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  1. Gramps

    Tripling A Picaxe Code

    This code (below) runs one motor perfectly. We want to use this code to service three motor controllers. The new pin numbers would be as follows. MotorCon (original code) Symbol desired_pot = 13 'B.5 Symbol feedback_pot = 11'B.4 Symbol MOTOR = B.0' Energize PWM Symbol Direction = B.7...
  2. Gramps

    Using PWM or HPWM

    HPWM seems to be an advanced PWM command but may we use HPWM as a PWM output pin?
  3. Gramps

    Developing a Seven Servo Controller.

    First attempting to getting the symbols right. 'Seven Servo Sontroler. #picaxe 28X2 #no_table #no_data Symbol pot_rotator = 13 'B.5, BNO055 DOF "roll output" Symbol pot_wrist = 11 'B.4 Symbol pot_thumb = 9 'B.3 Symbol pot_index = 8 'B.2 Symbol pot_middle = 10 'B.1 Symbol pot_ring = 4 'C.3...
  4. Gramps

    Connecting Shadow-Bot's DOF's

    Buzby and Ibenson cracked the BNO055 9 DOF Absolute Orientation IMU. We finally got (thank you Allycat and Ibenson) a correctly operating MD20A motor controller code. Servo code looks like it's cut and paste from the manual. (probably isn't!:rolleyes:) Now to tie it all together. We want the...
  5. Gramps

    Controlling micro stepper motor Are these little guys easy to control with a picaxe? Gramps
  6. Gramps

    Properly using the Code Simulator in the Editor

    Are there some instructions somewhere (perhaps in the manual) that show what the simulator does, and how to interpret the results? Gramps
  7. Gramps

    If statements

    Why do some "if" statements need "endif" and others do not?
  8. Gramps

    Test circuit for MD20A with feedback pot

    The objective here was to get the motor to stop when b1 and b3 are equal. However the motor does not stop as desired. Obviously, I'm missing something. Hint please! Gramps 'Test circuit for MD20A with feedback pot 'Adapting Erco's code ' C.5 goes to center wiper on desired pos. pot ' C.7 goes...
  9. Gramps

    Mapping a range of values

    Why are we getting this syntax error? lbenson said; However, if the theoretical task is to map values in the range of 270-370 (say in w0) to a range of 75 to 225 (say in b2), then you have b2=w0-270*150/100+75 Try this in the simulator: for w0=270 to 370 b2=w0-270*150/100+75...
  10. Gramps

    Problem of Jittering in "reserveW0"?

    Why does the code jitter ? Especially in: reserveW0 = w0 ; b1:b0 Gramps Code: #Picaxe 28X2 #No_Data #No_Table Symbol DESIRED_POT = 17 ; C.5 = ADC17 Symbol FEEDBACK_POT = 4 ; C.3 = ADC4 ; N = Vin * 1023 / Vpsu, Vpsu = 4.83V Symbol FEEDBACK_TOP = 830 ; 3.92V Symbol...
  11. Gramps

    Reading the BNO055 9 DOF Absolute Orienation IMU Fusion Breakout board

    Our new 9 DOF gizmo arrived today! data sheet address; After hours of searching on line and struggling to understand the Manual we are no closer to getting " three nice clean signals" then when we started. We got this...
  12. Gramps

    Changing a normally input pin to an output.

    How to change C.3 on the 08M2 chip to an output. I'm sure we saw the command in the getting started manual. Please jog my memory with a page number. Thanks, Gramps
  13. Gramps


    Lance Benson said to Gramps: As it turned out, I received the non-i2c version of this the day before you posted: Today I wired it up and scotch-taped it to a pencil. It works...
  14. Gramps

    Distance Sensor Preference

    Looking for a couple of distance sensors that can accurately detect an approaching object from 12 to 6 inches away (15 to 30 cm) Specs: outdoor, waterproof, on the cheaper side and easy to use. The IR sensors I have do work but they are noisy, and sunlight really makes them go nuts...
  15. Gramps

    Servo linkage headache

    Watch "March 19, 2020" on YouTube The problem is connecting the servo to square stock. This is one way to do it. Watch "March 19, 2020" on YouTube We need 120 degrees variation but can only get 90 with this configuration. We could use a shaft directly connected to the servo hub and a belt...
  16. Gramps

    Adapter for this controller

    It seems like we saw a post about an adapter for this controller, perhaps on this forum. It was the female half of this jack with wires so we wouldn't have to cut the cable to hack it. A pinout would be really appreciated too. Does anybody remember this? Thanks, Gramps
  17. Gramps

    5 volt regulated Supply

    Looking for a source for a really decent plug-in regulated 5 volt power supply. Among the thousands of online parts, what are you long time "Picaxe Pros" using? A unit that would work for breadboarding and for finished projects would be great. We don't mind paying a little more for quality...
  18. Gramps

    Controlling a large motor with a 28X2

    ;This is Test circuit for the DC Motor Driver MD20A copied from page 173 in Manual 2 covering the pwmduty command ;C.4 connects to direction pin on MD20A ;C.2 connects to PWM pin on MD20A ;pmduty is 0 to 1023 #picaxe 08m2 #no_data init: pwmout C.2,100,150 ; start pwm main: high C.4...
  19. Gramps

    Converting 14M2 picaxe to 28X2

    We are attempting to build this joystick servo controller from Ken Anderson's book, Picaxe Project Handbook V.1,Pt1. How to switch it to 28X2 chip? I tried a number of pin configurations but to no avail. #picaxe14M2 #no_data symbol TEMP = b0 symbol servo1pos =w6 symbol servo2pos =w7 symbol...
  20. Gramps

    Editor defaults to Blocky on startup.

    How to turn off and on Blocky?