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  1. Hemi345

    Code for mini bipolar steppers?

    You are using an audio amplifier IC to drive the little stepper motor? Sorry to derail the thread... I just built a IoT clock/radio with one of those ICs so I was curious how you were using it to drive a stepper.
  2. Hemi345

    Hsersetup problem

    I ran into the same issue just the other day thinking my program had hung when using HSERSETUP on a 14M2. I've used it many times before on 20X2 and 28X2, but always use sertxd to help explain in the terminal what the program is doing. Now I just issue a HSERSETUP OFF before I want to sertxd...
  3. Hemi345

    EEPROM storage on OLED

    What Aries proposed above does work. I did that just a few days ago on a 20M2 with a simple program like the following code: #picaxe 20m2 #slot 1 write 0,20,45,0,100 Run 0 Make sure to include "run 0" at the end or power cycle the PICAXE after programming is complete. For whatever reason...
  4. Hemi345

    SK6812RGBW (Smart RGBW LEDs) and Picaxe 14M2

    I don't have any experience with these, but I'd probably try using the pulsout command. Actually on a second look, even an X2 PICAXE might not be fast enough to control these at 64Mhz. 32MHz 1.25us unit 64MHz 0.625us unit
  5. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    Great job. I'm pretty sure you would be still at it drilling holes if you'd made a home-made PCB ;)
  6. Hemi345

    Timing conflicts with servo and serout on 08M2+

    Numbering the filenames with version info is OK if you're not using includes (.basinc) but it quickly becomes a pain if you write programs like I do where it's an iterative process of writing a small program, getting that thing to work, then incorporating it into the main program. It's handy to...
  7. Hemi345

    Timing conflicts with servo and serout on 08M2+

    I put the following near the top of every program I write. I've also started using Git to manage versioning. I'll put the last 6 characters of the SHA after doing a commit. pause 1000 sertxd (13,10,"Program: ",ppp_filename,13,10) sertxd ("Author: Hemi345",13,10) sertxd ("Downloaded...
  8. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    Those look great. Nice job. Do you really need to drive each LED at 20mA? You might do some testing to see if you notice a discernible difference in brightness with variations in current. For some LEDs I use, 5mA is enough to make them insanely bright.
  9. Hemi345

    20M2 As slave

    No, only the X2 line of PICAXE can be used as slaves:
  10. Hemi345

    Open Source Ventilator Project

    It's interesting to see how Tesla is using parts from their cars to design a ventilator: MSN article I gotta be honest, when I watched that video after previously seeing some of the open source ventilators, I couldn't help but think Tesla's design looks way over engineered (some of the open...
  11. Hemi345

    Problem addressing two (or more?) I/O expanders via i2c

    For the address pins on most I/O expanders or EEPROM, I just tie them directly to ground or vcc. Like Alan stated, pullup/down resistors need to be used if the pins are I/O and not just inputs.
  12. Hemi345

    Using the Picaxe 20x2 to drive APA102

    I don't see the obligatory decoupling cap and programming resistors in your photo. Make sure you add those or you're going to have inconsistent behavior (and get seriously frustrated).
  13. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    Oshpark's standard specs are upgrades on JLCPCB. Did you upgrade the gold ENIG finish? The FR4 at OSHPark has a higher temp rating too. That'll probably close the gap in price difference a little bit, but Oshpark will still be more expensive, no denying that. I don't want to know what I've...
  14. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    Oshpark's FR4 *might* come from China, but the production process is entirely in the USA, one of the reasons I support them. I usually get my boards in less than 10 days from the time I order using the free shipping option. One of their latest blog posts said production is normal with COVID-19...
  15. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    @premelec Most manufacturers will now take the board files directly, generate the gerbers from those and show you what your board should look like. If it looks good, then no additional learning or steps required. But some manufacturers will include layers like names and values in the...
  16. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    I don't recall the etching solution I used to make my home-made PCBs. A friend gave me the oxidizing powder and I simply mixed it with water. It was clear with a slightly blue tint when mixed. I used my Brother laser printer to print on pages cut out of a magazine, then taped the paper to the...
  17. Hemi345

    "Stuck at home" projects

    Sure, the code was thrown together quickly from bits and pieces of other projects and parts written from other folks on this forum, so it's kinda rough but hopefully it'll help. I was reading the temp sensor built into a DS3232 RTC for the "Ambient" temp and a DS18B20 for the "probe" temp...
  18. Hemi345

    "Stuck at home" projects

    The little VCNL4040 ambient light and proximity sensor would be perfect for that. :) Use 4 LEDs to provide feedback, one LED for every 5 seconds...when all of them have gone out, you're done washing. And the thermometer from cpedw: Yeah, those little 128x32 displays would make a good...
  19. Hemi345

    New Art / Study Project

    I like Hippy's idea of adding tracks even where you don't need them to add some additional bling to the boards. Etching my first PCB was rewarding, but I quickly lost interest with all the drilling (broken bits), having tracks lift while soldering, etc, etc. I'd love to see what your design...
  20. Hemi345

    3 pin ceramic resonator

    I don't have any experience with CANbus but that's good info. I soldered the bare minimum and tested the 28x2 with the Murata 16mhz res by sertxd some text once a second (pause 8000). It worked fine at 64MHz so I went all in and soldered everything else onto the board and I2C tested fine :cool: