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  1. premelec


    Thanks for all the wonderful information and for sharing your projects. I love Picaxe products and have enjoyed a decade or two of using them, however my health has deteriorated in the last month. I have stopped all electronics entirely expecting to power down soon. Keep up the wonderful forum...
  2. premelec

    Anyone Using Si5351A I2C 25MHZ Clock DDS Board 8KHz - 160MHz?

    I'm seeing articles about using the Si5351A breakout board as general multi signal source in conjunction with ARDUIxx units and wonder if someone here has used this unit with PICAXE? I2C controled... It's inexpensive and a bit complicated... and versatile - a main drawback being square wave...
  3. premelec

    C.3 diode to V+ necessary?

    SERIN notes that there is no clamp diode from C.3 input to V+ - is this only required when input is from different V+ power supplied source than PICAXE V+ ?
  4. premelec

    TM1637 4 digit Demonstration

    OOps there is a bug in this code so 4th digit doesn't show - I think it's when I added first two digits blanking as it counted ok to 9999 b4- I'll be back... ;-0 Yep its an error in READ before ENDIF position - I've corrected it here but can't delete attached BASIC file yet... ; TM1637 Demo...
  5. premelec

    Two Wire Data & Clock to One Wire circuit?

    Is there a simple external circuit to convert Data + Clock pins to one pin... and back to data & clock on external device. Sort of every time data pin changes clock pulse follows fast enough to catch the data [on 2 wire external device]. Maybe just a small capacitor and diode?? Slow is ok...
  6. premelec

    Open Source Ventilator Project

    I noticed that there is work being done to produce plans for locally manufactured - there are many clever folks on this forum who might contribute to designs... the technical requirements would not likely be very difficult - perhaps pressure measurement and motor...
  7. premelec

    Does this OSC trim model work on PICAXE chips?

    Read this article and wondered if it works on PICs Thanks...
  8. premelec

    SX1276 E32-915T20D LORA Command Format

    I have obtained 2 Ebyte E32-915T20D LORA modules to try establish a basic data link through some obstacles over about 1/2 KM. The manual seems pretty thorough... however if I'll need to change command format I'm not clear on the instructions to do this. See attached picture of this part of the...
  9. premelec

    BASIC alphabetic commands list?

    On previous forum version there was a command line URL to BASIC commands. Could someone provide that link please? The link I've found is; which doesn't have them listed in alphabetic fashion... thanks
  10. premelec

    Reserved words & Symbol silly question

    Which reserved words are allowed in Symbol definitions like "Symbol BAUD = T2400" ?
  11. premelec

    Qualifier length in SERIN command

    I found a ref to qualifier length being up to 8 bytes in this thread - post #13 [Hippy] is this true for all PICAXE chips when using SERIN? Thanks...
  12. premelec

    Best cheap addressable audio MP3 player?

    I'm thinking of a project [arty] that would have a three dozen selectable MP3 files of 20 seconds or so to be controlled by PICAXE 14M2 - Looking in archives I didn't find any definitive recommendation. LoFi sound ok [voice] Please make suggestion... perhaps with files on SD card... thanks...
  13. premelec

    SERIN & simple RF modules clarificaton needed

    I have seen reference many times to noise on simple receiver modules hanging up SERIN which evidently just stays active looking at the noise - Is this correct? [command description doesn't seem to address this]. erco recently referenced which...
  14. premelec

    DS18B20 intermittent "85" reading

    I have an 18B20 on a fairly long lead on an 08M2 that intermittently reads "85" incorrectly and persistently... what causes this? Thanks [I did a search with no result found]
  15. premelec

    14M2 upper RAM access to 511

    Manual states RAM 28 to 511 on 14M2 [peek & poke] - how is the upper part - 256-511 - accessed - by word variable? By SFR switch? Thanks...
  16. premelec

    Hserout & Sertxd on same pin OK 08M2 14M2 ?

    Manual 2 says cannot use Hserout on download Serout pin [p94] - however manual 1 shows same pin for Sertxd and Hserout on same pin in diagrams [page 10]. Is this just a manual error? I'm about to try a bunch of stuff I haven't done before and need to spit out a lot of data fast.... thanks...
  17. premelec

    PWM to DC Dual DAC LTC2644 interesting...

    LTC2644 comes in 8, 10, 12 bit resolution and converts PWM to DC FAST - 10us or so I think. Could be useful - has internal reference voltage. There's a quad part too LTC2645 . Just another possibility in our designs.... so many chips so little time...
  18. premelec

    Some way to drive WS2812 LED string?

    It appears that the frequency required to drive this one wire RGB chip may be too high for PICAXE to retrieve data and make up drive pulses though I'm not too clear on just what is necessary from the data sheet [other than zeros are short pwm and ones are long pwm pulse]. It did occur to me that...
  19. premelec

    Download circuit obsolete?

    New manual 1 shows download cicuits with "(NB: Obsolete, for info only)" shown - what's up?
  20. premelec

    AXE133 Firmware with 20M2 & 2x24 display?

    I notice the AXE133 firmware mentions 16 and 20 line calls - however I have 2x24 line display - will it work specifying 24 line? I have 20M2s and expect they are ok instead of 18M2 - thanks...