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  1. kranenborg

    Fastest possible ADC response?

    (A little bit off-topic regarding the PICAXE) Thanks for your kind remarks! I chose to use the LM3900 simply for nostalgic reason, as this was the quad opamp chip provided with the EE2001 series of kits - it is mounted on the yellow circuit board. Of course, today one would use a modern amp, but...
  2. kranenborg

    Fastest possible ADC response?

    Hi, a bit late with my response (currently I am happily but thoroughly distracted by a non-Picaxe, analog project, using my youth's Philips EE (Electronic Engineer) system, see: Alternative Superhet (SA612A mixer & ZN414 detector) - Baukasten Forum / CC Experimentiersystem -> WIKI...
  3. kranenborg

    Loosing PicAxe chips

    I second that, maybe the PSU is not so stable after all (nasty spikes exceeding 5V maybe at switchon/off?) ... . I nearly always use batteries, and the picaxe programming behavior has always been rock solid for me at least. /Jurjen
  4. kranenborg

    Accurate Frequency Counter (0 - 65MHz)

    Here is a version that should be more accurate because: It uses more 74HC4040 lines, resulting in smaller intervals (avoiding potential rounding errors due to low count figures at the lower end of an interval) #counts maximized by aligning interval boundaries with multiples of 2^16 (resulting...
  5. kranenborg

    COUNT command: possible accuracy issue?

    Hi Alan, In post #5 I added measurements of the behavior at a 4x lower measurement frequency and test frequency, showing fairly consistent behavior: the maximum frequency for accurate COUNT results seems to scale with the processor frequency but is a factor two smaller than according to...
  6. kranenborg

    COUNT command: possible accuracy issue?

    I took this issue up again by checking the behavior/accuracy of the COUNT command at its specced limit of 400KHz and lower (at 64MHz clock with an 28X2, see also the COUNT command definition for these limits). I fed a 28X2 @ 64MHz (16 Mhz crystal) with several signals in the range of 400KHz...
  7. kranenborg

    COUNT command: possible accuracy issue?

    Thanks Allycat, indeed trying to use the hardware modules as much as possible would likely be the best way to circumvent timing issues in the software implementation, and I will look further in that direction. Maybe - since the 28X2 has both Timer1 and Timer3 available - a setup is possible...
  8. kranenborg

    COUNT command: possible accuracy issue?

    Dear forum members After some experimentation it seems to me that I cannot obtain the count accuracy as I should get according to the spec of the COUNT command. According to this spec, for a 64MHz 28X2 (with a very accurate crystal, see my recent Accurate Frequency Counter project) the...
  9. kranenborg

    MCP23S17 - 16-Bit I/O Expander with SPI Interface

    Hi Mark, I think that in general I2C-variants of devices are better supported through commands for all Picaxe types. Direct SPI support is limited to the X2 variants only. Comparing the two protocols, I tend to compare them as I2C = flexible vs. SPI = Fast. The flexibility of I2C stems from the...
  10. kranenborg

    Cannot get rfout and serin to work correctly or reliably

    Hi Theo, First a few basic questions: Regarding the receiver: are you sure that the data signal from the transmitter is received and ported to the 18M2 correctly?. Do you have a scope to check? Second: I agree with Allycat's and Ibensons remarks, try to make things even more simple. Try to...
  11. kranenborg

    Accurate Frequency Counter (0 - 65MHz)

    Dear Picaxe enthousiasts, Since I am in need of a frequency counter for an analog electronics project I googled around and quickly ran into a nice PICAXE implementation (0 - 65MHz) that seemed to satisfy my requirements very well. Its design was published in 2006 (!) by Jeremy Leach, who has...
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    That's really good news, thanks and good luck!
  13. kranenborg

    My Old-School Distraction

    Hi all, My first experience with (serious) soldering and machine language programming was with the Elektor SC/MP kit that I purchased as a teenager somewhere in 1982/83 (but apparently made available in 1978): Like the IMSAI it used bit switches for programming, but in my case fiddly...
  14. kranenborg

    PCB scope - reviews?

    Nice to see that Womai is around om this forum! I still use his DpScope (Version 1) which is the "big brother" of the PCB Scope / DPScope SE, as a capable 2-channel scope, and I am very satisfied with it. Womai, do I get it right that the PCBscope is currently the only version left that you are...
  15. kranenborg

    A better way to make selections, faster than IF THEN ELSEIF ELSE?

    Highly appreciated the visuals ... !
  16. kranenborg

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    Some info here that I found useful: Installing a Mosquitto Broker (mqtt protocol 3.1.1) on a RasPi, as well as instructions to test it: Link A simple mqtt client on an Android phone: MQTT Dash Lost of info on ESP8266 in combination with MicroPython, MQTT etc. etc. : RandomNerd Tutorials Lots of...
  17. kranenborg

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    Hello Geoff, Hippy, What a nice coincidence! I have no experiences yet, but I do have kind of a plan for such an interface device (initial stage, but very happy to reveal here for cooperation), since I have been thinking - very much in line with Hippy - about an interface between one or more...
  18. kranenborg

    Function: setint

    Part of the problem (i.e. missing an interrupt on very short pulses) may sometimes be solved by using the SR-latch facility as a memory bit: tying the interrupt source to its input and connecting its output to an interrupt-enabled input pin then allows the program to catch it in between commands...
  19. kranenborg

    Windows 7 alternative?

    You may also want to try the combination of Windows 10 and a Linux distribution integrated in it through WSL (particularly the upcoming WSL2 version). Then you might get the best of two worlds (W10 for the practical aspects, a preferred Linux for your favorite work) integrated into one...
  20. kranenborg

    SerialPower: updated implementation for M2/X2 picaxes

    For those who want to have a view on the (draft!) versions of the accompanying code, I have these attached here as well: /Jurjen