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    how control cr servo with pwm?

    Can someone help me get started with some hints on how to control a cr servo with pwm? I want to use the ultra command for range and it conflicts with the servo command. I think that I may have been here before but can't remember..Thank you, JimS
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    hoe use sertxd?

    I haven't tried to use sertxd for quite a while and can't make it work. Running PE6 version The manual has this statement...."There is an option within View>Options>Options to automatically open the Terminal windows after a download". I can't find it, and the sertxd screen doesn't show...
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    convert neg C to F

    I've been here before but can't find/remember how to convert negative C reading from a DS18b20 module to F. Will appreciate any help. Thanks...JimS
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    Control bi-color LED w/ single pin

    Picaxe Manual 3, page 9 shows a method to control a bi-color LED using 2 Picaxe pins. I have a project where I control a bi-color LED (red/green/off) using a single pin. With this set-up, the pin draws these currents (red: 2.6 4.3 mA...OFF: mA) as measured with my meter...
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    use min/max with inc or dec

    I find that it would be useful for me to be able to use min or max with the inc and dec commands. Any possibility to allow this?? Thank you, JimS example:' dec b0 min 45 'Fails syntex check. let b0=b0 -1 min 45 'Passes syntex check.
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    20m2 slot size?

    Does each of the 20m2 slots have 2048 bytes (total of 4096 bytes in the chip)? Thank you, JimS
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    How use shift left << ?

    How should I use the "shift left << " instead of divide by 2 in this routine?? I've tried many different statements without success. Thank you, JimS symbol pause_rate = 500 #picaxe 18m2 pause 1000 let dirsB = %11111111 ; 7,0,1 as outputs Main: do let w1=%10000000 do let pinsB...
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    interrupt in parallel processing??

    I have been trying to figure out how I could write code to cause an interrupt when parallel processing on a 20M2? Would like to use irin going low with a TV clicker. Any hints to help me?? thank you JimS
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    ERF xmit on power-up

    I have 2 ERF modules. one connected to a 20X2, and the other connected to a 20M2. It seems that when an ERF is powered-up it transmits. I am using these routines and can see the rcv data on the serial terminal. Is this normal? Can it be prevented? Thank you, JimS EDIT...probably a good reason to...
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    set erf to N4800

    I have 2 ERF modules that I want to drive at N4800.. Will be driving one with a 20M2 and the other with a 20x2. The documentation says that ERF will always be N9600 after a power-up cycle. Can I change this so they will always be N4800 after a power-up sequence? I've done searches on the FORUM...
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    unpin code explorer

    Just did something ???? and I can't unpin the code explorer box. Using PE6. Been here before but can't remember how I got out of it. Any help?? Thank you, JimS
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    picaxe forum on iphone?

    Is there an app available that I can use to see the Picaxe forum on my iphone? Thank you, JimS
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    practice soldering SMD?

    Is there a recommended type of board (????) to use for practicing soldering SMD cmponents. I've never used these SMD devices and I want to see if my "old timer" skills are up to it. Thank you JimS
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    5vdc LEDs

    Do any of you folks on the FORUM know of source for LEDs with built in a resistor so they can be run directly from a PICAXE output? I'm looking for red, green, yellow and R/G LEDS. Thank you JimS
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    list of internet acronyms

    I'm an "old timer" who is not familiar with some of the internet acronyms used on this FORUM. Went to GOOGLE and found a list of popular acronyms used in texting and on the internet. Thought that this site may help other who are in the same boat with me....JimS...
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    printable line follower track.

    FYI....I found this site that has templates for making printable line follower track (prints on my PC printer). It works very nicely with my line follower robocar using the OPTEK OPB606A IR SENSORS mounted about 1/4 inch above the track.. JimS
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    What is different?

    Using this example...I can't figure out why inc with a "max" doesn't work: These work OK: let b2 = b2 inc b2 let b2 = b2 + 1 let b2 = b2 + 1 max 10 This doesn't work: Gives a "syntax error". inc b2 max 10 I'm running PE6 V Any help? Thank you JimS
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    what is this PE6 message?

    I sometimes get this error message when trying to download code to my 20m2 chips..."Firmware >= C3 'idle high' modes not supported by this firmware version". If I close PE6, and reopen it, I can then download the program to the same chip OK. Chip is (version 114C3Y). I've seen this with 2...
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    FORUM posting size???

    I have small program (607 bytes) that I want to post on the FORUM. It is heavily commented and exceeds the limit allowed. What is the best/preferred way to post it??? Thank you, JimS
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    IF THEN commands

    These two commands are very helpful when programming a Picaxe chip with PE6. If .... Then GOTO.... and If....Then GOSUB.... Many times I find it would be helpful if there was a, IF....Then MACRO.... (to perform a macro). Is this something that could be added to a future update to the...