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  1. geezer88

    Perfect beverage for working on PicAxe projects! Saw this and figured it might lighten your day, tom
  2. geezer88

    Programmer jack warning

    I searched for this without finding anything, so here's a gotcha on mounting a stereo jack to a conductive chassis. The serial in on the programming cable is wired to the barrel of the plug. On most equipment the barrel is grounded by the jack on a metal chassis. So if you use a metal jack...
  3. geezer88

    Mighty Mule Output Hack

    I have a long driveway, and it bugs me to have a car drive in when I'm not expecting it. I have used PIR (pasive infra red) devices to alarm in the house when we have visitors, but PIR systems have many false alarms from squirrels, deer, bobcats, coyotes, and skunks. I love the wildlife, but...
  4. geezer88

    Displays for 2019

    I've dusted off some of the i2c displays in my parts bin and have been playing with them. I've also looked around for 232 serial displays and they seem to be rare these days. Haven't seen anything to get me excited, yet. I'm talking character style displays. The beauty of the RS232 displays...
  5. geezer88

    Data sheet for accelerometer wanted

    I've run across accelerometers in junk cameras and broken radio controlled helicopters, but I've never been able to find any data sheet for them. The device is a surface mount package with a metal top. Laser scribed on the top is a logo? that looks like several = stacked tightly together...
  6. geezer88

    Rotary Encoder Tester

    I've been working on a project that would use a rotary encoder for user input. My first attempt was a miserable failure, and after a bit of head scratching I found my "new" surplus encoder was no good. So, to sort the good from the bad, I cobbled up a tester with my Picaxe test bed. First the...
  7. geezer88

    Make manual zoom sticky

    I've been using the manual as pulled up by the editor a fair amount recently, and on my computer screen I like it set about 50%, but each time I start the manual it opens at something much smaller. Is there a way to get it to stay where I put the magnification? thanks, tom
  8. geezer88

    Absolute tabs?

    In my old mechanical typewriter, tabs were fixed at absolute positions. It didn't matter if you erased some text to the left of the tab, it always stayed in the same place. I'd love to see a mode in the Programming Editor that would recognize the " ' " mark, and consider them absolute tabs...
  9. geezer88

    Double messages on editor v6

    I have been using the beta editor v6064 and it always seems to send double messages. For example, I click the "syntax check" tool and it pops up the result box. I click okay or X and the same box pops up again. Not a huge deal, but annoying. If I press F4 function key I only get one box to...
  10. geezer88

    Exit interupt routine with goto?

    I'd like to exit an interrupt routine by using goto instead of the return. To keep the compiler happy, I'd still put the return at the end. This would allow going to a known position in the calling part of the code. What would happen? The calling routine is essentially a loop that never...
  11. geezer88

    Why is my piano so slow?

    I bought a PC keyboard at the local thrift store and hooked it up to a 28x2. I have a speaker wired to c.4. The following program is loaded: EEPROM $00,(22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,22,10,11,22) EEPROM $10,(22,22,22,22,22,8,9,22,22,22,22,22,22,6,7,22) EEPROM...
  12. geezer88

    Application Notes

    Having read this forum for a couple of years now, I'm impressed with knowledge folks are sharing on a whole bunch of topics. While search will bring up tons of posts, only a few are likely to be really useful. So here's a suggestion for Technical or some other of the Gurus: Write up some...
  13. geezer88

    Mapping outputs across ports? How to do?

    Here's a hypothetical question for you gurus: Let's suppose I'm programming an 18M2 to do a job that requires out-putting byte data to eight outputs. But, on port B, I want to use b.1 and b.4 for i2c communication, and therefor use two pins from port C, say c.6 and c.7. I could use symbols...
  14. geezer88

    LCD Analog Pointer

    I can't help myself. I've started playing with the LCD and I can't stop. Here's a snippet that approximates an analog display with a pointer. It only has a resolution of the number of characters in a particular display, but for many applications that would be acceptable. It is also much...
  15. geezer88

    LCD bargraph - analog simulation

    Howdy All, Here's a code snippet that uses custom characters to create a bar graph who's length is proportional to an input variable. This example uses a 2x16 display, so I've got the analog bar on line one and the input variable in digits on line two. Since the lcd characters are created in...
  16. geezer88

    Ever worn out the memory on your picaxe?

    Not being the sharpest tool in the shed, I tend to re-program my picaxe many, many times in the course of a project. I've been using the same 18M2 for all my development, so it has been programmed hundreds of times. Have any of you old timers (in terms of picaxe experience) ever actually worn...
  17. geezer88

    Tachometer; photo input with 4bit LCD

    I've posted this in code snippets because this is working, but not finished, and won't be. However, parts may be useful to folks. The LCD code supports four bit interface. The retro-reflective photo proximity sensor uses a one transistor amplifier and a photo diode and LED from a junk inkjet...
  18. geezer88

    LCD Peculiarities

    I have been playing with a four line LCD that I picked up in a surplus store. It came with no documentation, but an online search of the sticker information turned up this: Yep, that's the one. I wired it all up and nothing...
  19. geezer88

    Break point for debugging

    While trying to figure out if my code was bad, or the LCD module I was playing with was bad, I came up with this simple way to pause a program so I can measure outputs with a volt meter to see if I was getting what I expected. All you need is one or two available IO pins. One will need to be...
  20. geezer88

    Touch input used as liquid level sensor

    Howdy PicAxe community! Thanks for helping a newcomer with several problems. Here's a little payback that may be useful to someone. I've used a 18M2 as a liquid level sensor for a water tank. I posted this in Snippets because it isn't a complete solution, and it was only tested on a plastic...