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    Syntax Error on an ELSEIF statement

    great thanks
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    Syntax Error on an ELSEIF statement

    yes also a great idea i will give it a try, thank you
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    Syntax Error on an ELSEIF statement

    Excellent John thank you, have just corrected it and now works. My stupid mistake not being explicit enough on the logic condition thanks!
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    Syntax Error on an ELSEIF statement

    Hi can someone assist with this sytax error? i cant see the error but i cant pass the syntax check on line 23 the elseif statement says theres an error but gives me no hint. I am trying to do a string of IF statements, checking the value of B1 and changing the DAC according to the Value in B1, i...
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    16bit maths help

    Hi I am using a 14M2 and need to multiply a Word variable by 105 decimal. I then need the answer in a format i can use for display on an LCD/OLED. this is easy if the variable value is less than 624 decimal, as the maths result is less than the overflow of 65,020. but the word variable can be...
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    floating point maths with 14m2 picaxe

    hi, I want to do some maths where use of floating numbers is unavoidable. if for example i have to do 5 x 0.5 , i am aware i can multiply both sides by 10 to "get rid of the decimal place" and then divide by 100 after: so 50x5 = 25 / 100 =2.5 and i can store the integer "2" in a variable by...
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    variable value lost and not displaced on OLED after a sleep

    Hi, Curious problem with a missing variable that I am displaying on an OLED. It displays fine first and then the picaxe is put in to sleep for some time, then woken up and the same variable is sent to the OLED as an ASCII again but this time does not display, and never displays untill a reset...
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    Enabletime affected by Sleep?

    is Enalbletime command affected by sleep command? I want to start the eleapsed time counter by "enabletime" command, do some other code then put the Picaxe to sleep using "sleep xx" command. Will the elapsed timer still continue to count the seconds when in sleep mode ? thanks
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    OLED displat (axe133y) corrupt messages when starting up and sending serial data

    hi, I have just bought an axe133 OLEd 16x2 display and when i turn on it is supposed to say "serial OLED and" as this is what is programmed in to the 18m2+ eeprom which came with the oled kit. however on power up it says "Sgpkcn ONGF and pifffk.coo" also when i try and send...