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    hserflag vs hserinflag

    I'm getting confused about hardware serial. Specifically, the difference between hserflag and hserinflag. hserflag: is bit 5 of the flags byte signifying, when set, that a background receive has occured, as per p 228 of the (latest) 2015 manual2: "Name Special function...
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    nested directives?

    a quick question for those familiar with pre-processor directives: Does nesting work? for example, which directive is ended first in this example: #ifdef A #ifdef B .. code #endif '1 .. code #endif '2 Does #endif 1 close #ifdef B (as I hope) or #ifdef A (as might explain something). I...
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    Hsersetup problem

    Just checking, but I'm having problems with hardware serial on an 08M2+. Is there any reason why Hsersetup might hang with firmware v4.A? Processing just stops. It works in the simulator.
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    MQTT - picaxe transactions?

    Having now nailed simple picaxe to Thingspeak comms I'm wondering if I could talk picaxe/ESP-01 to an mqtt server. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of this? A protocol designed for satcoms telemetry ought to be simple enough for a picaxe, I would have thought.
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    Another Firefly project, this time AXE901-based

    This is an attempt to create a synchronising firefly. It isn't the first time someone has done this, of course. But this version repurposes some very cheap hardware, which may be of interest. Some varieties of firefly beetle will synchronise their flashing, as a means to attract a mate. It is...
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    picaxe08 readadc

    Small question, but I have failed to find the answer: What is the range of values readable on an 08 (yes, not an 08M etc.) by readadc? I was expecting the range to be 0-255 but that doesn't seem to be the case. The pin is looking at the junction of a 10k pulldown and a photo transistor/BC547...
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    forum certificate expired?

    My browser is telling me that the certificate for the forum has expired! I could only get in by agreeing to access despite the risks. The expiry date reported was today, presumably in the last few minutes as I posted something earlier without trouble.
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    Household lighting controller

    This entry (under construction) describes a Picaxe-controlled led lighting controller for household 12v led lighting. It originated with a desire to replace MR16 halogen lamps in the kitchen, at a time when redecoration was contemplated. It was created originally in 2004, when the range of led...
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    unprocessible command found in simulate.processnextline - do_a

    Any idea what this means? Seen when starting to simulate. 'do_a' does not appear in the code, which runs with no issues on a real 40X2. PE6.0.9.3
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    PE6 persistent memory window

    Simple question: how to get rid of the memory window in PE6? It has no close button and insists on staying on top. I forget how I opened it (by accident) and now I can't get rid of it. Presumably the solution is trivial but I can't find it. thanks!
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    PE6 pdf font

    Is there any way to change the font of the pdfs created by PE6? Although the header and footer are in a miniscule font, the code is in something like 14point with a wide line spacing. This means that a 1000-line program, such as I am currently working on, takes 20 pages. Apart from being...
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    help requested with AD9833 DDS interface

    If anyone has experience of the AD9833 or AD9837 DDS chip then I should be grateful for a little help. In principal, this chip can provide sine, square wave, and sawtooth signals at any frequency below 12.5MHz, and is simple to control from a microcontroller. But I am having problems and am...
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    Successfully running PE5 under Linux/Wine

    This is a summary of what I had to do to get this to work, reported here to capture it and perhaps make life a bit easier for others. It is a follow-on from discussion (OT) in another thread. Though PE5 is 'obsolete' it still works well in most cases and is far lighter than the PE6 IDE. So...
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    DAC linearity

    I'm just getting back into some Picaxe work after a long break doing other stuff. My first problem is to generate a sine wave. I want to be able to vary the frequency so prefer not to have to do too much filtering as with pwm, so I'm trying out the DAC capability for the first time. But in...
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    Picaxe driver for tft graphics displays /3

    This shows the 5 x 8 font, available in six sizes, with each font pixel being 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, or 32x32 display pixels. Intermediate sizes could perhaps be added later. The larger sizes aren't that useful on this screen resolution but might be in future on higher-res screens. The font...
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    Picaxe driver for tft graphics displays /2

    This is the display showing a rudimentary graph ..and acting as a voltmeter/ammeter display Still to come: source code for the driver and the host, a schematic for the driver, and the command set explanation.
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    Picaxe driver for tft graphics displays

    I have just completed and am currently refining a driver program for the little 320 x 240 tft graphics displays available for a few pounds. I will be posting pictures, code and user instructions on this blog as and when I am satisfied with them. The pictures are test displays from the...
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    scratchpad use with slots

    I'm trying to load a lot of data into the scratchpad. Currently I do that from a separate eeprom, but would like to avoid the complication of the eeprom. As there is much unused space in slots in the 28X2 I am using, I'm wondering if I can load the scratchpad from one slot using PUT, and access...
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    background serial corrupt bytes

    Is there any reason why the first two bytes received in the background after a reset might be corrupted? I have an 08M2 sending serial to a 28X2. The 08M2 sends high HO_serial pause 10 'high required for T polarity serout HO_serial,T2400_4, ("Time:",#B_hrs,":",#B_mins,":",#B_secs,eot) eot...
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    use of DO:LOOP and EXIT

    The exit command is a useful way of making the flow of code very clear, but it only works with DO or FOR loops. But it may not have occurred to you that you can in fact use it instead of downward pointing gotos, in any code that has a straight line path. Just implement a single-shot DO loop...