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  1. 120ThingsIn20Years

    Free 9v Duracell coppertop batteries

    I live in a rental property in Australia, and every year some contactor guy comes and replaces my smoke alarm battery. When he gave it to me the voltage read 10.11v (I think). After shorting it for a few seconds the voltage dropped to 9.6v, and is now hanging around at that voltage after...
  2. 120ThingsIn20Years

    Can I leave out the serial plug?

    If I'm making a run of devices*, and none of the people that will have the devices will be re-programming the chip, I figure I can just program the chips on my prototype, then leave out the plug on the other devices. The question is, how do I tie down the serial-in pin when there's no plug...
  3. 120ThingsIn20Years

    step over and simtask using collapsing code blocks

    Just some thoughts that would make it easier for beginners like me. Desired Feature: I use code blocks a lot to help me focus on the important bit I'm working on, but every time you run the sim they are all left expanded at the end. It would be nice if they reverted back to the way they were...
  4. 120ThingsIn20Years

    One Gosub with multiple Returns - sometimes it runs sometimes not

    I have some code that runs sometimes and sometimes halts with Error msg - "Return without GoSub". It runs perhaps 19 out of 20 times (those numbers are just a guess) The problem is I'm not sure if I can use return like this. I can get around it, but I'd like to know for future reference if...
  5. 120ThingsIn20Years

    Constants list reports incorrect pin numbers

    Can anyone tell me why symbol Motor = c.0 reports under the Constants list Motor = 8 It's as if the pin numbers are back to front. symbol Motor = c.1 reports Motor = 9 Are these numbers (8 and 9) not pin numbers? In not, can anyone tell me what they are?
  6. 120ThingsIn20Years

    When to use Goto and not Do While/Until

    Is it best practice to use a GoTo in this situation? Or should this be in another Do loop in some form? I guess the question is, If there is nothing conditional, is a GoTo ok? Main: Gosub Init ' populate some variables Continue: ' Do until pin3 = 1 ' ' Add the rest of your...
  7. 120ThingsIn20Years

    Mode button, select code section to run with a button - no interrupt

    I couldn't find this and needed it, so I thought I'd share it now that it's done. It's my first public post of finished code so please excuse anything odd. It allows a user to hold down a momentary switch until an LED indicates the switch has been recognised, then release the switch to change...
  8. 120ThingsIn20Years

    Code collapse on linAXEpad using {} not working

    LinAXEpad 1.3.0 I having trouble with getting collapse code to work when using {} Is there some trick to it or is it a known bug? I get code collapse with for i = 1 to 50 loops and I see the little marks in the margin, but when I use { } I see the little mark only in the end } and the...
  9. 120ThingsIn20Years

    axe pad pin references

    can anyone help with which method of pin reference to use in Linaxepad? this is copied from the manual and is some code to combat bounce in switches by introducing a delay.Linaxepad doesnt seem to like the reference to the pins in the if... then... line I've tried every combination I can think...
  10. 120ThingsIn20Years

    For sale.Cold fusion reactor.Home made.Not working.$2000 ONO

    This is my first post so be gentle with me. I'm sorry for asking such a vague question for my first post, but I'm reading the manuals, and threads, trying to put together my shopping list for my first ever venture into electronics. (I'm 44yo as well just to make things worse) My first projects...