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    Read and write Flash EPROM W25Q128JV and IS25LQ016

    Hello, I need to develop an application to read and write memory contents in BIN files. I want to make an application with the PICAXE-28X2 Module reference AXE201. I want to connect the flash memory W25Q128JV and IS25LQ016 to the picaxe module and then read the contents of the memory in a BIN...
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    PICAXE 40X2 Surface mount  44 pin  

    Hello. How get Picaxe40x2 surface mount, i can find it on the library! Regards Manuel
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    No Comunication with a 40x2

    Hello. I made a specific board with a Picaxe 40x2 surface micro. It is not possible comunicate with Pic 40x2, give the error: Hardware not found on COM3! The first time and the second time I turned on the card, I was able to download the program for Pic 40x2, but then I was never able to...
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    No Comunication with a 40x2

    Hi. I built my pcb with micro picaxe 40x2. Like in the picture. My problem is that I can not communicate with the picaxe 40x2! It gives an error like screen shot, someone can help? Thanks in advance Manuel Pinto
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    PWM Problem.

    Hello. Iam very new with picaxe micro. I try to make a pwm code for picaxe 40x2 with pcb mosfet and optocopler like on the circuit attach. When i test it the velocity of the motor not change. Please seee the image here: The code here: #picaxe 40x2 main: pwmout C.2, 99, 99 ; 10000Hz at...
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    Membrane keypad - With motor problem

    hello. I am new to the forum. Is there anybody who can help me? I'm building a code with a CI 40x2, intend to control a motor with a membrane keypad. The code that I put here just can not make a routine, if you want to follow, I can not. That is, with the engine running for the right or the...
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    picaxe 40x2 with Adafruit 2.8" Color TFT Touchscreen Breakout v2

    Hi! Can someone help with sample code for Picaxe 40x2 with Adafruit 2.8" Color TFT Touchscreen Breakout v2? Regards Manuel