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    BASIC for ESP8266

    This is kind of a cool project, IMO: Ray
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    QBF - The Quick Brown Fox: Serial comm tester

    It has been a long time since I posted in the forum (many may be appreciative of this absence) but I wanted to let you know about an Open Source project that I published that is a refresh of an old PICAXE project, the QBF which I originally posted in the Blogs. Serial comm is one of the big...
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    Build your own math coprocessor for 3£

    Farnell sells the ATmega328P-PU for 2£64. Add a 16MHz xtal and a couple of small load capacitors and you basically have the makings of a program-it-yourself coprocessor at about 3£. Now on Instructables: Scientific-Calculator/ The idea is to create an instruction set that can be "sent" from...
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    Characterize Analog-Digital when using Internal Reference

    Sometimes a design just begs to be simple. Such is true when using a PICAXE for AD when there is just no need to go to the expense of building/buying an external high quality voltage reference for the 10-bit output. With some time on my hands today, I decided to characterize an internal...
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    A Play on SMD LEDs

    I was ordering some parts the other day from an eBay seller in the States (reseller, I'm sure his wares come from China, but the shipping was free, but I still think of it as a domestic order!) Anyway, I was about to cash-out my basket when I noticed that he had small numbers of inexpensive SMD...
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    FYI: Windows 8 and USB (Prolific Technology Inc. PL-2303HXA and PL-2303X)

    From: US/supportDownload if asked for UserID/password it is "guest" & "guest"
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    Monitor current: Charge & Discharge with only a PICAXE

    No instrumentation amplifier... no OpAmp... no virtual ground. The caveat is that the PICAXE must be powered by battery or on a DC-DC isolated regulator separate from the power generator/battery source that drives the primary load. The general approach to measuring +/- current...
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    Test Results On AD Using Supply Rail Reference

    Analog to Digital is one of the microcontroller's strengths: Inexpensive, flexible, and rather accurate 10-bit resolution. This blog is simply a telling of what happened when I documented testing using a PICAXE08M2+ using the Vdd voltage as the analog reference voltage. Consider two 10K...
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    Audio Command Remote PICAXE via Morse Code (Proof Of Concept)

    When one asks a question, even rhetorical, sometimes an answer is required to put the thought to rest. Such is the case with a recent blog post, Command-and-Control-via-Morse-Code and so I set about seeing if I could prototype something quickly and simple enough that others could play with the...
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    Command and Control - via Morse Code?

    Update: POC code posted Proof-Of-Concept Today, I am using my blog entirely as a blog should be used... just tossing out ideas and letting my mind be a bit "free" with regard to reality. Refreshing. In an earlier post today regarding use of audio tones detected/decoded by a PICAXE to provide...
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    Dying IDE Market Provides Opportunity To Repurpose Enclosure

    I remember upgrading this current notebook IDE hard disk a couple of years back and thinking, Wow... I can get twice the drive for my money if I needed SATA. At the time, I purchased a couple of the small 2.5" external drive enclosures... one for the drive which would be surplus after the...
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    Cold Hearted Orb That Rules The Night: Morse + Colored LED temperature

    Update: I found that I needed 3 general purpose silicon diodes such as 1N4148, etc. (cathode toward the PICAXE pins which are pulled Low) to properly reduce leakage current with my tri-colored LED. This is especially important for the Blue LED as it shares the pin with the junction of the...
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    Cold Hearted Orb That Rules The Night

    20120705 Update: Working code sample here: #post209978 Sometimes the most stressful situations lead to astonishing discoveries and a sequent acquisition. Yesterday, on a shopping trip to WalMart in the heat of the summer with 107F temperatures in the shade I accompanied my wife on a mandatory...
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    Where do PICAXE instructors go?

    I am curious; it is a fault of mine. But if PICAXE is primarily an educational product and is marketed that way in the U.K. and on the website... then where are the educators in the forum... like do they walk among us stealthily and only materialize as "normal" users with...
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    ASCII test generator

    UPDATED: 20120907: New code attachment This post is a summary of my QBF blog. Here I have additionally implemented the "U*" string which is the ASCII equivalent of the old RY Baudot code test. BLOG entry: QBF The purpose of this code is to simply have a working serial test generator that can...
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    QBF (Quick Brown Fox) Serial Test Generator

    20120907 UPDATE: New Code published with additional functionality. See: #post207784 Now on Instructables: I had this need to do some testing on a prototype and I needed a signal generator for ASCII. In the old days of working in military...
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    Listen to the rhythm of your PICAXE

    Think that PICAXE chip is dead? No scope? What to do? An old, old trick that I used back in my military days: use a cheap AM transistor radio to "listen" to the sound of your digital circuit. The only criteria is that the radio must have a directional ferrite antenna to help localize the...
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    Find PDF datasheets quickly

    Do you do the Google thing when you need a datasheet? Yea, messy... Sometimes if I know the manufacturer, OEM, I will try their site. Yea, messy. Next time you need a quick PDF and don't want all of the advertisements, you may wish to try: PDF search NOTE: The datasheets acquired this way...
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    FAUX Function demonstration code

    FAUX functions ... a demonstration of what could be if the PICAXE allowed #INCLUDE function capability. This is a pie-in-the-sky demonstration based on my Blog musings: While I cannot rewrite the Program Editor, I thought I...
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    PE Evolution - FAUX Functions

    Extension of my thoughts on how to best use code snippets: Converting-BCD-byte-values-to-decimal Run-able Example 08M2 Code: FAUX-Function-demonstration-code YES - there should be more (complete code snippets, that is...) I suspect that a reason that there is not is because the PICAXE BASIC...