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  1. Buzby

    PICAXE on social media, what went wrong ?

    On the PICAXE store ( ), at the top-left are three 'social media' buttons. Lockdown has given me plenty time to explore things I've not looked at before, so I clicked these buttons. I wish I hadn't bothered. The FB page has had 12 comments in 9 years, the Youtube...
  2. Buzby

    Audio recorder module needed, any ideas ?

    Hi All, I'm sure you've all seen those talk-back parrot toys which repeat whatever phrase they hear. I've got one, and want to add a bit of extra functionality to it. I want to be able to trigger a few pre-recorded phrases, as well as keeping the basic talk-back action. When I opened the...
  3. Buzby

    PE6 Terminal, control character behaviour ?

    #picaxe 28X2 sertxd("123456789",cr,lf) sertxd("123456789") sertxd(8,8,8,8,8,"-") produces ... 123456789 1234-789 I would have expected the result to be '1234-6789' What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Buzby

    Where's the Wizard ?

    Prompted by the current thread about web-enabled ESP things, I revisited the PICAXE Net Server. ( ). I have a couple of these, bought as scrap for £1.20 each, and both work fine, but I've not done anything with them. It was something relating to TC/PIP...
  5. Buzby

    Shaving microseconds, ideas needed.

    Hi All, Some of you have an avid interest in the execution speed of Picaxe instructions, so you may know the answer already. I need to shave every last microsecond off the execution time of a routine which has the following requirement. The 'lookup' instruction is slow, but is it slower than...
  6. Buzby

    Hooray for privacy !

    Good Picaxe site, no trackers here.
  7. Buzby

    pokesfr APFCON on 08M2, have I got it wrong ?

    Hi All, I've got a cunning plan, but in order for me to try it I need to twiddle the 'APFCON' bits in my 08M2. APFCON is in Bank 2 at address $11D ( I think ). When I try this code, PE6 says No ! pokesfr $01011101, $00000000 ' Poke APFCON Have I got the address built wrong, or am I on a...
  8. Buzby

    OLED AXE134 command (254,14) turns the cursor ON, but which command turns it OFF ?

    I've looked at the Winstar datasheet, but I'm struggling to understand the cursor stuff. The AXE134 lets me turn the cursor on, but is there a similar simple command to turn it off ? EDIT : I've sussed it out, (254,12) ! cheers, Buzby
  9. Buzby

    Drum machine. It's not quite a Roland or a Korg, but not bad for few hours effort.

    Prompted by Chris' virtual buffer thread, and my recent acquisition of an AXE134 OLED, I decided to build a ( somewhat limited ) drum machine. Most of the code is for the user interface. Two buttons move the cursor to select the buffer position, and a third toggles the data at that point...
  10. Buzby

    PE6 Simulator, OLED does not simulate cursor.

    I've finally got me an AXE134 20x4 OLED display, and was interested to see it has a cursor facility, very useful. However, the OLED simulator does not seem to replicate this function. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong ?. Cheers, Buzby
  11. Buzby

    Is broken ?

    Time now is 20:04 Saturday, and I'm getting an error trying to access Anybody else the same ?
  12. Buzby

    Has anyone tried ultrasonic distance measurement by PICAXE alone, not using SRF005 etc ?

    Hi All, I'm tempted to try building a location system, a sort of cut down version of the one I linked to a couple of years ago ... The basic idea is that two devices at fixed...
  13. Buzby

    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    Is the out of stock AXE401 soon to be in stock, or has it been retired ?.
  14. Buzby

    URF/ERF remote programming nearly working, but not fully.

    Hi, I need a remote programming facility for my current project, so I dug out my URF and ERF. The URF/EFR link seems to be working, I can do a firmware check OK, but programming is not working properly. Small programs load OK, but longer programs time out with a 'Compiler has stopped...
  15. Buzby

    OT: Bluetooth audio transmitter needed, Googling gives confusing results.

    Hello All, Can anyone suggest a board that accepts an audio input, then transmits to a standard Bluetooth speaker or headphones ?. I want to add this facility to an existing, somewhat vintage, record deck. Google, eB*Y, and Am***n all give hundreds of confusing results. Many say transmitter...
  16. Buzby

    PE6 Simulation of 'serrxd' , is it broken or am I missing something ?

    When I use the simulator to enter a number via serrxd, it seems to enter a 0 automatically the next time the program uses serrxd, before I even touch the keyboard. If I use a real chip it's OK. What am I doing wrong ? Cheers, Buzby
  17. Buzby

    28X2/40X2 Othello / Reversi, basic skeleton code

    Here is my start at an AI game playing machine. It needs a 28X2 or 40X2 to run. ( It will run in the simulator, but it's *very* slow. ) It's a bit rough, no proper 'end of game' detection yet, and it's not very intelligent. The final aim is implement minimax, and fit the code into a 20X2 ...
  18. Buzby

    Can we have a new Serial Terminal please ?

    The Picaxe Serial Terminal is my no.2 tool for debugging,( after the simulator ), but sometimes I have to use a 3rd party terminal if I need a bit more control of the screen. This entails using up another USB port, another cable, and forever swapping. It would be really useful if the PE...
  19. Buzby

    PE6.1.0.0 #Slot 4 on 20X2 still not working.

    I'm working again on my project which requires Slot 4 on a 20X2. PE6 was being a bit too much of a nanny, and told me there was only Slot 0 on a 20X2. The latest PE revision notes say this issue is fixed, but maybe only in a beta version of the compiler. Do I need to install this beta version...
  20. Buzby

    Does anybody recognise this ?

    This was in my pictures folder of holiday snaps from Turkey, back in 2007. Anybody know why ? Is there a PICAXE in there ?