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    pulsin for Model Radio Control.

    I've used pulsin for lots of my RC projects, with great success. It works fine as long as the program is not too long. Am I right in believing that I can't use the servo command because I'm using the pulsin command, something to do with internal timing. Is it possible to use multiple interrupts...
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    miniature boiler sight glass low water alarm.

    Hi Guys, I need to detect the water level in a sight glass for a model steam boat. I could use a probe fitted into the tank, but would prefer to clip 'something' onto the sight glass to detect water low level. The sight glass is 5mm o/d. Any idea what the 'something' could be? thanks TOF
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    serin with qualifier

    Hi Guys, I have a 40x2 and a 20M2 talking to each other via URF radio units. If I program this 20M2 serout c.1, n9600_8, ("R05","R",b8,b4,b5,b6,b24,b4,b5,b6,b24,b8) 40X2 SerIn [800], radiorx, baud2, ("R05"),b10,b11,b12,b13,b14,b15,b16,b17,b18,b19,b20,b21 all works fine. but if I try to send...
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    RS 232 maximum length.

    Hi Guys, Picaxe 40x2 chip. What is the maximum cable length, that would still give a reliable signal at 9600baud? using shielded twisted pairs. TOF
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    RGB-Matrix-LED-screen module driver info required.

    Hi Guys, Has anyone managed to interface picaxe to this module? It uses the i2c interface. I can't find a datasheet anywhere. thanks TOF
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    Advice Required for Connecting multiple picaxe over radio link.

    Hi Guys, With reference to my project, large miniature railway. I've been asked if the signals can be controlled by radio link, ie xbee. I have read the Xbee tutorial and datasheets. So I have a few...
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    help needed with I2C

    Hi Guys, I've been asked to look into a project to control a minature steam railway signalling. I thought of using a number of 40x2 and 20x2 chips. Interfacing between the chips using the I2C bus. I've downloaded the tutorial and read it more than once. Is it feasable to think along these...
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    axe134y OLED with 08M2 problem

    Hi Guys, Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? 08M2 pin C.0 to OLED display. also tried on C.1, with same result. location on oled is correct, the 'p' is displayed followed by the wrong characters. clear screen command not always working. add setfreq m4 but still the same. If I connect...
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    disconnect command

    Hi Guys, 08m2 when I use the disconnect command, it's stopping serial output on pinC.4. c.0 is an led ;catalex mp3 player ; #Picaxe 08M2 SetFreq m8 'Must be set to 8mhz or 16mhz for Serout command to work at 9600 baud disconnect Init: pause 2500 'Required for proper operation after...
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    Club 500 model boat racing.

    Hi Guys, Our model boat club is about to expand to Club 500 boat racing h**p://w* Initially were looking for a way of timing up to 6 boats at the same time. Would also need penalty input. Has anyone made / used such a system? My thoughts are: use a 40x2 to do...
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    OLED and Freq

    Hi Guys, expect this is easy, for those who know. Chip 20X2 OLED AXE 134Y Pin A.0 I've a program that switches between 4Mhz,8Mhz,16Mhz and 32Mhz. I can output to oled: @8Mhz serout a.0,N2400,(245,128,"sample 8Mhz") @16Mhz serout a.0,N1200,(245,128,"sample 16Mhz") I can't get 4 or 32...
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    Design spark 7

    Hi Guys, I see that Design Spark 7 has been released. h**p:// Has anyone tried it yet? Does it support the Picaxe library? thoughts? regards tof
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    OLED Burn In

    Hi Guys, I have 3 AXE134Y Oled Moduals. The first one I purchased has started to fail. 10 locations have missing colums, another has a missing dot. I've output a screen test using CGRAM serout C.4, N2400, (254,120,31,31,31,31,31,31,31,31), to all locations. I can read the usually displayed...
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    Model Boat Diesel Engine Noise

    I have put together this board to produce diesel engine noise for my model boat. It could be used for model lorries as well. control is by radio control receiver unit, linked to motor. I'll post pcb file for those that have the free RS program. The program file. picture of circuit board...
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    picaxe editor question

    Hi Guys, I seem to remember that you could limit the number of automatic backups. Is this avaliable in V. TOF
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    Why does this not work.

    Hi Guys, This has bugged me for some time. symbol pb4=c.5 symbol pb3=c.6 symbol pb2=c.7 symbol relay3=c.0 symbol relay2=c.1 symbol relay1=c.2 main: ;------------------------------------------- if pinc.5=1 then ; this works high relay1 high relay2 high relay3 endif...
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    Help required, simulate variable diesel engine noise.

    Hi Guys, This is a project for one of my model boats. How can I replicate the sound of a diesel engine noise using an 08m2 picaxe. It needs to vary with the speed on the boat electric motor. the easy bit is reading via the serin command to detect the speed. the hard bit, which I'm struggling...
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    Must be a shorter way.

    Hi Guys, Is there a better / easier way to program this. Its to show water level, sensed by sfr05. lower the distance, higher the level. Only showing relative parts. #picaxe 40x2 symbol oled=A.7 symbol baud=n2400 ;bargraph setup CGram serout oled,baud, (254,64,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,21) ;0...
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    multiple Pulsin

    Hi Guys, Before I put an order in for the chips, can you check my thinking please. I require 3 'pulsin' inputs, from a radio control unit. (from spare inputs on my model boat RC.) The pulse width of each input will determine what happens to a bank of relays and/or opto isolators. If I use...
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    Multiple ADC with a 40X2

    Hi guys, Need a bit of help with this please. I'm using ADC0,1,2,3 Signal into ADC 1&3 is very low, millivolts. fvrsetup can config for 1.024v Can I setup individually? Rough code, testing.. ;40x2 test setfreq m8 ;dirsa=%00001111 dirsb=255 dirsc=255 dirsd=255 adcsetup = 4 ; adc 0,1,2,3...