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    Big number arithmetic problem

    I do like the way your've rounded things up there! simple half step improvement. Multiplying by ten we can also extract two decimals,,for testing if we have time and the patience. for W0= 640 to 700 '163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#W0," ") '690 w1 = 16320 /w0 *10 w2 = 16320 //w0 *10 w1 =...
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    Big number arithmetic problem

    Hi cpedw, just scale like ur'v done or using a high word w1 = 2000 'test 163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#w1," ") w1=w1 /4 : w1= 40800 / w1 SerTxd(#w1) w1 = 640 'test 163200 / 640 to 2000 SerTxd(cr,lf,#w1," ") w1=w1 **26317 : w1= $FFFF / w1 SerTxd(#w1)
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133

    Here's some code to view latitude and longitude on your oled 16x2 the gps usually outputs degrees with minutes we convert this back to degrees and display to 6 decimal places. #no_data #terminal 38400 #picaxe 18m2 ' AXE133 marks ' DB7 = B.7 ' DB6 = B.6 ' DB5 = B.5 ' SCL DB4 = B.4 ' DB3 = B.3 '...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, cant you tell by the way I throw the code together I,m self taught too lol its really a case of the data sheet being not quite right or helpfull luckily with the testing you did it eventually got sorted out. It will be interesting if you improve on those initial results ,I hope the test...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, I should be cheeky and just say thats seems spot on lol. I did mention in post #54 In Common mode to get your 24bit result you need to divide by 2 so Common Mode result 16,757,054 divide this by 2 result is 8378527 / 16777215 X 5.007 = 2.50049 v probably all that noise that goes...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    ADCvalue = R2 / (R1 +R2) X 16777215 = 330 / (1000 + 330) X 16777215 = 4162767 R2 = ADCvalue X R1 / (16777215 - ADCvalue) = 4162767 X 1000 / (12614448) = 329.9999
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi Mort, I dont think your that far off the mark. for 0.12 ohms you should be getting a value of 4026 and 329.2 ohms would be 8310351 (I think what Jim-TX was trying to elude to you should be able to measure 1.2383v across R2) calculating your result of 8333034 (would suggest you have 1.2417v...
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    error with 20x2

    Hi radiofan, When having programming problems the first thing to do is check what picaxe device is connected and confirm you are connected to the correct port like you have done ! You may for example see Error: Hardware not found on Com 5! refresh Com ports and reselect the correct serial port...
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    Calculating integers far greater than 65535.

    Hi mortifyu, here's some code to try for the cheap version you could use it at 3v and a precision resistor not really required just enter the value. extra steps required lol good luck with getting anything delivered all planes here are grounded and shipping likely to be difficult sorry about the...
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    LCD Display basics

    Hi Anonym, I don't have a 20m2 at the moment but I did write this bit of code for a lcd shield to try with one some time ago.
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133

    Damn I gave away my SKM53 thinking the Neo7-m would be better and also use less power . So decided to get another the new model is the same but marked SKM53T about $32au. I use to have software for the skylab GPS but could not find it luckily U-blox still has U-centre8.12(2014) on the web. now...
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    how to change GPS characters into numbers

    Hi mary rose, you may be interested at this code snippet just updated to work with a neo gps will rewrite post#1 when I get a chance
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    Picaxe programmer PCB for CH340 "Gold" USB Serial Adapter

    What most people like about the ch340 USBserial to TTL modules , being a modern device plug them into Windows 10 and drivers load instantly ready for PE6 to use! The ch340g module you have also has a little brother ch340c(which should also suit your board) comes with a micro usb port cost me...
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    Measuring small voltages with 20x2

    two decimal places are usually enough for me but I guess a few more can be handy for calibrations sometimes #picaxe 18M2 #terminal 19200 SETFREQ M16 SYMBOL ADCvalue = W3 SYMBOL Volts = W4 Main: 'ReadADC10 C.0,ADCvalue ' ReadADC10 C.0,Volts ' IF ADCvalue = Volts THEN ConvertV '...
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    OLED AXE134 command (254,14) turns the cursor ON, but which command turns it OFF ?

    Hi Buzby, their are many ways to achieve what you want ,one way I like is to modify the driver code an example at post #21
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    Help with PushButtons on ADC input?

    Hi OLDmarty, perhaps have a look at this thread which is similar to what you have come up with so far
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133

    #no_data #terminal 38400 #picaxe 18m2 ' AXE133 marks ' DB7 = B.7 ' DB6 = B.6 ' DB5 = B.5 ' DB4 = B.4 ' DB3 = B.3 ' DB2 = B.2 ' DB1 = B.1 ' DB0 = B.0 SYMBOL Rx = C.5 SYMBOL E = C.6 SYMBOL RS = C.7 SYMBOL GPS = C.0 SETFREQ M32 'read GPS data at 9600 baud standard default dirsB = %11111111 dirsC =...
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    SKYLAB SKM53 GPS or NEO7 and the AXE133

    Years ago I bought a skylab SKM53 ,I haven't got arround too yet making that outside clock ,water controller ,pool timer or logger The data sheet says it has an internal battery and needs a supply capable of at least 150ma , with decoupling of atleast 10uF and 1uF and TXD0 with a recommended...
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    ADC10>pulsout and display pulse time

    symbol ADC10 =w9 adc10=1023 'test w1=adc10+1*5+2/4 '(ADC10 +1 x125 +50) w0=adc10+1*5+2//4*25 'steps 1.25 sertxd(#w1,".",#w0,13,10)'(1280.50)
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    O/T Using GPS to obtain UTC...

    Weather News Australia Y2K of GPS causes glitch grounding Bureau of Meteorology weather balloons Ben Collins, Wednesday April 10, 2019 Before automated weather balloons with GPS tracking, they were hand-launched and tracked by radar. - ABC A GPS clock rollover that experts predicted would have...