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    sorry to see your farewell premelec, you were the first person to comment on my first project, thank you for the encouragement and for everything you've given here.
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    Max7219 module as whirlpool timer

    Here's a project I completed recently that has made use of several things I've learnt about as it progressed... It's a handheld timer that counts down from 9 and displays a whirlpool animation after reaching zero. My nephew is fascinated by whirlpools and by the countdown timer on my phone so I...
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    28x2 MPPT Success, 50v 35amp ,2.1Kw Panels

    Hi PiCaxeDB Have you been able to use your Pi4 to programme your Picaxe? I have been using a painfully ancient windows laptop but was thinking of getting a Pi4 to do my Picaxing on. But I noticed the AXE027 cable driver is listed as available for 64 bit linux and I think the Pi runs 32 bit Linux...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    Alan: I edited the gif on a windows 10 machine using "Paint 3D", I'd never heard of it before, I don't know if it can do transparent layers. My Pebble's "Save or Load" window also describes this socket as TERMINAL_1332 so I guess you haven't corrupted it.
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    To fix my transposed programme socket I managed to simply replace the gif file ...\PEBBLE\images\terminal_134.gif with a modified version. No edit needed to the P_for_xx.html files. I've attached the modified gif below in case others want to do the same. westaust55 I hope you don't mind this...
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    Increasing Piezo Volume

    On a recent project I found my piezo passive transducer output a bit quiet too. I did 2 things to squeeze a bit more volume out... A bit of electrical tape stuck over the sounder hole - I suppose this changed the resonance A 10uF capacitor in series with the sounder made an discernable...
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    I recently completed my first picaxe project and found PEBBLE invaluable, and refreshingly simple to use too. one thing that caught me out for a while: I think there is a typo on PEBBLE's (v 3.1) programmer socket pin description but only in the orientation shown in the image attached, where SI...
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    Test some BB Codes

    Test how to paste code... main: for a = 1 to 255 sound C.2, a, 50 next a goto main and text appears normal again after code block.
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    Beer Brewing Thermometer

    here's the photo. It took me a while to work out how to upload it.
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    Beer Brewing Thermometer

    I too am a home brewer so I made a version of this as my first proper Picaxe project (this is my first post). I keep my mashing beer warm in the oven so I modified the functionality to sound alarms (piezo) if the temperature is either too high or too low. I then have to adjust the oven temp to...