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  1. J

    My Old-School Distraction

    Going way back: I "cut my teeth" on the Intel 8048.. Does anyone else remember it??
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    What are the maximum limits of peeking/poking address in SLOTS ??

    I cut i back..Here's a condensed version..
  3. J

    What are the maximum limits of peeking/poking address in SLOTS ??

    The file was too large..& wouldn't upload.. SORRY!
  4. J

    What are the maximum limits of peeking/poking address in SLOTS ??

    Someone...probably Hippy...sent this to me a couple of years ago. Will it help?
  5. J

    PE6 Operating Manual & SERTXD hiccup

    Thank you...Buzby..
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    PE6 Operating Manual & SERTXD hiccup

    Buzby....I'm sort of a "programming novice". Just what is a......"back-to-front OS"?? Thanks...
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    SPE030 Speech Module Problem

    I used an EMIC2 TTS module to receive and speak status data from a robo car a couple years ago. Don't remember much about it. Would this work?? JimS
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    Brain hurts..anyone bored..

    Has "Fritzing" fallen from favor??
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    Best starter kit?

    Thank you!! education is now complete... JimS
  10. J

    Best starter kit?

    RNovember....I'm math is not good enough to understand what "I would be MMMMMMMMMM ". is in decimal. Please help.. Dilbert's math??? Thank you, JimS
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    Best starter kit?

    Aries..expressing the age in HEX is sort of like "putting lipstick on a pig".
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    Best starter kit?

    I've used the AXE091 Development board for several years. Purchased a mixture of Picaxe chips and other components when needed. Found that it is very versatile and well documented product
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    hell.p 20m2 pin c.7

    How do you get past having a "syntax error" with no "endif'" ? Jims
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    how control cr servo with pwm?

    Can someone help me get started with some hints on how to control a cr servo with pwm? I want to use the ultra command for range and it conflicts with the servo command. I think that I may have been here before but can't remember..Thank you, JimS
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    hoe use sertxd?

    Thank you inglewoodpete .....
  16. J

    hoe use sertxd?

    F8 key it is...Thank you.
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    hoe use sertxd?

    I haven't tried to use sertxd for quite a while and can't make it work. Running PE6 version The manual has this statement...."There is an option within View>Options>Options to automatically open the Terminal windows after a download". I can't find it, and the sertxd screen doesn't show...
  18. J

    Pulse counter

    Thank you!
  19. J

    Pulse counter it possible to simulate this in PE6? If Thank you Jim S
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    convert neg C to F

    Thank you...I'll try these responses