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    Another solution for Infrared Receiver of 32-bit Codes

    Background This is a project that I completed back in 2008. It has been largely superseded by other solutions which use the more modern and much faster PICAXE chips. Having said that, the original model still serves its purpose of controlling my Home Theatre 'Receiver'. I have posted this...
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    Test of noparse

    this is code Edit: hmm. "noparse" does not work.
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    Light Dimmer using a Rotary Encoder

    Background About a year ago, my wife and I bought a camper-trailer. It was fitted with a 10W LED light strip in the main tent which is great when you want a bright light. The light switch was mounted on a side pole at the foot of the bed: not the best location when you're in bed. When turned...
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    GPS Data receiver using X2's background serial data reception

    During the development of Little Ben, the need arose for a clock timer that did not require adjusting or periodical replacement of a backup battery. Little Ben 'clock' was to be installed in a public recreation park and needed to thrive on neglect and withstand power outages while maintaining...
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    Little Ben - An outdoor chiming PICAXE clock

    Little Ben is the brainchild of fellow sculptural artist and business partner, Philip Gamblen. Its structure is styled on the tower of Big Ben although on a slightly(!) smaller scale. Originally built for the public art exhibition "Sculpture at Bathers 2017" at Bather's Beach, Fremantle...
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    Non-blocking sounds using PWM (X2 PICAXEs)

    I recently developed a wireless link and needed sound alerts to indicate certain events or conditions. While PICAXE Basic has the Sound and Tune commands, both are blocking: all execution stops for the duration of the sound. The code was being developed for a PICAXE 20X2, using both background...
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    Configuring HC-12 USB Module? (slightly OT)

    After considerable success using HC-12 transceiver modules between PICAXE 28X2 chips, I am trying to configure one of the HC-12 modules with built in USB interface to connect the 433 data with my PC (VB app to be written at a later date). Refer to attached image. The process seems simple...
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    Firmware Revision Documentation

    In the old days, pre-PE6, there was a document Firmware.txt located under the PICAXE software folder on my PC. The structure of PE files etc. changed with PE6 and I'm looking for Firmware revision information. I managed to find which mentions...
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    Pop-Up messages when developing code for AXE401

    While developing code for the AXE401, I'm getting random pop-up messages like the attached. The code passes a syntax check and loads and runs correctly in the real PICAXE (28X2, obviously). PE v6.0.9.1. The problem also occurs in older versions of the PE. I suspect that the lookup data for...
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    PE6 Installer - Unrecognised App??

    I have just downloaded PICAXEEditor6.exe (I have renamed it to Setup_6.0.9.1RunAsAdmin.exe). When I tried to instal it, the following banner appeared - a bit off-putting. (Up-to-date Windows 10/64 system) Is there a problem with the file or should I try downloading it again? (It takes about...
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    Another PICAXE-Based Public Artwork

    In the last year I have formed a business partnership with established visual artists Philip and Dawn Gamblen, who I have worked with on a subcontract basis for several years. One of the public artwork projects that we completed in 2016 was for a local property developer. The new...
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    Pause period shortened when used in a Macro

    This problem is a bit obscure. I'm developing software to use the HC-12 transceiver with 28X2s at either end of a wireless link. I've chosen the 28X2 because of its background serial reception capability. The 28X2 has firmware B.3 (probably not relevant) and is running at the default speed of...
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    Is HopeRF module still recommended?

    Some members may have seen my comments and questions in the recent rfout and rfin thread. While I am happy with the cheap ASK modules with rfout and NKM2401 for receiving (especially the >95% reliability with superhet receivers), for my purpose the loose wire 1/4 wave antennae for both send and...
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    Carry and Borrow Indication

    Over the last few years the restrictions caused by the PICAXE's positive-integers-only numbering system has been discussed several times. I can understand the reasons for these restriction in the early days: limited firmware space, limited variable space and a desire to keep the PICAXE really...
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    Finding the difference between two numbers

    From time to time I want to find the difference between two numbers. It doesn't matter which one is smaller or larger, just the difference. I usually write code like this. If w10 > w11 Then w12 = w10 - w11 Else w12 = w11 - w10 'w12 will equal 0 if w10 & w11 are equal EndIf I could...
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    PE6 Crashes when Computer Sleeps

    I have recently updated the PICAXE Editor to Version on my Windows 10 Home x64 computer. Whenever I leave the computer for longer than the "Sleep" period, currently set for 30 minutes, the PICAXE Editor crashes. Sometimes the crashing editor will prompt me to sent data to Rev-Ed...
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    Synchronised PWM

    I am working on a project where I'm driving a 3W RGB LED with 3 PWM channels. The duty of each channel will differ from the other two to give a wide range of colours. I want to detect the PWM with another PICAXE using a band pass filter/detector front-end set at the PWM frequency. The filter...
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    Schematic for AXE213 RF Connect Kit (axe213.pdf)

    I have received my AXE213 kits and am now getting more serious with their operation. Page 30 of axe213.pdf is titled "AXE213 Schematic" but the diagram consists of just a square full of vertical lines. Is this an error in the document or do I have a graphics driver missing from my computer?
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    PICAXE in the Streets

    I'd like to share some insights into my recently completed, very public, PICAXE project. I have been working with local public artists Phil and Dawn Gamblen to make a striking piece of street sculpture. In daylight hours, you see three brightly coloured topsy-turvy standard lamps appearing to...
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    Pulsin causes reboot instead of timeout at slower clock speeds: 08M2

    I am developing software for an 08M2 (Firmware v4.A) to interwork with a Davis anemometer. The 08M2 is the real thing, not the simulator. PE Version Beta I wasn't getting the granularity at low wind speeds with the PulsIn command that I wanted, so I lowered the PICAXE's clock speed...