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    SD Card Troubleshooting

    I've had a goal to at least attempt some PICAXE-SD card communications for some time now and after looking at some previous attempts (acknowledgements to Hippy and DPG) and despite the problems most people seem to have had, I decided to have a shot at it anyway since I have some time during my...
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    SPI Timeout

    I've been trying to interface a 28X1 to a VS1002 MP3 chip via the PICAXE's SPI port, but despite all my efforts, I've come up empty. My program runs fine (setting IO states etc) and gets though the HSPISETUP command (I've tried several configuration options for this command as well with no luck)...
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    WA's OBE + PICAXE success story

    Well, I must say that is has been a long time since I've been here. The last thing that I remember was Stan changing user names which I feel was quite a while ago. Anyhow, as some of you may (or may not) be aware, Western Australia is getting into the full swing of Outcomes Based Education...
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    Technical: Anonymous Postings

    Perhaps in the interests of security, Technical should investigate the circumstances in which you can posts without actually providing login details? <b><i>ylp88 </b> </i>
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    SRAM Controller Update

    With a bit of spare time on my hands over this las tweekend, I was able to do a bit mroe work on my SRAM controller. I have since constructed a &quot;refined&quot; version of the original design on a breadboard which can access 256 byts of the SRAM chip's available 32K bytes. All went well as...
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    SRAM Interfacing Update

    As per the previous thread (<A href=';forum_id=24&amp;Topic_Title=SRAM+Controller&amp;forum_title=PICAXE+Forum&amp;M=False&amp;S=True' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a>), I have done some more work on this project, albeit very...
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    SRAM Controller

    I have got around to setting up a breadboard with a 32K x 8 SRAM chip (W24257). Of the 13 address lines, I have interfaced 8 of them (thus I can only use 256 bytes of the 32K) and tied the others low. 6 of the IO pins are connected to PORTB of a 16F628 while the remaining 2 are connected to...
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    Using SRAM (or NVRAM)

    As part of a scrolling LED message project, I was planning on storing character data and message data on a RAM chip. Why RAM? I will probably be getting the controller to access (read and write) to the memory very often, in which case, a EEPROM would probably wear out pretty fast. The ability to...
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    AXE045 Colour Sensor

    I have received an e-mail directly from someone requesting some help regading the AXE045 Colour Sensor. I made a quick reply but I do not see myself very qualified regarding this device (I do not have one myself). If anyone has any ideas, I will forward them (including any credit...) to the...
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    Congratulations Everyone!

    <i>Congratulations on 20000 posts, everyone!!! </i> On behalf of everyone, may I thank everybody for their contributions to this forum. I'm sure that many people are very grateful for each other's support, comments and ideas and I hope that this great community of PICAXE users will continue...
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    IR Receivers

    I was looking at TechSupplies' website and found their &quot;Infrared sensor (LED020)&quot; for &#163;0.42! That's around AU$1.20. Now am I misinterpreting what I am looking at or are Australia's main electronic suppliers all selling these for AU$8.00 each?! Does anyone know where I could get...
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    Electronics in General

    This forum is a &quot;PICAXE Forum&quot; however there comes a time where I (or others) may wish to ask several un-PICAXE related questions. My question is whether anyone can suggest some general electronics forums for, well, general questions! (PS. A great community of members - such as those...
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    Forum Archival

    Apologies, but this doesn't have anything to do with PICAXE itself, rather the forum. Would it be possible for someone (Technical, I suppose) to put a post in a forum when the forum is archived? I have the forum bookmarked and thus am unaware when the forum is archived. As a result, over the...
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    RFID Security

    On a slight twist to radio data communications: I wish to use an &quot;ID-12&quot; RFID module to authenticate users to a system: most likely to be a standalone system such as an electronically operated door lock. I will use the ASCII mode of data transfer. <i>Silicon Chip </i> reports that...