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    PICAXE .NET Server Security in 2019

    I have an idea for a very simple IoT-based project, and I'm thinking the PICAXE .NET Server would be a good fit for it since I have a few lying around. How secure is it nowadays? I'm thinking it's secure despite its anchientness because it doesn't really run much (none of that newfangled Linux...
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    High-resolution HD44780-compatible LCDs: introducing the ST7920

    Character LCDs are a very popular and low-cost addition to an electronics project. The HD44780 interface is the de-facto character LCD interface for these types of displays, which makes finding code examples easy as well as switching between different display sizes and manufacturers...
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    Kemo Electronic S043 LCD/LED Displays Lucky Bags - Blog 3 - HD44780-compatible LCDs

    START HERE: INDEX >> Items covered in this blog entry: Varitronix 16x1 + symbols COB LCD (AMPY 2001-11) '90s 16x1 COB LCD (LXC1615ETR) 16x2 COG LCD (08580002-N08YBN00) LCD with pins 16x2 COB character LCD MD216-01 (scroll down to comments) NEW! 128x64...
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    Winstar OLED Brightness Control - Version 2 - now using LCD Contrast pin - AXE133

    There is now an easier way to add an adjustable brightness control (old way) to Winstar OLEDs as supplied by Rev-Ed as part of the AXE133 and AXE134. This method allows the brightness to be controlled by adjusting the voltage on pin 3 of the 14-pin connector like adjusting the contrast on...
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    Third party PICAXE-08M board

    Does anyone know who makes this? It's the same decoupling capacitor-less board that I described here: Continued experience (until around mid-2013) of repairing these boards backed up the statistic of one in five failures being due to the lack of a decoupling capacitor.
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    Interface Winstar OLEDs using the SPI interface

    Anyone who has read the datasheet for the Winstar OLEDs that Rev-Ed sell as part of the AXE133Y should have noticed a brief mention of the SPI interface and a vague description of how the interface works. However it doesn't tell you how to use the SPI interface! Luckily, badge engineering firm...
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    Using the LC75821 LCD Driver with PICAXE - Thinkpad 770 keyboard/battery status LCD

    The LC75821E (Datasheet) is an LCD driver that can drive up to 104 segments and can be controlled by a PICAXE, more easily so with one of the parts that support hspi. However this isn't just going to be about using the LCD driver, it's going to be about using an actual LCD from a commercial...
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    AXE133 Backlight Control

    The extra pads on the AXE133 which are provided for a backlight don't get any explanation in the AXE133 PDF, therefore a blog entry is necessary. The AXE133 PCB has extra pads that allow a transistor to be installed in order to control the backlight on a backlit LCD if one is attached. Rev-Ed...
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    OS96016PP08MB2B10 i2c SSD0303 OLED Display - Text Demo

    Revisiting the OS96016PP08MB2B10 OLED Display (available in the Kemo Electronic S043 lucky bag) with a new demo - one for text. This OLED does not have a built in character set so text needs to be stored in a lookup table of some sort on the PICAXE. I used the lookup command with data taken...
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    Kemo Electronic S043 LCD/LED Displays Lucky Bags - Blog 2 - VFD and bare glass LCDs

    START HERE: INDEX >> Items that are covered in this blog entry: Bare glass LCDs Graphic LCDs Vacuum fluorescent display Circular 7-segment display 2-6 Medium size LCD that uses elastomeric connector If you hold this LCD at the correct angle then...
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    GLCD overclocking (and awful contrast consistency)

    Ages ago in my thread Serial Controller for KS0108B GLCD I mentioned the GLCD flickering with the (supposedly) inferior choice of resistor. Overclocking is performed by changing the resistor. I finally decided to attempt overclocking of the GLCD and found that there are good reasons why the...
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    Newbies' guide to parallel HD44780 LCDs and Winstar OLEDs / AXE133 as a project board

    Everyone's probably noticed by now that I think parallel LCDs are better than serial LCDs. The most common issues with serial LCDs are that they are slow and the serout command can cause conflicts with interrups, background hardware serial, i2c slave mode and the timer. Additional disadvantages...
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    Change viewing direction + improve contrast of most GLCDs and HD44780-compatible LCDs

    LCDs (such as that sold by Rev-Ed) have poor viewing angles (this isn't Rev-Ed's fault) and manufacturers compensate for this by 'biasing' the LCD so that the viewing angle range is not centered and it looks better either from above or below. It also doesn't look that good when viewed from the...
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    Modify Winstar HD44780 LCDs (like those supplied with AXE133) for operation on 3V

    The Winstar LCDs like those used by Rev-Ed (and other LCDs too) have unused pads on them including space for an 8-pin chip. This is designed to allow a 3V version of the display to be sold by having a negative voltage generator built into the LCD module and present on one pin of the LCD module...
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    Philips RC-5 IR output on PICAXE (bit-banged) and TV/STB control examples

    PICAXE has the irout command but it is very limited - not only can it only do the SIRC protocol but you can only set the command and not the device. I couldn't find much at all about bit-banging proper IR interfaces on PICAXE - there was plenty of info on using serout instead but that can't be...
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    SSD0303 OLED Display - Clock Demo

    Uses a 14M2 and OSRAM OLED display. (Note: If this is your first time using this display I recommend starting with the text demo first because it uses less components so there are less opportunities to make a mistake when making the circuit) I used a DS1307 (at 3V - should really use a...
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    BMP085 Pressure Sensor

    Have you read this and also tried searching for others?
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    AXE033 Serial LCD IC pinout - use the AXE033IC driver chip without the PCB

    Now before you go "Why not just get the FRM010 or use an 18M2 preprogrammed with the AXE133 firmware", here are some reasons for doing this: The FRM010 and AXE133 can't be controlled via i2c - so to get an official Rev-Ed i2c driver you have to get the AXE033 The FRM010 doesn't store messages...
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    Rev-Ed and PICAXE websites down again?

    Unlike last time there isn't even the 'Server Error' page. All there is this time is 'the server is taking too long to respond'. It's been like this for a few hours now. Maybe this time it actually is in preparation for the big launch of PE6?
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    LCD/LED/OLED assorted displays 'lucky bags' at Maplin 1 (N01CG) Kemo Electronic S043

    This is the first in a series of blog entries which cover the displays included in the Kemo Electronic S043 lucky bag sold at Maplin and describes the use of them. The series went under massive reorganisation in 2016 with the addition of new displays plus a new overview picture. Scroll down for...