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    axe133y oled display kit

    I have recently purchased the axe133y oled display kit, have put it together, the oled display displays the default picaxe www oled massage when it powers up, I have 100% successful communication with the 18m2 adaptor board on the rear of the oled board, I have tried the test picaxe program code...
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    picaxe to lcd displays

    reading other peoples threads for hassles getting picaxes to work with common lcds, i note that back in june 1,2008, member westaust55 moderator, wrote the following: "The picaxe manual has the wrong connections for the data pins ,( they are back to front ).. This has been raised by others in...
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    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    is there any circuit diagram and code listing available on the internet or revolution education website that makes interfacing between a picaxe device and any common lcd display successful , otherwise its not possible!!
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    writing info to satisfy inputs into an lcd display

    do lcd displays work similar to a 4516 , you load bcd into the load input pins , take a pin high or low, and then the 4516 counts up or down from the loaded value, in other words does an lcd accept bcd data into either 4 or 8 inputs, then write/load data by taking another pin of the lcd high or...
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    picaxe to lcd interface and programming

    is there anyone on the picaxe forum that has a DEFINITE,WILL WORK schematic diagram of a picaxe interfaced to an lcd display module , 16 x 2 character type, hitachi 44780 or its common equivalent, and also programming code, because as yet no one but no one has come up with a picaxe to lcd...
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    emailing to the forum

    How is it possible,surely it is, to email photos and also flowcharts onto the forum for others to view?
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    picaxe 1khz squarewave generation

    can any of the picaxes be programmed to give any squarewave,50% duty cycle, at any frequency between 500 hz and 2500 hz?can anyone give any examples please.
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    picaxe forum over the xmas/new year period

    When is the picaxe forum operating over the xmas break?
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    which is the best picaxe to use for connecting to an lcd

    Which is the best picaxe to use to connect to and program an lcd display unit?
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    connecting and programming lcd displays connected to a picaxe 18m

    I have followed the instructions in the help files of pe6 to the letter of how to connect and program lcd displays with a picaxe 18m, but it doesnt work, keeps hiccupping on syntax errors, even before downloading to the picaxe 18m.. Has anyone been successful at connecting and programming an...
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    printing of flowchart diagrams

    wanting to printout the flowchart diagrams, but my toshiba laptop running pe6 wont allow printing , comes up with font error message, not sure what that means, if it does print, most segments of the flowchart is missing from the printed page.. I have absolutely no problem with printing anything...
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    not able to print flowcharts from my computer

    My printer wont print the flowcharts from my Toshiba laptop properly, it will print parts of the flowchart diagrams but not all of the flowchart diagrams, parts of the diagrams missing,.. my printer and laptop does not have any other issue with printing on any other program , be it picaxe...
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    how do i program to count a number of pulses then give an output

    I would like to program a picaxe to count,say 10 pulses, be it a second long,a second in between pulses, then once say 10 pulses are counted, then give or change a status on an output, then have the picaxe continue on with other stuff, also is it possible to program a picaxe to have an output...
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    programming inputs of a picaxe 28x1, to AND 2 or more inputs b4 enabling an output

    How do I go about programming a picaxe28x2 for ANDing 2 or more inputs before enabling allowing an output/s using preferably the flowchart platform.. Also what would be stopping my printer from properly printing out the flowchart diagrams.. at the moment the resulted printout leaves gaps etc in...
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    AND inputs

    how do i program a picaxe such that i can get an output when 2 or more inputs have to ANDed together before allowing an output, can anyone provide examples of codes relating to this programming function type?
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    peter howarth

    problems with getting '"free"" logicator software to run on a toshiba satellite L650 laptop computer or a hewlett packard compaq cq3000 series cq3420an desktop computer with windows premium 7 operating system.. the logicator simply will not run on either machine, has picaxe in the uk absolutely...
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    PH Test

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    general question

    not sure what is meant by title above, anyway, how can I send a schematic / circuit diagram to rev-ed , to better explain what I would like to achieve using a picaxe device, versus the method I am using at the moment , which is about a dozen 4000 series cmos devices to do sequential and output...