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    Picaxe 08M2 noise generator

    Maybe the other half, just copy and paste right after that last half. setfreq m32 ;When generating sound, the highest clock rate is usually the best DooDaaLoop: dacsetup %10100000 'Need to do this before using it daclevel 0 wildcard=3456;Just a seed number for randomization of this variable...
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    Picaxe 08M2 noise generator

    Apparently, code can't be posted as a comment, same problem. I'll try half at a time. #Rem Testing and playing around with sound that could be made with one of these. The best way to hook up this is to connect it to the high impedance connection of a guitar amplifier, the one which you would...
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    Picaxe 08M2 noise generator

    I am going to try to post the board photo in this comment.
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    Picaxe 08M2 noise generator

    Playing with Picaxe generated sounds with an 08M2 Picaxe chip and a few other parts, on a Picaxe board for that chip. I can't show a picture of the board and this drawing, so I chose the drawing. Here is the code so far. It just does one sound, after another and then repeats. There is still a...
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    A dirt cheap robot with 08M2

    More coming on this. I just got it working and made a picture and a video. I want to do an article on building this one, because it can be done with very little money. I finally got a way to use the new "08M2" which does not work with my Power PC Mac. I have an old, but nice enough Mac Intel...
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    Mr. Magoo, the Robot

    This is my first Picaxe robot, and my first robot of any kind since the 1970s. Things have changed a lot since then, mostly for the better. I think I will call it Mr. Magoo, because it does not always see things. You can see that in this video...
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    My first Picaxe robot

    Well, after a lot of reading and tinkering, and digging for parts so I don't have to buy any more than I really need, I came up with my first Picaxe robot. It uses a 20M2, and has 3 boards so far, the board with the 20M2 on it, the motor controller, and what you might call an "everything else"...