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    Understanding TMR3

    Hello Guru's, Just trying to appreciate exactly how to use TMR3. I wrote this basic CODE in order to understand the timer. It appears to function as I expected in the PE6 simulator. TIMER3 increments, C.1 and C.2 go HIGH accordingly. But when running on a LIVE 20X2 chip the TIMER3 value...
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    Underflow issue... Again :-(

    Hi Guru's, How to get around this resultant underflow issue? I looked around the forum, but did not find the (simple I am sure) answer. w0= 5 w1=18 w0=w0 - w1 min 0 end w0 and w1 can and do vary with reference to ADC inputs. So the desired calculation is that I would like be able to...
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    Detecting I2C READ has occurred

    Hi Guru's, This may be a silly question, I have looked around and can't seem to find what I am hoping may be available. Is there something within the PICAXE system that can 'flag' that a I2C READ has occurred? Providing CODE here would be a bit long winded and unnecessary, but the general...
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    Possible PE6 Simulator fault, or is it me?

    Hi Guru's, I am finding the SIMULATOR not operating as expected. Is it me, or is this an error in the SIMULATOR? HSerSetup B9600_8, %01 settimer t1s_8 HSerFlag=0 HserPtr=0 ptr=0 . . ...Receive three Bytes of DATA . . ptr=0 sertxd(@ptrinc," ",@ptrinc," ",@ptr,cr) 'Displays DATA as...
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    Setting multiple BITS more efficiently

    Hi Guru's Here I have a scenario in which I need to read specific BYTE's from an external LED&Keyscan matrix chip (Holtek - HT16K33), make alterations to individual BITS of the read BYTE and then write the BYTE back to the HT16K33. For understanding, there are parts of two different BYTES...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Guru's, I have researched pretty hard trying to find the clever answer to my current query. I have semi found the answer, but can't find how I can implement my values. The resolve appears to be cleverly written by the proven master of math around these parts, AllyCat (Alan) and can be...
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    Turn a WORD variable into separate BYTE variables

    Hello Guru’s, First and foremost I genuinely hope all are safe and well and are coping with the current global corona virus pandemic. PLEASE! Look after yourselves and each other during this critical time. Now that I have that out of the way... Guy/Gals, I want to display a 10bit WORD...
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    Compensating TOUCH16 values due to supply voltage variance.

    Hello. once more Guru's. Having a good go effectively at moisture detection utilizing TOUCH16. It is appearing a little trickier than I had hoped. I am looking at using TOUCH16 as a way in determining from DRY thru to SATURATED media, 100% non-contact through plastic. I 'think' I have the...
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    Bulk ordering preprogrammed PICAXE chips

    Hi All, I am wondering is it possible to forward a program to the PICAXE store and have my program written to chips at that end prior to shipment? When I say BULK, I am talking no less than x100 pcs. And maybe down the road as many as 100k pcs. per order. Kind regards, Mort.
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    Absolute certainty with SERIN/SEROUT when plugging into the circuit.

    Hello Guru's, hope you are all well. I am currently working on a project that requires one PICAXE to communicate with another when plugged into the circuit. I have my circuit working just fine and the entire system operates excellently other than initial communication not being 100% absolute...
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    Using #define in a program while trying to simulate with VSM.

    Hi there again Guru's, I am trying to simulate with VSM, however when loading a program to a PICAXE with #define in the program, I get an error: Unknown symbol. Clues? Help? Regards, Mort.
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    Incrementing to the next variable in FOR...NEXT loop.

    Hello once again Guru's. I am trying to compare variable values and want to increment to the next variable to check. Although this will obviously not work, I want to do something such as... . . . b0=120 for b1=2 to 20 if bXX=b0 then high c.4 else low c.4...
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    if bit set alternative method for use with 14M2

    Hello ALL, I have almost scratched a hole in my head thinking of how to get a similar result that comes from using IF BIT SET command referenced to a TIME variable, but with a 14M2. I am hoping to make an output HIGH if a particular bit of a TIME variable value is set and LOW if it is clear...
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    Program a PicAxe with PicAxe

    Hi All, Is it possible to program a PicAxe chip with another PicAxe chip? ie: I'd like to create a piece of hardware that would allow me to dial up certain values to be written to particular eeprom addresses in a secondary PicAxe chip along with the main program so that no computer was...
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    WORD variables in Serial Terminal Simulation

    Hi everyone, Yet again I feel stupid not being able to workout how to operate something simple. I am trying to test some code with the simulator in PE6. My code... blah blah blah SERIN C.3,N4800,W1 Serial Terminal Simulation window pops up when it hits my SERIN line and now I want to have...
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    Symbolize a qualifier

    Hi Guys/Gals, I have looked high & low for the answer to this (pretty silly) question everywhere online and have not found the definite answer. In advance, I think the answer is a very blunt NO! But I would just like to clarify it here. I'd like to somehow symbolize a qualifier something like...
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    RF Links - Looking for TIPS and HINTS from the forum Guru's.

    Hi All, Unusually today I am not posting CODE that I am trying to work out what I have or have not done correctly. Instead I am hopeful of getting some suggested hints and tips regarding PICAXE RF linking from The Guru's I know are here :-) I have used these transceivers with PICAXE in the...
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    Reprogramming PICAXE with USB stick - ie FIRMWARE UPDATE

    Hi ALL, Hoping to hear from the TOP guru's for this question. I am toying with the idea of making an interface for the purpose of updating/reprogramming PICAXE chips with a USB memory stick. EG. I build a product with a PICAXE as the brains... Ultimately multiple PICAXE chips. Under normal...
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    Hello resident PICAXE experts, I seem to be misunderstanding the operations of HSERSETUP and associated commands. I thought I understood it, but I must be wrong. Only problem is, the below code all seems to function fine in the editor's simulator, but in circuit it fails. Two identical...
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    Trouble with inter picaxe communications SERIN/SEROUT

    Hello All, I am attempting to communicate between multiple picaxe chips using SERIN/SEROUT with command confirmations. Following the code below I can tell you that C.7 on the Master Control Chip (28X2) successfully goes HIGH if I communicate with only 2 other chips. When I get to the 3rd, the...