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    PE6 = no comm port found

    I upgraded to v6.1.0.0 of PE6 but nothing changed - still the same "None Comms". kenmac
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    PE6 = no comm port found

    Absolutely! I have been over it many times. This laptop is a 64bit machine - is that OK? kenmac
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    PE6 = no comm port found

    Hi folks, I recently decided to upgrade to PE6 editor on a modern laptop (Lenovo, Windows 10). I downloaded/installed PE and also AXE027 drivers. I plugged in the AXE027 cable and confirmed that it was recognised by Device Manager. Then I opened the Editor and noticed that it said "No...
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    serin variables

    Oops, I forgot that the M2 have 28 GP variables. It was just a habit to work within 14. So, I don't have a problem after all. Thanks Hippy. Ken Mac
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    serin variables

    Hi folks, If I send 16 bytes as one serial message, there is only a max. of 14 GP variables available to receive same, using Serin. Is there a way around this, apart from splitting the data into separate sends? Is it possible to put the Serin data directly in other variables? Kenmac
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    i2c LCD control

    I gave used the FRM010 in the past but didn't realise they were still available - it is old. Anyway, I went ahead and bought the AXE131 Firmware and will use that for this job. Kenmac
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    i2c LCD control

    OK, I'll try to make my own using the AXE133 items. Thanks for your response. Ken Mac
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    i2c LCD control

    Rather than buy another LCD, is it possible to purchase the backpack or programmed chip to convert an existing LCD? I mean the bits that drive a AXE133Y. Ken Mac
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    i2c LCD control

    Thanks for that info - it seems that this LCD is too difficult to use, so I'll look for a better one. Ken Mac
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    i2c LCD control

    Hi folks, I have a project that uses a standard parallel LCD, but I need to fee up some Picaxe pins for other things. So, I have obtained a 16x2 LCD that uses i2c for control - apparently it is meant for use with Arduino's. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any info on how to control it...
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    AXE027 failure

    Hi Folks, This is just to advise that my AXE027 cable has failed. It was during a run of programming on a 08M2. Everything was going OK when it suddenly stopped. Previous to this, I haven't had any problem with it - always worked OK. I checked the serial input line using the Test button under...
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    Program problem on Picaxe20M2

    Hi folks, I haven't been on this forum for awhile. I have been trying to use a 20M2 to drive a 7 segment display. To test it out I used the following program: 'test_7segment_2.bas 'This program tests the control of a 7 segment display using a Picaxe20M2 ' 'Connections: 'c.0 ..... 10K to...
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    serin problem on 20M2

    Hi folks, I have been dabbling in programming of the new 20M2 and have run into a problem with the SERIN function. Sending a byte from a 40X2 chip is not read correctly by the 20M2. The data is sent as N2400 with no qualifiers. If the data byte is $01, the 20M2 interprets it as $F0. (read via...
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    Picaxe28X1 - PortC masking

    Hi folks, I haven't been here for a while. I'm starting a new project using a 28X1 chip, a type I haven't used before. I've configured PortC as all outputs [ dirsc = %11111111 ] The first four bits will be varied together, while maintaining the current status of the other bits. To do this, I was...
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    usb driver install failed

    Hi folks, I recently decided to change to usb for the purpose of programmimg the picaxes. I have been completely unsuccessful in installing the appropriate driver software. First I tried on a laptop with Win ME - it wouldn't "see" the driver even when actually pointed to! The usb device was...
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    Picaxe08's stopped programming

    Hi, I have two 08's that have been working normally, accepting programming etc. They both have now ceased accepting the "in circuit" programming signal. I did the serial port check and found that the pin2 voltage was only varying from -0.55 to 1.57V. The voltage from the laptop is -5.33 to...
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    Beware the forgotten Debug

    Hi folks, I've just experienced an event with a 08, which had me puzzled for a while. I'd finished programming it to control a couple of transistor/relay and LED outputs, one of which was on Pin0. Having disconnected the programming cable, I was in the process of final testing when I noticed...
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    Attention Technical: 40X1 possible bug

    Hi, I've been programming a 40X1 for the first time and ran into a problem with the setting of the output pins. Example: pins = 112 (%01110000) results in the state of the pins actually being 240 (%11110000) Actually, any value not using the msb results in the msb being set. pins = 240 results...
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    LCD Enable - problem with using portC output

    I have covered this in a previous thread (archived). Basically, using a 40X portC pin to drive this particular LCD that I'm using doesn't work. The cause is the minimum pulse out is approx. 300uS using high/low code. Initially I was able to work around this by using a standard Output pin...
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    28X PortC pins 2,3 problem

    Hi folks, I was working on programming I2C on a 28X when I had a problem. Testing the SCL (pin c3) showed that it wasn't changing. I then ran a quick programmed basic output check, monitoring the port with LED's on each pin. This revealed that pins c2 and c3 were not responding to "high...