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    ReadADC with automotive level sender

    How would picaxe get on with reading adc value from automotive level senders? I have the choice of EU range of 10-180 ohm empty to full or US range of 33-240 ohm empty to full, I've only done adc on 0-10k before, will it cope?
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    AXE027 alternate

    I just bought one of these cables to try as a programming cable for picaxe with the benefit of having +5v on the same cable, had to do a minor bit of configuring but works an absolute treat, the configuring consists of downloading and installing FTprog from the ftdi website and inverting the...
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    readadc speed

    How quickly can I expect a readadc to run in a do-loop? I am trying to set a delay via adc and want to check for changes in the control during the delay period so I using a do-loop which re-checks the adc in each loop and compares to see if it has changed but I am getting a rapid speeding up in...
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    12v motor switching advice

    I need to switch some 12v motors rated at 3A from a picaxe and not sure the best way to go about it, I have been looking at using an 8 channel relay board but it looks a messy way of doing it, would mosfets be better for keeping it all on one board and if so can anyone recomend one as I'm lost...
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    Rotary switch with readadc

    Am I right in thinking that with a 12 position rotary switch I can link the pins with 11x 910ohm resistors and get a nice clean readadc result by putting 0V and 5V to each end of the resistor chain and taking the reading from the selector pin? I've not dabbled with this stuff for quite a while...
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    Non picaxe question - audio voltage divider

    Sorry not picaxe but I'm sure plenty on here can answer this for me, I'm wanting to make a fixed fader for 2x speakers powered by a car audio, can I do this with a simple voltage divider and what sort of range resistors would I need? I know the audio unit has all this built in but this is on one...
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    $osat - Whatever happened to?

    Having lost touch of this forum for ages whatever happened to $osat, the coke can satellite project? How long long did it live in the end (or is it still going)? I only ask as I was watching the israeli lunar lander failing this morning and the mention of privately funded reminded me.
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    Android devices

    With android going from strength to strength is there any picaxe usable apps available?
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    Which mosfet?

    Apologies in advance as I know the usual answer is to read the datasheets, been there and they may as well be in russian at the moment due to MS induced brain fade... I need to switch the +12V side of a wiper motor that draws about 5Amp with a picaxe, I'm assuming P channel mosfet is the way to...
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    Help! What bulb type

    Sorry not picaxe related but cay anyone tell me what this type of bulb is called? Nothing I search for seems to show anything similar so wondered if there was a particular name for it. Edit: Or suggest a good 12v replacement, it's the lcd backlight.
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    Self power down

    Hi all, been away from this for a while and brain has faded on me. Whats the easiest way to have a program run on a button press and totally power down at the end of the program till next button press? I've tried a npn transistor activated at the start of the program to supply the 0V to the...
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    I2C LCD driver

    Has anyone used one of these successfully? Ebay i2c backpack Is there any real advantage of using I2C over serial for LCD's?
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    Alternator tacho sense

    I am considering taking a tacho signal from an alternator phase tap (thats what the tacho uses) to check to see if an engine is running before carrying out a start procedure, I was going to use an optocoupler/resistor before the picaxe but not yet sure of the unregulated ac output range, would a...
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    IC's going begging - Sorry UK only

    I have just removed the following IC's from a nasa wind indicator so I can use the housing for another project, one is a regular pic and the other appears to be an i2c lcd controller, I have no use for either and about to bin them so am offering to bung them in the post to anyone that wants them...
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    I2c GLCD help

    Can anyone tell me how to operate one of these glcd's with a picaxe please. GLCD-FLEXEL.pdf It gives some ardweeny info but not sure of the i2c setup from picaxe, I can see the default address is 70 ($46) and I'm guessing at i2cslow and i2cbyte but can't get it to show anything (I'm assuming it...
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    Table vs Data

    Would I be right in thinking the table command will use program space to store constants and the data command won't? (256 bytes max obviously)
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    Running a parallel lcd display program from a seperate program slot

    Has anyone tried to run a parallel lcd display program from a seperate program slot (on an x2 chip obviously), I know something like select case would be needed to jump back to the right spot but could it be done? I was thinking along the lines of save a thread of text to ram and have the second...
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    Code reduction help

    I've been playing with using infra red remote to change the settings in a RTC and got this code working quite nicely but could do with some pointers to reduce it as it's quite big, appologies for lack of comments and poor layout, I'm sure it could be done much smaller but not by me :o It...
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    If And And

    Is there a specific limit to the number of 'AND' statements that can be used in an 'IF' statement? Just wondering.
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    OT, 1 thermocouple to 2 devices

    Not picaxe related (yet) but does anyone have any idea how to split the output of a thermocouple to 2 different reading devices without messing up the millivolt reading? One of the devices used a pre-made harness that does not use proper thermocouple wire (type k btw) and requires calibration on...