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  1. hippy

    Using MaxSonar EZ1

    That is correct, written out with brackets to show the left to right implicit precedence ... w4 = ( ( ( b1 * 10 ) + b2 ) * 10 ) + b3
  2. hippy

    Single push button activation

    Having read other threads on the nature of this metronome, if you want reasonably accurate timing and don't care if the inter-breath period is momentarily truncated when the button is pushed; this should do the job. AGain, untested on real hardware - #Picaxe 08M2 #No_Data Symbol reserveW0...
  3. hippy

    Metronome First sub code reduces volume output

    It is odd because the sound pin will simply be putting out a high and low pulsed signal which will swing between +V to 0V. There's nothing I could see with the code which would cause the result which you are experiencing. I would suspect that, including because it was okay before adding any...
  4. hippy

    Single push button activation

    It is going to be quite tricky having perfect timing and responsive button pushing. This is possibly a good start, untested on actual hardware - #Picaxe 08M2 #No_Data Symbol reserveW0 = w0 ; b1:b0 Symbol interBreathPeriod = w1 ; b3:b2 Symbol breathPeriodSelect = b4 Symbol...
  5. hippy

    VL53L0X Time of Flight sensor

    BaldwinK managed to reduce his VL530L0X code down to just a few I2C interactions here -
  6. hippy

    Using voltage to trigger an input pin

    It would help if you could detail how many outputs there are and exactly what you mean by "reverses polarity". If there are two outputs per motor which show 0V/6V one way, 6V/0V the other way, and 0V/0V or 6V/6V when stopped, you should be able to read those as digital inputs to a PICAXE purely...
  7. hippy

    Turn off multiple tasks

    While the use of separate tasks per LED and button is entirely valid, my inclination is to refactor that so it can all be done as a single task within a timed loop - #Picaxe 20M2 #No_Data symbol V_med = 5200 ;long wires symbol pause1 = 300 #Macro Check( wVar, touchPin, ledPin ) w0 = wVar &...
  8. hippy

    Getting AXE027 working

    Sounds like the 08M's might just need a Hard Reset download to get them to work. They possibly have some old code in them preventing download being seen.
  9. hippy

    20M2 MQTT node with ESP8266 ESP-01 running Annex (and PCB)

    Looks like a good start. The only thing which probably needs improving is the means of passing messages from the ESP to PICAXE, because Sod's Law will have it that a message arrives just as the SERIN times out and gets missed. Or a second message arrives while handling the first or doing...
  10. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    I don't think it does require SLIP because that would require a full TCP/UDP stack in the microcontroller. SLIP is just a means of getting a raw TCP/UDP packet from one thing to another via serial. And that would be at odds with esp-link's claim to offer high-level functionality; one can't get...
  11. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    But, let's be honest; that's mostly wanting Rev-Ed to do what people don't want to do themselves, would prefer not to have to figure out how to. Here's a solution which works for a Raspberry Pi, Linux, Windows or Mac PC. Connect a PICAXE to a UART, or via an AXE027 or other USB-to-serial...
  12. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    Rather than a complete ThingSpeak server installed locally, a more lightweight server can act as a bridge which presents itself as ThingSpeak would but instead publishes to MQTT. That should only be a couple of dozen lines of code.
  13. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    MQTT is easy enough on a Raspberry Pi, as the broker, and for publishing and subscribing, and just a dozen lines to do both using the 'paho-mqtt' library for Python 2 or 3. It would be easy enough to have that sending serial data to a PICAXE with handshaking and pacing, and/or taking serial...
  14. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    Possibly. Getting data to the MQTT broker is pretty much the same as publishing to ThingSpeak; "This is my topic, this is its data". Simple as that. But I don't know enough about MQTT to be able to say "and that's it". I imagine it might be for something which is just a publisher, but there may...
  15. hippy

    Where's the Wizard ?

    I don't think Rev-Ed have ever been shy about admitting PICAXE's big advantage is ease of use, which comes with some limitations, or that other things may well be better for specific tasks. I would of course suggest 'PICAXE plus something else as a smart peripheral for the PICAXE' but it does...
  16. hippy

    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    It should be possible, but probably not through AT commands. You would likely need to use some other language which can support MQTT and then code the part which interfaces between PICAXE and the internal library functions. Not sure which language would be best but I would imagine something...
  17. hippy

    Difference Between L293D and L298N Motor Driver

    Seems to be spam but I left it with links removed because it's technically useful information.
  18. hippy

    FM Tuner TEA5767 selecting Frequency

    Belatedly, checking for overflow ... w0 + 46964 >= 65536 w0 >= 65536 - 46964 w0 >= 18572 So applying successive optimisations ... w1 = b0 * 10 + b1 ** 50000 + 1 * 16 w0 = b0 * 10 + b1 * 50000 + 46964 If w0 >= 18572 Then w1 = w1 + 16 End If w0 = w0 / 4096 + w1 w1 = 0...
  19. hippy

    Choice of Display module.

    That's probably the best way; use a 20X2 for development then split into two slots for the 20M2. In practice there are very few differences with the X2 which would trip you up when switching to an M2. Appreciating you might not want to; it is arguably easier and better to just move to a 20X2...
  20. hippy

    trouble installing axe027 on Windows 10

    First thing for a "hardware not found" error is to go for a Hard Reset, power-cycling of the PICAXE, download. That's usually the solution, especially if download has been working before.