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  1. FunFlyer

    SIMPLE communication between to 08M2 chips

    I want one of the chips to generate a signal with 8 pulses between 0.8 and 1.4 ms and a pause of 0.4ms in between. A ninth pulse is added to complete a frame of 25ms. I got this running when the chip is set to 32Mhz and a constant pulselength of 1.1ms is used. It´s all done by "PULSEOUT" and...
  2. FunFlyer

    Implementing SRXL Protocol in a Picaxe

    I´m Into radio controlled Modellboats. All my radioequipment is from MULTIPLEX. For a couple of years now they offer serial communication between receivers and anything connected to them, e.g. servos. The specification is readily available (Secification in german and english). If I can get the...