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    Blockly with HC-SR04 and servo

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a program for a robot which uses an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor and an SG90 servo. I've got the HC-SR04 reading values reliably after tweaking the timing and clock speed a bit (values are about 1.5 inches off but that can easily be compensated for using simple...
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    Catalex MP3 player

    Hi everyone, I am building a line follower using a pair of IR TX/RX modules from Ebay. The line following works fine, however, I have a question regarding the Catalex MP3 player. I can get the module working no problem by sending the appropriate HEX bytes, however, I want the robot to "speak"...
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    Code question

    Hi all, I am making an electronic dice project which uses a tilt sensor to trigger random numbers on a 3d printed dice with LED's. The program works pretty well, but when I tilt the dice, it is supposed to initiate a counted loop form 1 to 20 and display 20 random numbers before it settles on a...
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    Interfacing to APDS-9960

    Hi all, does anyone have any experience interfacing an APDS-9960 breakout board to a Picaxe for gesture sensing? I am reading the datasheet but am having some trouble understanding how to configure it. I am looking to use it as motion control for a simple robot. Any help would be appreciated...
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    X2 Background Receive

    I am trying to receive some test data from my phone via Bluetooth (sending 2 integers between 125 to 175 consecutively), and output to the terminal via sertxd. Would this be the proper way of receiving the 2 values from scratchpad back to back: setfreq m16 hsersetup b19200_16, %001 main...
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    Picaxe + AppInventor Orientation Sensor

    Hi all, I am trying to send some orientation sensor readings from a simple app created in AppInventor to a Picaxe 08M2 over an HC-06 BT->Serial module. The connection is made successfully, but I am not seeing the correct pitch/roll values. Here is the BASIC code: setfreq m32 symbol pitch=b0...
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    BASIC code for Aduino MAP function

    Hi everyone, I am trying to create a program that reads a POT value into a word variable, then maps it on a scale of 75 to 225 for use with a servo. I found the documentation on the Arduino MAP function which revealed the following: private long map(long x, long in_min, long in_max, long...
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    L9110S H-Bridge breakout board

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the breakout module found here: I have followed the coding sample in the Arduino sketch and converted it to Picaxe BASIC, however, I do not seem to be getting...
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    implementing low power mode

    Hi all, I've just built an electronic dice project around a Picaxe 20M2 mcu which reads a piezo transducer using readadc, then generates a random number from 1 to 6 and subsequently lights an LED(s) when the piezo generates a value above a certain threshold. Everything works great. I need some...
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    Programming Question

    Hi all, I have created a simple program in Blockly to read from an IR sensor. I have attached a screenshot from Blockly, as well as the Picaxe Basic code generated. My question is why is line 6 added to the code (the logical AND with IRCommand)? What purpose does this serve other than masking...
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    Serial data capture question

    Hi all, just learning to use a scope and I created a simulation with Picaxe VSM to decode serial data. I have created a simple program using "serout" to send the letter "Q" out pin C.1 on a Picaxe 08M2 in a continuous loop, then captured the data on a virtual scope. I have attached a...
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    Picaxe VSM on Windows Server 2008 R2

    Hi all, wondering if anyone has tried installing VSM on Windows Server 2008 R2? I am running the latest version (7.10 with all the parts updates). It installs perfectly fine under Server 2008 R2, problem is when I go to install the license key. It installs the key under the license manager...
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    Connecting two Picaxe chips directly

    Hi everyone, I have a question regarding a circuit in which I am connecting the output of one Picaxe to the input of another. I understand that it is recommended practice to place a series resistor between the input/output of the two chips in the event that the input accidentally gets...
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    74HC165 question

    I have built a keypad decoding circuit around the MM74C922 decoder IC and a 74HC165 parallel IN, serial OUT shift register. After searching through the forums for coding the Picaxe to read from the 74HC165 and how it works, I got the circuit working correctly. I just want some clarification on...
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    Ds3232 rtc

    Hi everyone, I've created a project using a Picaxe 28X2 and DS3231 RTC module interfaced to an LCD in 4-bit mode. Got everything working correctly. I used Picaxe VSM to simulate the circuit (using a DS1307 instead of DS3231 as VSM didn't have the DS3231), built the circuit, and all worked...
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    Picaxe Blockly question

    Just wondering if there is a way in Blockly to use multiple logical operators in an IF Statement to check 2 inputs at once. Am I missing something? I'm looking to do something like: if pinC.1=1 and pinC.2=0 then ...code here else ...code here end if
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    Problem with DS1307 and dirs command

    I am building a digital clock using an HD44780 LCD display, Picaxe 20M2 and a ds1307 RTC. I got the display working in 4-bit mode thanks to the help of others on the forum. My question is I have connected the LCD to pins B.0 - B.3 on the 20M2 and everything is working fine. I can send text...
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    Reversing High and Low order bits

    Does anyone have a simple way to swap the high 4 order bits with the low 4 order bits in a byte? For example: %00110010 becomes %00100011 I've tried various ways using shift right by division with temp variables, etc. but none seem to work.
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    Picaxe Logicl Operators question

    Hi there, I have a general question about the order of operations with Picaxe logical operators. I understand that Picaxe maths are executed left to right with no order of operations (correct me if I am wrong), but does this apply to Logical Operators as well? I have extracted a line of code...
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    8 bit LCD Initialization string

    Hi everyone, I've worked with the HD44780 parallel LCD's a few years back and had good results in 4 bit mode using a shift register. I am now revisiting the topic (and trying to re-learn everything I forgot) and am building a circuit with an HD44780 compatable display and Picaxe 20M2 with...