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  1. Hemi345

    bptr for bits?

    I'm storing some statuses as bits in byte b3. Quite a few of these are configured the same way, so if I determine which menu option I'm currently on, I can toggle on/off the corresponding bit. Is there a way to dynamically reference a bit? I think there's gotta be a way to make the following...
  2. Hemi345

    Specs on external resonator?

    What are the specs for the external resonator for the 28X2-3V? The resonators on PICAXE Shop don't have data sheets and I'd rather source them locally. The only thing I can find in the Microchip datasheet is load capacitor values for the crystal, at 27pF. Would this 16Mhz ceramic resonator...
  3. Hemi345

    Si4705 radio receiver - no response

    Good morning, I built a module with one of these ICs and am having trouble getting anything out of it. The programming guide is at: On page 207, it states the I2C address when SEN pin = 0, is 0010001b. When SEN = 1, the...
  4. Hemi345

    SSD1306 OLED 128x32 test code

    I haven't stumbled across anyone successfully using an SSD1306-based 128x32 OLED display with the PICAXE. So I looked through the Arduino code provided by Adafruit and figure out the different parameters required to make the 128x32 display work. Using the code provided by fellow PICAXE members...
  5. Hemi345

    PE scaling issue with high resolution monitors

    I have run into an issue with PE6 looking fuzzy if I change the scaling in Windows 10 (build 1809). On my laptop with 14" 1920x1080 screen, I bumped scaling up to 125% (Start -> Settings -> System -> Display: "Scale and layout") so the File Explorer, desktop icons, etc text isn't so small, but...
  6. Hemi345

    28X2 3V (PIC18F25K20) firmware revision history

    I picked up a couple of these a while back and didn't see the warning about them having old firmware. What firmware is on these and is there a revision history that will give me an idea of the issues I might encounter before designing a board around them? Thanks.
  7. Hemi345

    Other options to wirelessly program PICAXE?

    With the ERF module being out of stock for a while, are there other options to wirelessly program a PICAXE? BTW, @hippy @Technical : a lot of the BOM "Buy Now" links in the Circuit Creator that go to the PICAXE store are broken with the store redesign. For example, a Buy Now link in...
  8. Hemi345

    Using "slot 4" on a 20X2, a couple questions

    I saw Buzby's thread on getting slot 4 working with his 20X2 and am looking into this for my Humidistat V2 project. I was reading through the documentation on the "run" command and it mentions the following: 1) If the program is running from internal/default slot 0 of my 20X2, the i2c...
  9. Hemi345

    Using Adafruit "FeatherWing" board (PCA9685 + 2x TB6612) to drive stepper motor

    The code snippet below is the early stages of driving a stepper motor to wind/unwind a sun shade inside my greenhouse/coldframe project. It was written to background receive a serial transmission from the main board to tell the 18M2 what to do. The stepper motor is connected to ports "M3" and...
  10. Hemi345

    Automatic Home Humidistat and HVAC Logger

    About five or so years ago I built a Humidistat based on a PICAXE 18M2 on perf board. You can find that project HERE. A couple years ago I decided I wanted to start on version 2 so I've been taking my time thinking about everything I wanted to do with it. About a year ago I noticed the...
  11. Hemi345

    Only pop up notification on syntax check failure

    I could have sworn there was an option to only show the popup notification when syntax check fails and to otherwise show a success down in the status bar. Am I miss-remembering this or if there is this option, where is it hidden? Thanks.
  12. Hemi345

    Sit/stand desk fix or upgrade?

    I have a motorized sit/stand desk and one of the buttons quit working on the control. The control has an RJ11 connector with 4 pins. 2 pins (soldered together in the photo below) show 24VDC when connected to either of the other two pins with my multimeter. When either of the other two pins...
  13. Hemi345

    code that hangs PICAXE, what's up?

    Hi all, so I have the following code that seems to hang the PICAXE: #picaxe 08m2 #no_data #terminal 38400 setfreq m32 pause 2000 sertxd ("Ready.",13,10) main: do if pinC.1 = 1 then reset end if if pinC.3 = 1 then do until pinC.3 = 0 : loop...
  14. Hemi345

    static electricity issue

    I have a static electricity issue with my latest project. I used a waterproof stainless steel momentary switch/button, this one, in my latest project (automated garden/coldframe) because it's outdoors. If I don't first touch the metal frame to discharge any static electricity in my body...
  15. Hemi345

    Why isn't 20X2 listed as compatible with hsersetup/hserin/hserout ?

    I was just about to reflow a 20X2 SMD onto a PCB and noticed this. Is there a reason the 20X2 isn't listed on the following pages as compatible/Applies To: ?
  16. Hemi345

    Syntax check error with cloud and ChomeOS blockly

    Hi all, Merry Christmas! I'm getting the following error while trying to syntax check a program I wrote with PE6 on my Chomebook using the PICAXE Blockly app: Error from compiler sertxd ("Program: ",ppp_filename,13,10) ^ line# 76, col# 21 Error: Unknown symbol -...
  17. Hemi345

    PE6 - I need to vent...

    I need to vent since I just destroyed a 20M2 this morning for no good reason. :mad: I designed some RGBW controllers for my daughters loft beds lighting project. During the initial programming, I was able to program one of them once and then not again. I thought maybe I had a bad solder...
  18. Hemi345

    quickest easiest way to toggle bit on 20M2?

    What's the easiest way to toggle a bit on M series chips? Gotta be something more efficient than this: if bit0 = 1 then bit0 = 0 else bit0 = 1 end if Thanks
  19. Hemi345

    HPWM explanation

    Could someone elaborate on what this means: What are "2" and "1" referring to? I'm in the planning stages for a project to use PWM on 4 to 6 LEDs. The PWM would be used to change the RGB LEDs color and status lights. I want the capability to PWM them for dimming and appearance of 'pulsing'...
  20. Hemi345

    SiLabs USB CP2102

    I believe my main programming cable (prolific based) is failing... about every 8th character when using sertxd is corrupted. Programming still works fine though so I've lived with it. I'd buy the genuine PICAXE cable but seems a waste to immediately snip off the audio plug and solder on a three...