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    VL53L0X Time of Flight sensor

    There was some talk about VL53L0X. I posted some picaxe code on gcb forum and a mmotte converted it.Cool. Did anyone get further? I find it difficult to convert picaxe to gcb. This vid is my version of picaxe VL53L0X code converted to gcb #chip mega328p, 16 #option Explicit #include <glcd.h>...
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    erco-laser range finder

    Erco. I got one of these and got to make a driver. I'm on the case and will report. Sensing is 50 time a second which is a bit disappointing. I done this before. You end up learning c :(
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    I saw this and thought A project?
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    Good bye and thanks for the fish

    since september 2016 when I 1st got a picaxe it has been interesting and above all fun. my objective was an object avoiding robot v1,2,3,4 you know.then by erco aka eric a line follower but the vibes on the forum and trying new stuff that needs speed I'm gone. Have fun you guys with what is an...
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    self balancing device

    After following Edmunds threads, I got a MPU-6050 3 axis sensor but haven't used it yet. There's plenty of examples of making a self balancing machine on the net, I didn't say robot because I wouldn't call a segway a robot and more people come here than the robot section anyway. Has anyone...
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    Oled serial slelect

    Hi. I bought some 128x64 oleds and 1 has missing resistors to short and changes the display from serial to 1c2 but I can't seem to find info. I couldn't post camera images even though they were 700k jpeg so these are from a site which tantalisingly didn't explain it. Maybe some one here has used...
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    Erco Sharp ir range finder

    Erco posted an equation to convert the sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F adc to cm. I don't do hard sums and to the power of a minus decimal number looks fun. Starter for 10, can anyone help me code this in...
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    lcd code not doing what I want

    Hi guys. I've posted some oled code that I thought may be useful and thought a "scope for 08m2" would be nice as seems lots of people have trouble with getting a working example to start off with it's tedious so posted template code but for picaxe with 1K scratchpad. I got this code from a light...
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    Video and scopes

    [ Moved from a thread where it was off-topic ] If I drop the picture size on my camera I can post a video but it looks rubbish at vga so I use youtube. It's hard to get an idea across sometimes and a picture says a thousand words etc. It's an interesting project you have and I have a "sinclair"...
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    older members

    How is it people on the forum joined in 1970? How many pensioners use picaxe? :)
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    help with hard sums

    I have an ultra-sonic range finder mounted on a servo. the servo goes 0 to 180 deg say with servo values of 75 to 225. I want to draw the range in a semi-circle, bit like a radar. The screen will be x 0 to 63, y 0 to 63. please see diagram. I need to convert the servo angle to degrees and from...
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    no bits stepper drive

    I didn't know you could drive a stepper motor like this Stepper motors are new to me. Does it work with uni-polar stepper motors?
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    Picaxe Tron

    Here's a blurry video of Tron on a 128x64 oled. I thought of a simple game and this was the simplest to do. Now the computer opponent bit is done, I just copy the player code to make it 2 player. I haven't got printing and graphics on the same screen because the...
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    Picaxe Tron

    Messing round with a diddy oled and thought let's do space invaders but too slow, so here's badly filmed Tron. I needed a 28x2 because it need 1K for the graphics..if you could call them that. There's a deliberate flaw in the picaxes control or it would be impossible to beat unless it ran out of...
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    Pin solution?

    Hi,I saw these and thought handy for those pin hungry ideas. Anyone use one or similar? These are cheaper than ebay wait for weeks ones. that site is down. this chip...
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    1 bit audio

    It's too late to try this. Has anyone? I'll try tomorrow and if it works when I find a speaker try using a bit not a byte. ; 1 bit audio record and playback from 8ohm speaker #picaxe 28x2 setfreq m16 main: wait 5 for ptr=0 to 1023 ;record @ptr=pina.0 next ptr wait 5 for ptr=0 to 1023...
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    Two sensor line sensing

    hippy.I posted code that put 128 pixels into 16 bytes and suggested checking 8 or 16 bits at a time. erco has built several line followers and from only 1 real test can see the advantage of edge detection. The track I used was irregular width so the centring algo I used performed poorly. v2...
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    My 1st line follower

    By popular demand..well erco :) I think it's been done before. A simple line follower...well there's different ways and I tried a 6 sensor array and it's pee poor but almost funny to watch. OK the array...
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    PE text gone large

    My palm must have pressed the wrong keys and I'm stuck with big text.Reboot no effect. How do I make it normal?
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    Line following with QTR-8RC Infra Red Reflectance Sensor Array

    I'm getting something like this to try line following and some continuous servos on the way for slow wheels...