then YES The program download pin is a bidirectional pin which the PICAXE firmware endeavours to limit to use as an input. But if any code error using...
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    how do i remove a post

    I found nhphantom had duplicated the post in the active forum and deleted the initial copy in the finished projects folders. Had messaged nhphantom to advise done 👍 But neglected to indicate done here 😱
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    random function to choose a number 1 thru 6

    Internal math is to 16-bit, so try Rollbyte = random W0 * 252 / 256 // 6 + 1
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    PEBBLE - Picaxe Electronic Bread Board Layout Emulator

    An error has been identified with the Programming Socket image in left-right orientation where the labelling for the 0V and SI terminals was transposed. The corrected image is attached and should be copied into the PEBBLE/Images folder
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    I had a further look this morning. All there programming socket images except that highlighted by bogbean were correct. Copy of the corrected image file for the terminal_134 which belongs in the PEBBLE/Images folder is also attached here (this copy edited in PaintShop Pro V9.01). I will also...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    I will endeavor to investigate the matter of the incorrect image tomorrow (wed). I use (also now old) Jasc Paintshop Pro V9, which while older than, is compatible with win10.
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    Testing quote and link to quote

    At the top of the post you wish to link to there is 1. The day and time at the left 2 three icons at the right. From right to left they are: post number, bookmark and LINK/Share (the one that looks like 3 small boxes linked). click on the LINK icon and a pop up appears with the address you need...
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    eeprom endurance

    The RESET command is supposed to do the same as disconnecting and restoring power and according to the online Command reference this includes reset of all variables, the stack and “etc”. Refer: That is not categoric as to whether non...
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    eeprom endurance

    I had purchased and did some work with a DS3232 some years ago (2013). At that time I posted a guide to some RTC chips and a basic PICAXE program for the DS3232: Getting Started with the DS3232 RTC and a brief comparison of some other RTC chips | PICAXE Forum Recall I had purchased a Freetronic...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    I have worked on projects before for submerged arc electric furnaces. They also operate around the 250 V. Those were 3-phase a.c. With 80 kA into each electrode for silicon metal and special alloys. the mentioned project with 270 kA d.c. is an electro winning (EW) cell house for in effect...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    270 Vdc So just like an enormous welder. Two such circuits equates on the 33 kV supply side to around 150 MW power draw
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    Any new chips? More RAM? Faster Clock?

    Albeit not RevEd/PICAXE warranted (= do it at your own risk) I have four 28X2 chips clocked at 80 MHz by using a 20 MHz external resonator since about 2015 without any failures. hippy has posted also similar time ago that he had successfully run a chip (28X2?) at 100 MHz hence my 80 MHz is...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    Not abandoned but no requests and I have had little time for hobbies over the past few years. In 2017 and 2018 I was working (about 2000 km) away from home with 12 to 14 hour work days and no personal computer. 2109 to mid 2020 was back home but working on a multi billion $ project again long...
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    Code structure - loop or goto

    If for any reason you might wish to exit the loop structure then the DO . . . LOOP structure also has available the EXIT command that will immediately jump to the next command after the LOOP statement.
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    using the if command

    Alan lives in London UK. To see where a member lives, provided they enter a location as part of their details, just click on their name at the top of post.
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    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    great to read that you now have it operating as you desire 👍