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    Picaxe Programmer Wanted

    The upwork job posting is here
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    Picaxe Programmer Wanted

    Hi, I have a commercial brewery that uses a picaxe 40x2 to control it with 3 x 14m2 satelite picaxe chips that monitor the volume and tempterature of each of 3 tanks. the 14M2 chips serout to the main chip which then controls Solid State Relays etc. It has worked well for 6 years but we will be...
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    Rotary encoder read/write

    Hi, I have a rotary encoder and used some code from Hippy and some other posts that works well apart from 2 points below. The code will be used to set 2 values for a program to refer to. It is for my brewery where two temperatures are preset by the user. I'm using a picaxe 40x2 and a 4...
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    Flow meter using 2 interupts and pulses

    Hi, I have a beer bottle filler with a beverage flow meter and a valve to start and stop flow of beer into the bottle. The beer flow stops when the correct volume of beer has passed through the flow meter. When a "programming" switch is cosed on power up the beer valve opens there is a setint...