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  1. lbenson

    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    I did that years ago, but found I wouldn't keep it up. Now I log everything I buy to a text file when I buy it starting with the date (preceded by "+ " if I've received it). I may also make notes on how it worked out. + 210226 ELLO computer ordered from knivd GB soldered up and working--no SD...
  2. lbenson

    Strange behavior, can't figure it out

    Do you have pulldown resistors on your input pins to prevent them from floating? In the range of 10K to 100K. Inputs don't float in the simulator, but in real life, they do.
  3. lbenson

    Towers of Hanoi Revisited

  4. lbenson

    SEROUT Hex Numbers?

    Or "7".
  5. lbenson

    picaxe to lcd displays

    You can resize your photo in, say, Microsoft Paint. Maximum pixels of 1200 (height or width) is usually good enough to show what in needed in a clear photo.
  6. lbenson

    picaxe to lcd displays

    Can you provide an example of what you were trying to do that didn't work as you intended? On the face of it, it sounds doable--any value placed in the EEProm with DATA can be moved somewhere else in RAM--or EEPROM or scratchpad (for X2s). And data in the eeprom can be replaced with the WRITE...
  7. lbenson

    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    What is this, 1978? You can post your diagrams (photographs or PDFs) using the "Attach files" button to the far left of the "Post reply" button which you use to post here. Or ASCII art (from hippy's code which I linked to earlier in "14M to LCD? How?"...
  8. lbenson

    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    Third time for this question. Any reason the previous answers and links provided to you didn't work? What have you tried? It's not only possible, it's been done many times. Be specific about which module you tried or want to try.
  9. lbenson

    How drive LCD with I2C?

    What about the answers in this thread you started yesterday did you find unsatisfactory?
  10. lbenson

    picaxe to lcd interface and programming

    And then there is hippy's submission for the 4-bit parallel connection from 2008; post above this one: Ascii art schematic for the 14M is in comments in the code.
  11. lbenson

    X2 program slots

    Code is virtually identical, but both slots use nearly all of the 512 bytes of table available in each slot. True about the external EEPROM, but there's a question of whether that is more efficient. The projects where I have used multiple slots for code have tended to end up on X2 devices.
  12. lbenson

    X2 program slots

    Wait a minute. I don't think more efficiency is going to achieve this in one slot: I'm sure there are others.
  13. lbenson

    PICaxe seems to be taking power from an input pin

    Yes, as Buzby says--"parasitic power". I've seen it happen with serial connections, and it can cause quite perplexing behavior until you figure out what it is. Fixed in my case with, as Buzby says, a 1K or greater series resistor on the offending pin.
  14. lbenson

    Graphical display from serial port data

    Wonder if it would be possible to build such a thing with one of these:
  15. lbenson

    X2 program slots

    Right. Right again, but no need for different names--slot 1 knoweth not what slot 0 doth (except variables are shared--but not variable names--best to have an "include" file naming things in common and having the common subroutines). Define them once in an include file and include that in each...
  16. lbenson

    New Design 60 Amp Mppt Charger Controller using Picaxe 28X2

    In my early teens, I molded, painted and played with near daily 1,500 lead soldiers. It's not like strychnine. But then, a toxic waste environmental scientist I knew later told me that if not for that, I might have been smart. Now it might be considered child abuse to allow that. Great...
  17. lbenson

    Towers of Hanoi Revisited

    My, but you do good work. I do see by your Revision list that it is a multi-year piece of work. That's a relief.
  18. lbenson

    SX127* LoRa and PJON “libraries” for PICAXE M2s & X2S

    Definitely interesting, and thanks for posting. Tidy layout (at least, pre-modification).
  19. lbenson

    Code to control output On and Off pulse times with pots

    Nice work, good video. Clearly shows what you want to achieve.
  20. lbenson

    Program starting unreliability

    With experimentation to find out what the cutoff is, something like this could work (adjust count variable): do while pinC.whatever=0: loop: bXX=0: do while pinC.whatever=1: inc bXX: loop if bXX > ?? then ... else ... endif You might need a PAUSE of some duration before inc bXX (Input must be...