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    a new wireless switch

    Here is an interesting product that I noticed while scanning a popular electrical catalogue last night. Its a domestic wireless switch which generates its own electricity when a user operates it (kinetic energy); no wires, no batteries. Therefore it can be used just about anywhere, and the...
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    OK's addictive

    Despite spending many, many years playing with bits of wire and black insects (my wife's words, not mine) I have never ventured into the world of robotics. My view was basically; "so you spend several days building a robot, play with it for half an hour, then chuck it in the junk box, where the...
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    Bird Box System

    This system records video/stills of nesting garden birds. Although the complete system could be categorised as "video" the Picaxe part of the system is concerned with battery conservation. This bird box includes a Raspberry Pi, camera and an 08m2 Picaxe, and is powered by a 12V 12Ahr battery...