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    RC indoor air combat using 08M2's

    Our local model airplane club flies outdoor when weather allows. During autum and winter we rent an indoor gym, and fly indoor. With very light depron and EPP airplanes. Since the indoor environment challenges with it's stone walls (that cause damage to the plane when you hit them) it is...
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    Fuel Gauge for RC airplanes

    Typically RC airplane pilots that fly combustion engines have no clue how much fuel they have left. They fill the tank at start of the flight, take off, and use a timer to tell them when to land the plane. On a nice sunny day when life is easy they land the plane and discover the tank is still...
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    RC switch

    For my model aircraft I needed a remote controlled switch for aircraft lighting, and other functions. The aircraft lights consist of 12V LED strips. This switch allows 2 groups of LED's to be controlled independent. The switch uses an 08M2 to convert the PWM RC input signal and drive the power...
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    RC nicad/nimh battery gauge

    In remote controlled airplanes, a 4.8V (4 cel) battery is used to power electronics. To prevent flying an airplane with an empty battery, this battery condition checker is developed. It is based on a PICAXE 08M2, powered from the NIMH battery, measuring the voltage with the A/D converter. The...
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    servo and sevopos ... a startup and shutdown problem.

    In a setup I am using digital servo's that are tested to hold position in absence of input signal. The only thing I need is a clea way to start the servo pulse chain for 7 servo's, and to end it in a clean way. But I have run into the following 2 problems. using 28X2 Problem 1: starting the...
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    serrxd timeout problem

    After programming picmicro assembly for more that a decade, I found the picaxe processors on the web. And they offer quite a bit of functionality that I had to craft myself in assembly before. So I ordered a 28X2 and build a breadboard, so see if this picaxe system is any good. I am surprised...