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  1. cachomachine

    Large characters

    I inadvertenly hit some keyboard combination and i have now large characters that i could not get rid of, how do go back to normal?
  2. cachomachine

    GY-271 HMC5883L 3-Axis Magnetic Electronic Compass Module

    Has anyone succeeded in getting an accurate reading of the X axis in real degrees on a GY-271 HMC5883L 3-Axis Magnetic Electronic Compass Module?
  3. cachomachine

    20m2 and SR04 sensor

    I would like to use multitasking with a Picaxe 20M2 and a SR04 ultrasonic distance sensor How do i acheave a 10us pulse at 4Mhz to triger the sensor?
  4. cachomachine

    Inverting bits in a variable.

    What is the correct syntax to invert all the bits in a variable?
  5. cachomachine

    Picaxe 20M and gosub

    Hi am getting the following error message Gosub test ;#16 ^ Syntax error on line 17 at/before position 11 Error: Only 16 gosub commands allowed! when I run a syntax check on the following program (Editor #Picaxe 20M main: Gosub test '#1 Gosub test '#2 Gosub test '#3...
  6. cachomachine

    pins command on M series

    I wouls like to check if pin 0 is ON on a 20M and duplicate it on pin 1. i have tried: high 0 b0= pins &%00000001 if b0=1 then high 1 endif what is the correct way to do it?
  7. cachomachine

    Expanded w0,w1,w2

    Is there a way to prevent w0,w1 and w2 to expand in the code explorer?
  8. cachomachine

    Syntax prob. with serin with timeout address

    I get an syntax error with the following line Serin 100,main,c.1,T9600_32,b0,b1,b2,b3,b4,b5 How should i write it?
  9. cachomachine

    Using EEPROM on an RTC Board

    Westaus55 I have bought this DS3231 real time clock unit ZS-042 Any idea how to access the onboard AT24C32 EEPROM?
  10. cachomachine

    serial input/output common-cathode display drivers

    Does anybody knows a chip like the MAX7219 capable to drive common-cathode display?
  11. cachomachine

    CH340 USB to TTL Converter Module Serial Port

    I have purchased this on Ebay for $US 0.99 Could it be used for Picaxe programming and if so, does the 10K-22K resistors still required? Thanks
  12. cachomachine

    Complement on 14M2

    I need help to make the complement (invert) of a 8 bit variable on a 14M2 chip The INV command is only available on X and X2 chips Any toughts?
  13. cachomachine

    Strange 18M2 beavior

    I have a HC-SR04 connected to pin C.6 (Trigger) and C.5 (Echo) of a 18M2. As long as i keep B.4 low, the HC-SR04 keeps reading the distance correctly, if i turn b.4 high, the HC-SR04 stops reading and pulsin command times out.(even with the B.4 pin floating in the air) Turning any other ''B''...
  14. cachomachine

    Using C2 (leg 13) on 28X1 for serial out

    I am trying to use C2 (leg 13) on a 28X1 to output a serial out command to a serial LCD using the following command serout 2,n4800_4,(b1) but the serial stream goes out on output 2 (leg 23), what would be the correct syntax to use this pin? serout c2,n4800_4,(b1) or serout c.2,n4800_4,(b1) gives...
  15. cachomachine


    I am looking for a aproximative table of temp. vs value for the command readinternaltemp IT_5V0,0,b1 using a 14M2. I do not need a precise value, just want to know if i am in the range -30C or -25C or -20C up to +20C in increments of 5 degrees.
  16. cachomachine

    Help replacing relay contact

    I am seeking your help to find an electronic replacement for a NO relay contact. I am using a 08M2 to energise a relay that shorts the ignition coil of a 1 cylinder electricity generator to turn it OFF. The problem that I encounter is that the relay contact burns. (The contact is rated at 10...
  17. cachomachine

    SMT32F0-Discovery free sample

    Aprox 2 weeks ago and following a thread that stated free samples, you only have to register, (Tried to search for the thread but was unsuccessful) I registered and applied for the free sample. I never received a confirmation that my request was accepted nor do they contacted me that they were...
  18. cachomachine

    Resetting time variable

    Anybody knows what ram memory locations do i have to poke to reset the time variable to 0?
  19. cachomachine

    Tweaking a 32.768 mhz crystal

    Is it possible to tweak the frequency of a 32.768 MHZ crystal? I have a DS1307 chip connected to a Picaxe 18M2, I display the result on a 2X16 blue parallel LCD display using the 4 bits method. Works fine except that the the DS1307 is advancing aprox. 1 minute every week. Can i do something...
  20. cachomachine

    My personnal digital pool thermometer

    This is my attemp of a poll thermometer that i will use to display my pool temperature this summer. and here is the sprint layout picture of the PCB. Cacho