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    PCB Scope missing Position/Level control

    My DPScope SE scope was working perfectly until recently when all 3 (CH1,Ch2,Trig) the position /level adjustment sliders disappeared. I have tried several reboots, uninstalling and installing the software from RevEd and also tried the software on the DPScope site but all to no avail. Does...
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    OSC001 DPScope DC offset

    I have just installed the scope but seem to have some DC offsets. With CH1 shorted to the adjacent ground pin I get 392mV DC and with CH2 shorted 598mV. (open circuit , just the bare board nothing connected except the USB lead CH1 is 2.32V and CH2 1.97V). The schematic shows adjustable...
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    Programming Editor - Run without administration rights - from flash ?

    I have a new laptop with windows 7 provided by my employer. They now have a policy of not allowing employees to load their own software. This is a nuisance for people like me who travel for long periods as maybe I will have to buy, carry, and insure a second laptop for personal use. As...
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    Useful UK Supplier

    This company is worth a look for small orders. Very friendly and excellent pricing as I got a couple of LDO 3V (LP2950CZ3.0) regulators delivered for total of £2,50 I was unable to find these anywhere else at anywhere remotely near this price. Best Regards Dennis
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    HSerSetUp Background Receive

    I have a multiplexed 4 digit 7seg LED display direct driven by a 20X2 at 64MHz. It is flicker free apart from a single brief black out when updating with new values. The updating takes place via Serin at 9800 Baud from an 08M and the interrupt routine seems to cause the flicker. Is it...
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    Understanding NOB Number of Bits

    Manual 2 page 24 explains that the NOB operator counts the number of bits set. I have the simulator set to 20X2 and just get 15 for b2 and b3 below instead of the expected 4 main: b1=%10000111 b2=NOB b1 b3=NOB %11110000 goto main Is this a bug or another of my gross errors ! Dennis
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    433 MHz Data Sheet Supply Voltage

    I am planning to use the RT4 -433 AM transmitter from RF solutions (standard one that used to be sold by Maplin). The data sheet covers several modules so I have highlighted in yellow the one I have. The supply voltage is stated as 2 to 14 V. That´s fine but what I need to know is if the...
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    Toothbrush induction charger

    These could be useful for lower power Picaxe projects. I wound a coil on a simple plastic former to drop over the Braun charger. (wire diameter 0.25mm coil resistance 8 ohm ). The coil AC is rectified with 4 standard diodes in the usual bridge layout. The DC output is about equivalent to a...
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    Quartz clock motor reversible

    The standard quartz clock motor seems to be some sort of stepper but with only one coil. The rotor has a single north south permanent magnet in it and the coil is briefly pulsed with polarity reversed on alternate pulses. So in that sense it is a bit like driving one coil of a bipolar stepper...
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    Timing Pulses over a wide range

    I have an LDR detecting electricity meter LED flashes (one flash every 1Wh cosumed). The LDR is in a voltage divider set up with a 57K resistor and the mid point goes to an 08M. This set up seems immune to daylight and detects flashes without problem. Each time the 08M detects a flash it...
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    Programming Editor keyboard Shortcuts

    Could a list of keyboard shortcuts be added to one of the manuals as well as a bit more instruction on how to use the editor ? For instance the collapse blocks facility is excellent but not os easy to find information on. Alternatively maybe a separate datasheet could be issued...
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    Solar Dancing Flower

    A friend has one of these solar powered dancing flowers similar to the one in the bottom right of The solar panel is only 10mm by 21mm and yet the motion is quite energetic even inside in normal daylight on a cloudy autumn day (UK). The motion is...
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    Terminal window baud rate

    For the next software release could the terminal window have an additional baud rate to support operation at 20MHz ?  
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    Timer maths 28X1

    I have been having trouble understanding the timer maths. I would like the timer to count in milliseconds at 8 MHz. At 8Mhz a minor tick takes 32us so 1ms would need 1000/31 or 31,25 mnor ticks. So compromising on 31 ticks should give 0.992 ms which is good enough. So the preload value should...
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    Simple datalogging

    Just wanted to sat thanks to Hippy and Craigcurtan for their suggestions in the last forum. Some tests this evening (with a stopwatch) showed that :- sertxd without use of # takes a constant time each time round the loop which can be allowed for. The time did not vary if the download cable was...
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    Simple datalogging

    I am working on a sailboat autopilot using a 28X1 and with a CMPS03 I2C Compass. In Pseudo code my program looks like this :- ' wait for auto button to be pressed ' make set point equal to current compass reading ' ############### 'auto_loop: 'start timer 'get compass reading and turn rate from...
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    For - next simulation problem

    Using v 5.1 and the 28x1 I cant get a for next loop to simulate as the code seems to stop at next b1. <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'>'for next simulator test main: for b1=1to 10 sertxd(#b1,13,10) next b1 </font></pre></code> Is this my mistake os should I make a bug report ?  
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    <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'>'for next simulator test main: for b1=1to 10 sertxd(#b1,13,10) next b1[\code] </font></pre></code>  
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    simulation timer

    I find that settimer tls_4 generates anerror with the simulator (settimer 54000 runs fine  
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