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  1. Pongo

    Unused pins?

    Is there a recommendation of what to do programmatically with unused pins? I have a 20X2 that's pretty much only using hserial and I2C.
  2. Pongo

    How to page load a 24LC512 eeprom?

    A curiosity question... I'm working on a 20X2 project that will use a lookup table loaded (one time) into a 24LC512. I figured out how to (slowly) load the eeprom byte by byte, so the fire is out, but reading the datasheet I see I could load it by 128 byte pages. I know how to load multiple...
  3. Pongo

    Definition of #Define in the manual

    Code recently posted by hippy included: #Define Negative(wvar) wvar >= $8000 #Define Positive(wvar) wvar < $8000 #Define Negate(wexpr) wexpr ^ $FFFF + 1 Maybe I missed it but I didn't find any information regarding this use of #Define in Manual 1 or 2, fortunately I did find it in the...
  4. Pongo

    20X2 Multiplexing hserin/out?

    I need two hserin/out connections to a 20X2. They will be used sequentially i.e. communicate with one device, do stuff, communicate with second device, do other stuff, start over. I'm stuck with 9600 baud and the manual implies that serin would be unreliable at that speed. Does anyone have a...
  5. Pongo

    Need a clue please: How to average 2's comp values?

    How, with the limited resources of the picaxe, do I average 16 bit 2's complement values? (Magnetometer chip output.)
  6. Pongo

    Enhanced Download Circuit

    I noticed the Enhanced Serial Download Circuit is marked "(NB: Obsolete, for info only)". Does that statement assume that nobody uses a real RS-232 serial connection any more, or does it mean that the standard circuit is OK for use with a full spec serial connection?
  7. Pongo

    lookup vs. readtable

    What are the criteria for choosing between lookup and readtable? At the moment I only have a lookup of 12 variables so it probably doesn't matter very much, but I would like to know for future reference.
  8. Pongo

    Can a 20X2 reliably handle 19200 baud hserial?

    Can a 20X2 reliably handle 19200 baud hserial? Would it help to run it @ 16 MHz (or more)?
  9. Pongo

    ublox gps 6, 7, or 8?

    I would like to read the UTC time stamp, and maybe use the 1 pps output, and I'll use a 20X2. For this application is there any advantage to getting a series 7 or 8 module over the cheaper 6 series? (I have no problem seeing satellites at my location.)
  10. Pongo

    Anyone used the MCP4725 or TLC5615 DAC?

    I found one very old thread that's hard to follow without the images, and a couple of mentions of the MCP4725P Digital to Analog converter, but no recent posts. Has anyone made this chip work, hopefully with a 20X2? Failing that does anyone have code for the TLC5615?
  11. Pongo

    Where's the terminal window?

    In Linux do I have to do something different to get the terminal window to open in AXEpad?
  12. Pongo

    What am I doing wrong with hpwmout?

    I've been tearing my hair out trying to catch an elusive bug in a large 20x2 program. Seems like I have a misunderstanding of single mode hpwm. The issue is that "something" is taking C.2 low after it has been set high. Chipping away at the code I've reduced it to this snippet that demonstrates...
  13. Pongo

    Did Hi2cSetup syntax change in PE6?

    I've used variations of Peter Anderson's 20X2 + Melexis MLX90614 IR sensor code successfully in several projects but now I want to modify one of them and PE6 is choking on a syntax error: Hi2cSetup I2CMaster, 45, I2CSlow, I2CByte ^ Syntax error on...
  14. Pongo

    Programming interface for multiple picaxes on a board?

    Does anyone have a good scheme for the download connection for programming multiple picaxes on a board? I'm going to have 4x 08M2's on the board, I don't mind duplicating the download circuits but I'm wondering if there's a way to simplify the switching of the PC connection. For instance maybe I...
  15. Pongo

    How do we know what words are reserved?

    I discovered the hard way that it's not possible to have a subroutine called "readit", this code always fails with a not-very-helpful "Syntax error on line 2 at/before position 12". "readltc" is fine main: gosub readit end readit: 'blah return I assume "readit" is some kind of reserved word...
  16. Pongo

    Listing used word/byte/bit variables

    Is there a list somewhere in pe6 that shows which word/byte/bit variables have been assigned/used in the program?
  17. Pongo

    v6 editor - thumbs up!

    Used it for real for the first time, very nice, thanks for what I'm sure was a lot of hard work to create it. Is there an option to not re-open the last open file at start up?
  18. Pongo

    How do I figure out hspisetup for LTC1298?

    How do I figure out hspisetup for LTC1298? - Resolved I've been bit banging LTC1298's but now I'm going to use one with a 20x2 so I thought I would use hspi. Seemed a good idea until I had to figure out the hspisetup command. Can someone point me to an idiot's guide to doing that? The LTC1298...
  19. Pongo

    What's the current (ha!) favorite stepper motor driver chip?

    I have a small stepper on the way from China, it's a NEMA 17 and max current is 1.8 amps or less. I think I would like to have the picaxe just control direction and stop/go. It's a long time since I've played with steppers and was thinking of getting one of these DRV8825 boards. Does anyone...
  20. Pongo

    Numeric 1999 or 9999 LCD Suggestions

    I need a 3 1/2 or 4 digit (1999/9999) LCD, around 0.5", 12.54mm, digit size for a picaxe project. I can find pinned displays and a multitude of driver chips but I wondered if anyone has specific parts they've used and can recommend. Could be more digits but I'm not looking for dot matrix...