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  1. PhilHornby

    M2 chips: Can Serial Out pin be overridden to become a DAC input?

    It's in Section "19.10 Analog Input Connection Considerations" "A maximum source impedance of 10 k is recommended for the analog sources..." There's diagram (Figure 19-3) that also shows "RS < 10K". But, as I said, it appears to work ok. :)
  2. PhilHornby

    M2 chips: Can Serial Out pin be overridden to become a DAC input?

    #picaxe 08m2 #no_data #terminal 4800 ;SFRs - See PIC12F1840 datasheet SYMBOL CM1CON0 = %01010001 ;Comparator Control register 0 (111h) SYMBOL CM1CON1 = %01010010 ;Comparator Control register 1 (112h) SYMBOL CMOUT = %01010101 ;Comparator Output register (115h) ...
  3. PhilHornby

    M2 chips: Can Serial Out pin be overridden to become a DAC input?

    It turns out that the LED built-in to my electricity meter is much less bright than the one on my breadboard - so using 2K2 for R2 results in a voltage drop of only 0.8V. Whatever the weak pullup resistance is, it conveniently allows the collector voltage to drop to a very low level. It adds...
  4. PhilHornby

    M2 chips: Can Serial Out pin be overridden to become a DAC input?

    I realise I'm somewhat late to the party, but I think I've got a contribution to make :) I've just embarked on a project to read the "Meter Pulses" (i.e. LED flashes) of my electricity meter, in order to gauge how much, if any, power is being taken from the grid - as part of a Solar PV...
  5. PhilHornby

    Picaxe Editor Check for new version not working.

    If I click "Check for Updates" in Picaxe Editor, I get: - I tried to debug this, but the results were inconclusive - lots of redirects, that eventually lead to I wondered if it was the use of HTTP/2 that's confusing Picaxe Editor ?
  6. PhilHornby

    Configuring HC12

    I currently have twelve HC-12's in service and over the years some of them have ceased to function :(. In all cases though, it's been the Radio side that has malfunctioned (going "deaf", but still able to transmit - that sort of thing). The interface to the on-board microprocessor has never...
  7. PhilHornby

    Install PE6 on XP needs .net 3.5.1

    It just silently exits for me (on WIndows 10 Pro), so couldn't tell whether it was working on not. On the page that it was downloaded from, under the "Install Instructions", it says you can get the full package from...
  8. PhilHornby

    Install PE6 on XP needs .net 3.5.1

    That link opens for me... ( Maybe it was a temporary outage somewhere along the line?
  9. PhilHornby

    Data storage error in Table command, when data ends in zero byte.

    I routinely use the TABLE area to store data strings intended for display on an LCD. Each string is marked with a trailing zero byte, so that the Display Routine can find each individual message (a habit I picked up in 1979, on the PDP-11 ;) ) . However, I've recently noticed a slight bug...
  10. PhilHornby

    power supply with large capacitance between regulator and 14M2

    I did something similar, to interface my RF controlled 'table lamps', to originally, a plug-in timer and these days to a Sonoff S20 smartplug. This is the circuit I came up with :- (Ignore everything to the left of the Picaxe - that could definitely be improved!) The 4700uF capacitor came...
  11. PhilHornby

    Restarting a Program

    No. However, if you want to avoid clearing any data, you can use the RUN command. The manual erroneously says it's only available on the X2 Series, but it works fine on the 14M2 I just tried. #picaxe 14m2 #no_data sertxd (cr,lf,"Hello, W0=",#W0) inc W0 Pause 1000 run 0 This resets the...
  12. PhilHornby

    IRIN with a Samsung remote

    The most likely reason is that it's not NEC format. You probably need a bit more insight into what the IR receiver is actually 'seeing'. (Assuming no access to a 'scope or Logic Analyser) a Sound Card/Audicity combo might do the trick. Or even:
  13. PhilHornby

    IRIN with a Samsung remote

    See: (2) Background Infrared Receiver for 32-bit Codes | PICAXE Forum or my rather less sophisticated offering (which was for debugging purposes - so would need some more work) :- #picaxe 08m2 #terminal 38400 #no_data #no_end Symbol Debug_Pin = C.4 ;20uS pulse sent to...
  14. PhilHornby

    Transfer PWM output to a different pin?

    I've not done much with the 18M2 (I did melt one into a breadboard, by applying power to the wrong pins :rolleyes: ) - but I managed to successfully customise PWM o/p on the 08M2 and 14M2. See: - for some possible...
  15. PhilHornby


    When I try it now, the original link (from FTDI's Readme) : is working (and re-directs successfully to the above). Maybe FTDI are having some intermittent problems?
  16. PhilHornby

    AXE027 Back in January, this is where the original link re-directed to (according to the WayBackMachine). Someone's come along and broken the link since then :(
  17. PhilHornby

    Set Duty Cycle with PWMDuty

    "Hoist by my own petard" ... as the saying goes :rolleyes: It turns out my habitual use of hserout instead sertxd was to blame ... The following (snippet) enables P1B, and lets it appear on its default pin: C.0 aka Serout output c.0 pokesfr PSTR1CON,%00000010...
  18. PhilHornby

    Set Duty Cycle with PWMDuty

    Having seen the interactions between the pwmout statement and manipulations performed using pokesfr, I now concur! Maybe there just wasn't enough room left in the firmware to allow all the possible permutations? One such permutation, which may be of value, is the ability to use pwmout on Pin...
  19. PhilHornby

    Set Duty Cycle with PWMDuty

    Treat yourself :) : Best Oscilloscope for Hobbyists | Simply Smarter Circuitry Blog (
  20. PhilHornby

    Set Duty Cycle with PWMDuty

    I typed in all the right numbers...just not necessarily in the right order :rolleyes: This version does actually work! Whether or not there's any benefit over the pwmout approach, I'm not sure :) The Setfreq M16 and hserout are just leftovers from another program ... #picaxe 08M2 #terminal...