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    Power supply- MOVs, isolated, etc.

    Thanks to a great post by MikeyBoo on isolated power supplies ( , I have decided to upgrade my power supplies for picaxe projects. Seeing as most of my projects use motors and relays which have...
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    Ideas for security problem

    I have a smallholding (homestead) that is remote. In the past 4 months it has been burgled 4 times. The issue is that I have a very large boundary and all the machinery/ equipment is sprawled around 2000m2, which is quite compact as the total stand size is 100 000m2. I need sensors that will...
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    Touch Panel

    This is an easy to use, low cost Touch Panel that interfaces directly with a picaxe chip over i2c. Touch Panel: IQS550-TS43 S Azoteq LCD Touch Panels GBP 15 each, including controller for the 4.3" version...
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    simple serial problem

    Simple serial problem: I just want to send a serial message between 2 picaxe 18M2s. Transmitting picaxe is on a breadboard with nothing but the components for programming it (22k, 10k,socket), one LED to let me know it is working and a 15cm twisted pair of wires, one is grounded, the other is...
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    clumsy code

    I am trying to clean up the code below to make it less clumsy, any ideas appreciated. I am using a 40x2. symbol PIR1= B.1 symbol PIR2= B.2 symbol PIR3= B.3 symbol PIR4= B.4 symbol PIR5= B.5 symbol PIR6= B.6 symbol PIR7= B.7 main: gosub check_pir {some other code in here to process the...
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    Robber Caught

    You may recall I was trying to get ideas on picaxe controlled dataloggers to deal with some armed robbers a few months ago. On Sunday evening one of the two robbers were caught by the residents. The robbers have attacked around 50 people that I know of. The one man uses a pump action shotgun...
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    brainstorm a 'presence' sensor

    Hi all, There is a very nice park near my house but unfortunately there is a guy carrying a shotgun who robs people who use the park. In the past 6 months the police have been unable to catch this guy, and the robbed toll has hit 50 people (including me). I think that this guy hides the gun in...
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    6A voltage regulator problem

    I am trying to run 2 DC motors at 6A, 8V combined. I have a 12V car battery to supply the juice, but I seem to be having problems with voltage regulation. Being in the middle of nowhere, there are no voltage regulators rated at 8V 6A. By connecting 8V 1A voltage regulators in parallel will I...
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    DTMF receiver probs

    Michael Jeffery did that nice work on the picaxe DTMF generator in November, which seems to work nicely but i can't seem to get the DTMF receiver to decode the tones. i am using the HT9170 DTMF receiver with a 14M, using Michael's DTMF generator as the input signal. i have used a condenser...
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    28X pulsin RC

    i have got an 18X to receive the pulses from a RC receiver, but the same code does not work on a 28X (pulsin 0, 1, w0). the 18X is at 4MHz, the 28X at 16MHz. using input0 in both cases. the 18X shows the correct pulse length, from 0,85mS to 2mS, and the 28X show 0. annoyed, i connected the...
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    dc motor and torque

    I have a small model boat that is powered by a speed 400 dc motor rated at 7,2V. the motor turns a propellor through a gearbox. the power supply is 6X 1,2V NiMH batteries connected by a relay only. the problem is that the boat needs to move a bit faster. i dont have easy access to larger...
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    limitations of serin with a 28x, jeremy?

    jeremy leach recently mentioned a limitation of the 28x where under some condition serin could not be used. this limitation was not in the manual. does anybody know what it was? unfortunately i can't find it in search and can't get hold of a 28x for some time to try it out for a design i am...
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    alright, it does not use a picaxe, but i am sure those making 433MHz links would find this interesting. yes, i was thinking of Stans' cotanga. <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> check about half way down. Edited by -...
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    extra output on 18X

    i need to use 1 input and 1 output to communicate with a master chip, 1 input to read pulse lengths, 4 outputs to activate 4 relays, and 4 servo outputs. that totals 2 inputs and 9 outputs, just out of the capability of an 18x. any ideas on how to use an 18x and fewest extra components? is...
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    square root subroutine

    this is a useful little subroutine for those of you not using the x1 parts. it accepts integers fromm 0 to 255. <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> 'square root subroutine '1 June 2007, toxicmouse, using picaxe 18x '60 bytes, excluding main 'WORKS WELL for inputs from 0 to 255 'use...
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    standardisation for code development

    i was wondering if there has been a general agreement or discussion on the development of software for universal use. what i have in mind now is making subroutines for some useful maths functions. if there is a standard which will make it easier for others to interface it with their code, then...
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    aerocomm transceiver

    i am looking for comms over a few km (hence the PMR data question), and found the aerocomm 868MHz transceiver <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> i was hoping that somebody had used these and can comment...
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    data over PMR radio uk

    does anyone know what the limit is for sending data over a PMR radio in the UK?
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    kalman filter

    has anybody thought of using a Kalman filter, or some alternative with a picaxe? my application is an accelerometer used to find pitch on an RC plane, i have 3 axes on the accelerometer to play with but don't have to use all three. the intention is to measure the direction of gravitational...
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    multiple line command

    is it possible to spread a command over a number of lines? in particular, i have an extremely long branch command that would be clearer if it was spread over a few lines, much like a matrix. thanks.