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    Ethernet Cable?

    Ethernet cable advice. Not Picaxe, but I trust the experts on this Forum. My Internet speed varies during the day from ~11 Mbps downwards to ~ 3 Mbps I bought a cheapish category 6 10 Metre ethernet cable and tested two Win 10 computers Wireless on, then Wireless off and Ethernet. The...
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    O tempora O mores

    O Tempora O mores. Amazing how strange times encourage other thoughts. I found an old post of mine from 11 years ago. Then, amazingly, I have found two touch screens!! ** See post #3 for correction **** One “naked”, and the other...
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    Windows 7 alternative?

    I have used Windows 7 for years and am happy with it. But it will very soon disappear. : -( I have a PC with Windows 10 which I do NOT like. I also own a Mac. Question. What can I use instead of W7 which is 1. Easy to install. 2. Reasonably easy to operate. 3. Can run PICAXE. I've...
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    BBC Micro redux

    Probably just for Brits, but, who knows Happy days. : -) e
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    attach test

    Testing attachments
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    Lowe receiver interface.

    Not quite OT I own an ancient and faded Lowe HF-225 (bought new c.1991) and a "new" s/h HF-150, received today. I own two AXE027 cables (schematic at the end of the pdf). I've tried both receivers with the HF-150 program...
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    Time Test.

    The time on my Radio Receiver clock is 17.11
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    Computer test

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    Just "found" this on the BBC news site. Just for interest, or, someone might even try building a PICAXE version. e
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    Rapidonline Sensor examples.

    I've just "found" this, browsing the Rapidonline site. It might be useful to someone. e
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    Nestbox camera power supply.

    I've just bought a 2.4G Nestbox camera. On the bench, all seems to work OK. The receiver is mains powered, so no problems next to my computer. The transmitter needs 8 volts, but, I cannot run a permanent mains lead to the proposed nestbox site. (about 10 metres, L.O.S). And, I do not want a...
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    OT. Rocket science.. Sort of, for Brits.

    I'm sure that the Rocket folk have seen it, but for the rest of us: e
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    Uncle Ec's travels.

    Uncle Ec's on his travels. We'll be moving soon, and will be travelling light. Everything here is being sorted into three piles: Take, tip and give-away. If any schoolteacher, or other "deserving" group is interested in assorted electronic and PICAXE bits, please PM.
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    Useful site for browsing?

    Wandering round old Forum posts, (It's too cold and rainy to go out : -) I found this site: PICAXE gets several mentions btw. It might be useful for browsing? e
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    just posting some tests
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    A Heron ate my fish.

    Short version. Saturday, very early, a Heron (I assume) ate 3 of the 5 goldfish from my newish 3m x 4m garden pond. I've covered the pond, using "bean-netting" (6" mesh), but it looks ugly. Two questions. 1. A recommendation for a "trail" or "wildlife" camera which will help establish...
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    Tea alarm?

    Possibly OT, and definitely whimsical, but .. How about some suggestions for a Picaxe controlled tea-temperature alarm? See from ~ minute 36. e
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    More Continent cut off. Another possibly interesting programme? Just adopt a laid-back approach to the Meeja verbal presentation. Look at the pictures and ideas instead. :-) e
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    BIG model glider. Moderately OT.

    Probably only for 10 year old Brits, of all ages ~20 minutes in for the possibly PICAXEable bits. e (Want one for Christmas)
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    OT: history freaks forum. I wonder how many tasks the PICAXE could have sorted? Stands back and waits for floods of memories. :-) e O tempora o mores! ;-)