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    Test some BB Codes

    To indicate the use of the and BB codes/tags, use [ plain] now instead of [ noparse]
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    PICAXE Forum Time

    I made mention in passing yesterday with respect to what I see as the PICAXE forum time relative to reality. All other forums I visit match with my PC, iPhone, watch etc. On all forums, my settings are for time zone GMT+8 and no daylight saving. However the PICAXE forum is seemingly around 47...
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    ULN2803A/UDN2981A drop-in DMOS alternatives to consider

    For the ubiquitous ULN2803A as often mentioned and used in PICAXE projects together with its high-side equivalent, the UDN2981A, there are DMOS alternatives available. These alternative parts are the: TBD62083A = 8 channel sink type DMOS transistor array TBD62783A = 8 channel Source type DMOS...
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    An alternative to the L293D dual H Bridge IC

    A little late for my recent project work involving some 50 off L293D dual H-bridge IC's (some folks may also know of the approx. equivalent the SN754410) however I have just come across an alternative dual H-bridge IC being the LB1909MC.
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    Getting Started with the MCP9808 High Accuracy i2c Temperature Sensor

    The MCP9808 from Microchip is in many ways an i2c equivalent to the ubiquitous DS18B20 and just as easy, if not easier, to use. Attached is my "Getting Started" tutorial and Basic program file (example using the PICAXE 18M2) for those who wish to try the MCP9808. Edit: 30Jan16 Slight...
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    PICAXE based DCC ACCESSORY CONTROLLER for model railways using NCE DCC control system

    I know that there are a number of model railway enthusiasts on the PICAXE forum. For those who do not routinely visit the finished Projects area, then for those using NCE DCC control systems my latest project here may be of interest.
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    PICAXE based DCC ACCESSORY CONTROLLER for model railways using NCE DCC control system

    For those Model Railway operators using the NCE DCC control systems, this project using a PICAXE 20X2 as the basis for a DCC Accessory Controller connected via the NCE Cab-Bus may be of interest. Due to the size limitations for pdf file attachments, this post has two separate files attached...
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    PICAXE based DCC Accessory Decoder

    To meet my own needs and in response to a number of past threads inquiring about PICAXE based DCC decoders for model railways, I present my own PICAXE based DCC Accessory Decoder. Developed initial on a breadboard and I have subsequently constructed a couple on prototyping boards which are...
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    PICAXE based Model Railway Speedometer Wagon

    I know there are a number of model railway enthusiasts lurking out there. Some may find this small project of interest to construct a PICAXE 20M2 based Speedometer Wagon either just to know what the scaled speed is for a locomotive or wishing to calibrate the speed. While the program is...
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    Forum etiquette/practices (revisited)

    This forum is run by Revolution Education and I believe they are relative lenient in what matters are discussed here including deviations and humour subject to complying with the requirements of the forum protocol to respect others, no spam, no advertising and active promoting of competitors...
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    Getting Started with the DS3232 RTC and a brief comparison of some other RTC chips

    Having bought a DS3232 some time ago and after getting it up and running (a relatively easy task), I started on the attached information back in March but it fell by the wayside for a while (starting paying work with longer hours on a new multi-billion $ project for one). Have wrapped up some...
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    Getting Started with the PT6961 6-digit 12-segment LED driver with30 key switch scan

    Having recently salvaged a PT6961 chip from the display of a decommissioned DVD player, I have done some experimenting and put together the attached "Getting Started" tutorial for anyone else who may find chip this interesting or find themselves in possession of a display using the PT6961 chip...
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    Hantronix LCDs - Specifically HDM20416L-1 and similar with KS0066U controller chip

    I was recently given a few 20x4 character type LCD modules by our IT group from some Equitrac systems that had been decommissioned. These 2002 vintage modules have a Hantronix HDM20416L-1-Y1ES display using a KS0066U controller chip. See:
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    Calculate Cube Root to 2 decimal places

    As a follow on the my past calculation of a square root for values (0 - 65535) to two decimal places, I have prepared a similar piece of PICAXE BASIC code to calculate the cube root of a value (0 to 65535) to two decimal places. I stopped at two decimal places as the maths is at 2 decimnal...
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    Getting Started with the MAX7219 Eight Digit 7-Segment LED Driver

    Publishing/Posting of this tutorial has been delayed for a while (I was going to post in late December 2012) but other matters arose. The MAX7219 7-segment LED driver chip has been around for a while now and there have been several recent posts where forum members have sought assistance. This...
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    Getting Started with the WS2801 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with PWM output

    The WorldSemi WS2801 chip has been around for some time and is relatively simple to connect to the PICAXE range of chips including the older 18X, together with the X1, X2 and M2 parts. These 3-channel constant current LED drivers are great for controlling strings of RGB LEDs. The WS2801 is...
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    Getting Started with the SAA1064 i2c bus 4-Digit 7-Segment LED driver chip

    Noting that there have in the past been a number of posts recommending the SAA1064 LED driver chip and also a number of instances where newcomers have required assistance, the attached "Getting Started..." tutorial is provided to help those new to the SAA1064 chip get under way with some...
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    Dorji-DRF4431F13 Wireless Transceiver Modules

    For those who are interested in wireless comms and may not look frequently in the Completed Projects area, this posts is a flag to the fact I have posted the findings of some recent work with the Dorji DRF4431F13 433 MHz wireless transceiver modules here...
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    Getting Started with PICAXE and Dorji DRF4431F13 Wireless Transceiver Modules

    Attached is some initial work undertaken with the Dorji DRF4331F13 433 MHz wireless modules. The hardware was supplied by forum member SAborn along with a spell check of the document and the programming and write-up are by yours truly. While there are many tests performed by chip and module...
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    Altronics (Perth Australia) becoming a SparkFun Electronics stockist

    Perth (Australia) based electronics retail outlet Altronics announced yesterday that they are becoming a stockist for Sparkfun products. Altronics have sold PICAXE chips for some years now and while the Sparkfun association will also have them selling Arduino cough products, Sparkfun and...