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    Cell phone backup battery - useful gadget

    I was at a trade show recently, and one of the booths was giving away cell phone backup battery packs with the company name on them. These are a useful gadget for use with a microcontroller! They have one or more 18650 batteries in a case; you charge them up via USB and then they put out a...
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    serout - Format question

    I can't find this answer in Manual 2 on the Serout command. I'm working with the Tenda TDB830 module and moving my code from the 08M to the 08M2. How do you format the serout command to send a hex string? Is it just: Serout C.0,T4800,(0xEF) 'Stop Tenda module Jeff
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    What's the best wall wart to use with a Picaxe?

    I have a project that I want to set up in a situation where it will run all day, for at least two days in a row. It's got a Picaxe 08M and one of the Tenda MP3 boards, powered from the Picaxe. I don't think that AA batteries will make it all the way through, and I don't want to get a frantic...
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    PE6 debug - How to change frequency?

    There's a feature in PE5 that I can't find in PE6. It's the "Debug frequency" setting. In PE5, when the debug window pops up, I can set the frequency to 8mhz if I need it. Where is this in PE6?
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    OT: New methods of making circuit boards at home
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    OT: Analysis of fake FTDI chips

    There have been discussions here in the past about fake chips being sold as the real thing. Here's a good analysis of fake FTDI chips and how they differ.
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    Off-Topic: Find schematics, etc. for electronic devices sold in the US

    Check out this Instructable on how to look up the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) info on an electronic device certified for sale in the US: Could be very useful for projects where you want to control a...
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    3D Print A Solderless Circuit Board

    There was a link on Adafruit's blog to this Instructable, which uses a Picaxe 08M in a 3D printed circuit board: It's a rather inspirational project that should get a lot of gears turning in people's heads.
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    Which 433mhz module to order?

    I'm starting to look at remote control, and since the 433mhz modules are so inexpensive, I figure I'd get one to experiment with. But is there a difference? Which one should I order?
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    Coding question: Two switches, four states

    I've been trying to figure out what approach to take to select one of four states with two switches. In other words: Switch 1 off, Switch 2 off = State 0 Switch 1 on, Switch 2 off = State 1 Switch 1 on, Switch 2 on = State 2 Switch 1 off, Switch 2 on = State 3 You would set the switches and...
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    Telephone ringer circuit

    I was looking into a telephone ringer circuit and found the following post on another message board: (Scroll down to post #5.) Unfortunately, the poster didn't supply his schematic or code...
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    How can you get a lot of PWM pins to fade many LEDs?

    I'm looking into a project with a friend that would have about 12 LEDs fade up & down independently. LED #1 would fade up, and as it fades down, LED #2 would fade up, and so on down the chain until the end, when the process would loop back to the start. From looking in the manuals, even the...
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    3 pins - six LEDs?

    I was looking at a Velleman kit, the MK173, which is a variation of the "Knight Rider" effect. What's interesting to me is that it uses three pins to control six LEDs. What's this technique? Original is in this PDF:
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    How do I make this code more responsive?

    I'm starting a new project and have a short bit of code that I'd like to be more responsive. An 08M should blink a series of three LEDs while waiting for a button to be pressed. When it's pressed it will then trigger an MP3 (played via the Tenda MP3 board) and change the pattern of blinking...
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    Sketch, simulate, and share schematics with a browser tool

    A new tool launched recently which allows you to sketch and simulate simple circuits in a browser, so it works on Windows, Mac and Unix. Take a look: It's the project of two EEs that have made it free to use. Could be good for sketching quick circuits and posting...
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    Coding question - reset in one of two scenarios

    I have a Halloween display, powered by an 08M, that's up and running just fine. However, there's a scenario that I'd like to prevent. The display is triggered by a PIR and is currently designed to be stopped by hitting a button (this is done by the Halloween tour guide). What happens if it...
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    Debug window - open set to frequency specified in code?

    The title says it all. Can the debug window open to the same frequency set in the code? For example, I have a program on the 08M running at 8mhz. When the debug window opens, it's at 4mhz and I have to click the drop-down and change it...every single time. Is there something I'm missing here?
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    Counterfeit parts - background

    There's been some discussion here on the board about getting USB connectors with counterfeit parts, specifically Prolific chipsets. I just read a blog post where an engineer discussed how his company was sold counterfeit parts and how it affected them. It's worth reading to understand how this...
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    PicAxe project on cover of MAKE Magazine #26

    I got my copy of the current issue of MAKE Magazine, and it turns out there's a PicAxe project on the cover (in the upper-right corner). It's called "Luna Mod" and is a mini synthesizer built by a musician, using an 08M. You can find videos of it on YouTube, he uses it to...